Which Birth Control Methods Are Effective?

Selecting birth control technique is a personal decision, which one can discuss with their sex partner, parent, physician or health care provider. They are the ones, who will make you aware of the various birth control methods including their effectiveness, acceptance in your lifestyle, safety level, affordable and protection from STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). Such vital questions are worth to be known.

Birth control methods are applied by males and females to prevent pregnancy. There are different techniques used to control birth but choose a way that will not affect your fertility, if you desire to get pregnant in future. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of hormonal, hurdle and the natural way of avoiding pregnancy. Let us look at the three techniques in detail:

Hormonal techniques – This method includes birth control pills, rings, patches, hormonal intrauterine device and injections. The hormones function to stop ovulation by narrowing the inside layer of the uterine and thus the cervical fluids become very sticky. This makes it impossible for the sperms to swim easily.

One advantage of hormonal technique is its high effectiveness, when used appropriately. Birth control patches and vaginal rings must be regularly changed, whereas contraceptive pills must be taken daily.

This method may be disadvantageous, if you forget to use them properly. It may lead to significant health issues like stroke, heart attack or blood cloths. If you smoke, then this method is unsafe for you. You will need a doctor’s prescription to get birth controls. Always remember that hormonal way cannot protect you against STD’s.

Hurdle techniques – This way of birth control involve cervical cap, diaphragm and male/female condoms. Cervical caps and diaphragms cannot be bought without prescription and must be fixed by a doctor. Condoms can be purchased over the counter at the medical store and are quite cheap.

Advantages of hurdle techniques of evading pregnancy are that they are convenient to apply. In addition, they do not hinder with breast-feeding and do not affect female’s hormone levels.

Drawbacks are decrease in impulsiveness of sexual climax and high chances of developing female urinary tract infectivity. If you have latex allergy then use brands free of latex.

Condoms prevent STD’s. In preventing pregnancy, male condoms are cent percent effectual, where as female condoms are less effective and uncomfortable to use.

Natural techniques – This method does not need hormones or hurdles to prevent you from getting pregnant. Advantages to be taken into account are the keeping away from the dangers linked with hormonal techniques and it is not necessary to carry birth control in your pocket or purse.

Abstinence from sex is hundred percent effective. It is also called NFP or Natural family Planning. It needs you to take your temperature every morning as you wake up and keep record of your cervical fluid and abstaining during the fertile phase. NFP method requires couple to refrain from sex for a week or more.

Other methods that can be utilized are withdrawal technique that requires the male to withdraw himself from the female’s vagina before ejaculating. However, there are sperms that escape before ejaculation that may cause pregnancy.

The rhythm technique is also known as calendar method. In this method the female has to keep track of the days between her menstrual cycles and calculate her ovulation period. During this time the couple can refrain from sex. There may be error in this method also and cause pregnancy unintentionally.