Sex Tips On How To Be The Best Lover

Sex in humans usually includes emotions, whereas in animals it is a mechanical action meant for breeding. Sex carried out in an inhuman way that is just penetrating your partner and thrusting up and down is said to be incomplete.

Sex is regarded as an art that includes factors like dedication, proper communication, appreciation and caring nature among the couples.

Here are sex tips to be the best lover:

Sex is not a competition: Sex is not a competition of who reaches the finish line first, so go slow and take time kissing, licking, caressing and stroking her.

Let you fingers wander on every part of her body. Concentrate on her lower belly and inner thighs. Just brush her vagina and take off to the other parts.

Give her time: A woman needs time to get totally aroused and reach orgasm. If she is hurried, she will not enjoy the performance. Don’t be selfish but give her time.

Vary the stimulus: When you penetrate inside her vary the movement by thrusting up and down or side to side against her clitoris. This will make her shout in delight.

Compliment her: Flattering remarks that include multiplefeelings must be made. ‘Your breasts are beautiful’ is good but ‘Your breasts are beautiful — they feel so warm and soft in my hands’ makes it more intimate.

G-spot stimulation: Penetrate your finger inside her vagina but make sure she is lubricated properly. Probe for her G-zone on the front wall. Keep your eyes on her face and as your finger touches the G-zone you will come to know. Massage this sensitive spot and give her a mind-blowing orgasm.

Use your tongue astutely: When you are kissing your lady use your tongue tenderly. Just don’t dart your tongue in and out but vary your motions and pressure.

Sweet-talk her 4 times daily: Everyone likes praises but flattering her will make her feel cherished, special and dear to you. When a woman gets emotional and connected, she will get more intimate sexually.

Buy cologne she favors: You can go shopping with her for cologne she loves, which is a type of foreplay.

Hold her close or her hand in public: Holding her in public works as an aphrodisiac. She gets the feeling of being dedicated and proud to inform the world.

Gift her chocolates: Chocolates are responsible for activating the pleasure zone in the brains that can shake her sex drive.

Vary sex style: You can use sex toys, different positions, watch porn together or have a shower and enjoy sex in different styles. Thus you will add spice and keep your bedroom fire burning.

Have sex in new places: There are many places you can enjoy your intimacy. New places can add more excitement and thrill in your relationship.

New places include the elevator, car kitchen floor, on the roof, stairs and many such places. You can also have quickies in public places but be careful in parks, sauna, beach, boat, office, library and fields.