Sexy Foods

Sexy Foods

It is no surprise that sex and food often go together. Perhaps this is because we often go out to a nice dinner, to the movies or out dancing, followed by a night of fantastic sex.

So it is only natural that food has become a precursor to sex. There are a lot of foods that are also purported to increase sexual pleasure, and of course, there is the possibility of using food as part of the sex act.

There have been numerous studies about whether or not these foods increase sexual desire. Some studies suggest there is some truth to these claims.

Taking a woman out for a wonderful, expensive dinner has often been thought to be a surefire way to make sure that you get sex later. It is true that some of the more expensive food choices have been thought to be aphrodisiacs.

For instance, champagne is considered the number one drink when it comes to aphrodisiacs. However, martinis, an excellent glass of wine, cosmopolitans and even tequila body shots also fall into this category according to some expert polls regarding which drinks are thought to be aphrodisiacs. Champagne still comes out on top. Perhaps it is because champagne is traditionally associated with celebrations, or maybe it is all those bubbles.

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Either way, a bottle of champagne can put you both in the mood. When it comes to foods that are aphrodisiacs, oysters, caviar and chocolate top the list. Other contenders include figs, bananas, celery, avocados and almonds. Still others suggest that anything with cinnamon in it is guaranteed to turn a woman on.

The reason that foods are considered to be aphrodisiacs usually has something to do with the way they taste, smell or their appearance. The smell of almonds is thought to arouse the passions of women. Oysters contain dopamine, which is a hormone that increases the libido. Bananas and avocados are thought to give you energy.

It is also incredibly erotic to watch a woman eat a banana. Celery contains a hormone that is similar to one that men secrete that turns women on. The best part is that all of these foods are healthy for you, as well. Even chocolate in moderate quantities can be good for you, especially if it is dark or semi-sweet chocolate.

Chocolate has an amino acid that raises endorphins, which are the natural antidepressant of the body. Using food during sex can also be so hot! Many companies that sell sex toys or similar items sell chocolate body paint that comes attractively packaged with several paintbrushes to paint it on your partner's body.

Whipped cream, honey powder and other things can be used to enhance your sexual experience. You can experiment with many things and find out what tastes best to you. If you want to increase your chances of having some great sex and the woman in your life enjoys being exposed to the finer things in life, try out some of these sexy foods. If nothing else, you can eat some delicious food followed by great sex.

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