Several Ways To Satisfy Her After You Have Peaked

You have already had untimely ejaculation and are feeling relaxed but stay awake because there is still some unfinished work to be finished. Sex is give and take. You have been released but she is still waiting for your favor. Don’t act selfish! But you can do it in different ways.

Penetrate her again after peak: You can penetrate her after 30 seconds of your ejaculation because now your penis is not hypersensitive to touch. You can use these few minutes to gratify her because your penis stays hard for sometime after ejaculation.

Thrust inside and let her take control of the movements. Continue till she reaches orgasm and if you stay in the mood your organ can come to life once more and enjoy the experience.

Apply cunnilingus: You can perform oral sex. Hold her strongly and start sucking her vagina. Make her position in doggie style to get easy access to her vagina. Separate her clitoris and stimulate it using your tongue with sensuous motions round and flicks.

Now penetrate your finger inside and hit the G-spot, which will take her to the heights of sexual climax.

Sex toys: You can make use of a vibrator or dildo to content her after you have ejaculated. If your relationship is strong then always have sex toys in your room for easy access. The vibes of the vibrator applied in circular motion on the clitoris will bring out pleasant sounds from her lips. Repeat the motion.

The other sex toy is the penis loop that keeps your weakening penis awake for some time, so that you are able to continue the session for her.

Watch porn movies: After an early ejaculation, you may need some moments to get back your erection then play with one another watching porn film before having sex once again. To avoid an uncomfortable situation be prepared with the movie before your intimacy session without her knowledge.

In this way, you will not have to leave the room and search for the DVD thus spoiling the mood. Enjoy one another physically until you are ready to perform again and do the blowjob.

Let her masturbate: You can also convince her that you will like her to complete the work, as you watch. You can get to know how to perform the foreplay and arouse her. Viewing her masturbate can display many things.

You can learn how to touch her, where to caress her, what speed to apply and how much force she prefers to get excited.

Kiss her everywhere: You can also help her in her masturbation by caressing her and sensuously kissing her on her neck, lips and shoulders. Suck her nipples, which can excite her. Flicking her nipples with your tongue will kindle her more. Her inner thighs are also very responsive.

Press her tightly as you caress and stroke her everywhere. You can embrace her from behind and rub yourself against her. All this will add fuel to her excitement and she will reach orgasm.

Relax together: The relaxation after orgasm for both of you must be enjoyed. Holding and kissing her as she cuddles you will make her feel protected and emotional. Thus after you have climaxed, you can find a way to please her.