Targeting Your Woman’s Pleasure Spots And Arousing Her

A major task for any man is bringing their women to orgasm. It is well known fact that women take long time to orgasm, as they need to be highly aroused. This can sometimes be frustrating for men as they might be on the brink of losing their control and do not want to embarrass their women by ejaculating first.

Understanding Your Woman’s Body

First and foremost rule of any sexual foreplay is to understand what triggers your partner’s primitive responses. This might differ from one woman to another. Sex is not about trying to compete with each other to see, who will reach their climax first. It is all about enjoying the overall experiences.

Many men fail to understand their partner’s needs and preferences leading to unsatisfactory sex. Your partner will never tell you that she was unsatisfied for the fear of making you sad. She loves you and if you are happy, she is too. This said, don’t you think you need to reciprocate this feeling by putting her needs and desires first before yours?

Forget what your friends or books have thought you about pleasuring women, try to learn by yourself. Create a relaxed atmosphere in your house and begin your ministrations. It does not always have to begin in bed. If you know her pleasure points, you can begin even while watching TV or eating popcorn.

Pleasure Triggering Points in Women

Women are very sensitive. So, you need to take advantage here. When it comes to pleasure triggering points, you would like to begin with:

  • Arms
  • Belly
  • Breasts
  • Ears
  • Cheeks

Touching or caressing your woman’s arms might not be termed as erotic, but can convey a lot of other things. It shows her that you care and you do not want her for only sexual pleasures. You can begin by massaging her arms while she is seated and slowly replace your hands with your mouth and tongue.

Ah, the belly. The navel of a woman can really turn on a man. You can use your fingers to give feather light touches to her navel and slowly place your hands on her stomach. You can actually feel her quivering when you swirl your tongue on her stomach or draw circles on her stomach.

Suckling and fondling her breasts can give her pleasure, but for once, why not fix your focus on the underside of her breasts. Blow air onto her breasts, so that her nipples stand erect. Slowly lick your way down the underside of her breasts.

Licking of ears or cheeks can also add to her sexual excitement. Blowing air into her ears or nibbling them can create wonderful sensations in her. You can even concentrate on her hair, face, nose and other parts of the face to get better reactions.

Erotic Massaging During Sex

Your partner is tired after a hectic day at work. Why not give her a full body massage. Keep all the fragrant oils and towels ready before you begin the show. Make her lie on the bed on her stomach and slowly and steadily massage away the knots on her neck and body.

Once she is relaxed, you can focus your attention to her lower back and massage your way down to her genitals. She is sure to get aroused and be ready for a round of hot steamy sex with you.