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Living with a small and non-thick penis can be devastating to a man for more than one reason. He lacks a certain feeling of self-confidence with this problem and many areas of life will begin to suffer. For years men have been dealing with this problem. Making excuses for their poor sexual performance, avoiding intimate contact with the women they love and often times sinking into a deep depression that is hard to break.

Why should the men of the world continue to do this kind of thing? The answers they have been looking for are right in front of them and all they need to do is make sure they find the best solution for them. Your sexual health is of vital importance.

While in the past there has not been a lot of respect given to this area of life, a new found revolution is taking place. The experts agree that a positive and healthy sex drive is vital to a happy existence and therefore men should be seeking out such an existence. But if you are feeling anxious or even ashamed of the penis size that you have then you may not be as receptive to this kind of relationship as you should be.

That is why it is so important for you to make sure that all of the things in your life, your penis size included, align to bring about a state of happiness in the sexual realm. At this point you should be well aware of the ways that penis pills work. You know that they are not used as a stand alone product, but instead are meant to be used in conjunction with another method, such as a traction device or exercise program for permanent penis gain.

But you also note that the use of the penis pills has been proven to aid in the increment of the length of the penis and also aid in the finding of a more positive sexual experience. When used properly, penis pills are a safe and highly effective tool in the search for a longer and more powerful penis.

However, do you know the reasons why you should use the penis pills in conjunction with other methods instead of some of the other dangerous ideas or methods for penis enlargement? Lets take a look at the dangers that can be involved in other methods and applications for penis enlargement.

These few methods are significance as they depict those things that you have to avoid if you are keen to become a sex god, look to restart the penile enhancement process and even want to gain the ideal penile size with time. 

Penis Pumps

There is no secret that the penis pump has been around for a long time. For decades it has been listed as one of the best methods for enlarging the penis. However, the results are not permanent, only a temporary increase in the size is found. Furthermore, you will note that severe deformity, and even impotence can be brought on by the penis pump. Doctors the world over urge men to avoid these products at all costs.


The idea of hanging weights from the end of the penis dates back hundreds of years. Ancient cave drawings and so on tell us that the people of the old world believed weights to be the secret to a longer penis. However, this continued over to the new world and we now know that this is a dangerous activity. The danger comes in with the deformities that can become present as well as the chance at impotence, muscle and ligament damage as well as pain during arousal.


While the penis enlargement surgery is a common practice in the world of the rich and famous, you will note that this procedure is highly dangerous. The formation of scar tissue from the surgery can lead to painful erections and even impotence. A mistake by the surgeon could result in nerve damage as well as poor muscle control and possible intense pain following the procedure.

It is best that you do not take risks like the ones associated with the methods above. The fact is that you have but one penis and you will not be able to replace it should you end up damaging the one that you have. That is why doctors and hospitals the world over are pushing the idea of the penis pills to be used in conjunction with another method for permanent penis gain.

Not only will it help you to attain the enlargement goals you are looking for, but it can also speed up the process and get you on the path to proper sexual health. Now that you are aware of the penis devices and methods that are possible we invite you to share with us.

Our team is comprised of men only and we are on a continued quest to make sure we bring you only the best in penis enlargement products. We want to help you succeed! With that in mind, we have worked on a system to bring the results that you have into our team and further the information source to ensure we are bringing you the information you need.

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Please only vote once. We will not count additional votes or those that are sent in by the same person from more than one email address. By casting your vote you are helping the countless men who will come after you in making sure they are reaching their penis size goals. We also carried our own research to ensure the products we shown you live up to its promises. Your success matters a lot to us.

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Comparison Table

Rating #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Products ProSolution


SinRex Vimax invigorex
Package Economy 4 Months
2+1 Month Supply 2 Vimax
Size Gain 2 - 3
2 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
Sexual Enhancement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medically Approved Yes Yes Yes** Yes** Yes**
Quality Of Products Outstandng Outstandng Excellent Average Average
Enlargement Combination Pill + 
Pill + Exercise Pill + Exercise Pill + Exercise No
Customer Support


Excellent Excellent Average Poor
Company Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Average Poor
Free Bonuses Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Guarantee 67
Total Votes* 9100 8310 6030 2510 359
Our Review Full
Full Review Full
Website Visit

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** Although they claimed their pill are doctor approved, we were unable to find evidence to back it up. 

ProSolution System (Economy Package) Is Voted #1 By Users

ProSolution System Is Voted #1 By UsersProSolution System incorporates medically backed and doctor endorsed exercise program in one awesome deal. The system itself is developed by medical professionals and works on the principle of combining multiple enlargement methods for optimal and accelerate permanent penis growth. This mean a lot to you if you want faster and permanent penis growth. 

The pill is made up of 100% natural herb and endorsed by doctors so anyone who take their pill can have a peace of mind. The feedbacks we received from emails and our own research on reliable sources revealed users who take their pill with the exercise program were very impressed and very satisfied with the outcome. Most of them has permanent penis gain from 2 to 3 inches. According to them, customer support is outstanding.

ProSolution System is ranked #1 for its "quick results, effectiveness and system quality" by users, review sites and medical professionals. Best of all, we have seen the greatest results from their users and with solid evidences supporting ProSolution System, you can rest assured and guarantee permanent penis gain by up to 3 inches. If you want the best results, get ProSolution System and you will not be disappointed.

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VigRX Plus (4 Months Package) Is Voted #2 By Users

VigRX Plus Is Voted #2 By UsersVigRX Plus is created by medical professionals for the penis enlargement. This is achieved with their pill and exercise program. The pill is made up of 100% natural herbs and their pills are medically backed so you can have a peace of mind when taking their pills.

The feedbacks we received from emails and our own research on reliable sources revealed users were impressed and satisfied with the results. As most of them are simply looking forward to penis size gain, they are very satisfied. According to them customer support is excellent.

VigRX Plus is ranked #2 and well-known in the penis enhancement industry and is a very good alternative to other penis enhancement pills. If you are looking for one of the best penis enhancement pills, then no doubt VigRX Plus is one of them.

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SinRex (2+1 Month Supply) Is Voted #3 By Users

SinRex Is Voted #3 By UsersLike ProSolution System, SinRex incorporates their own exercise program for permanent penis gain. The feedbacks we received from emails and our own research on reliable sources revealed users were happy and satisfied with the results.

Penis gain by up to 3 inches permanently is reported and customer support is excellent. If you are looking forward to permanent penis gain and enhancement, then SinRex is a very good alternative after our top two run out of stock.

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Vimax (2 Vimax Bottles) Is Voted #4 By Users

Vimax Pill Is Voted #4 By UsersLike the top 3, Vimax also incorporates their own exercise program for permanent penis gain. Its pill is made up of 100% natural herbs. The feedbacks we received from emails and our own research on reliable sources revealed users were happy with the results.

Customer support is average. If you are looking for a pill that help improve your penis sexual health then Vimax is another alternative for you.

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Invigorex (Budget Package) Is Voted #5 By Users

Invigorex Is Voted #5 By UsersInvigorex pill is a stand-alone pill that are designed to improve your penis sexual health. No extra supplementary is included. The feedbacks we received from emails and our own research on reliable sources revealed users were happy with the results.

According to them, customer support have to be improved further. Another alternative for you if you are looking for a penis enhancement product.

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Your Choice - A Bigger Penis Or Smaller Penis?

We have taken the time to review the top five penis pills in the entire world. These product reviews are the result of months and months of study, customer reviews, as well as independent studies performed by various associations. This is provided to make sure that you are reaching the penis length goals that you are looking for without a lot of hassle in between.

Part of our success depends on you. That is why we are so excited that you are willing to take the next step in attaining the sexual health goals in your life. There is no reason to fear. As a team of all men we share your desires and the needs you have. We have all been there and we are working hard to make sure that you no longer have to deal with the small penis that you have. Countless men before you have succeeded using the very same products. Let that serve as your first motivation.

We sincerely hope that you have not resolved yourself to live with a small penis. There is no reason why you should. Men the world over are finding the renewed sexual interest and pleasure of a larger penis. These men are just like you. They were skeptical at first, but once they dove in and got their feet wet they learned that their penis enlargement dreams were now a reality.

That is why we are here. We are your guide to the next level. A place in the world without your fear of intimate contact or poor sexual response from your partner. Show her that you really care and wish to improve everything about your love life. Take the plunge now and you will see what we mean.

It is so exciting for us to read about a success story from one of our visitors. Please take the time to cast your vote and send in your feed back. Thank. The success you have is very important to us and we are right there cheering you on as you follow the path to success. Keep working towards your enlargement goal. Don't give up! You can achieve it!

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