Several Reasons Why Women Refuse Men

It is a humiliating thing, when a lady rejects you the first time you ask for a date. Rejection truly sucks! Unfortunately, a guy has to take the risk of getting his ego shattered, if he desires to intermingle with women. You can feel probably like a failure on being turned down.

Why woman reject you?

There can be myriad of reasons, where lots of them are not your blunders. Let us take a look at few:

She is arrogant – Modern society is flooded with discourteous, egotistical and man-hating replicas caring only about themselves with absolutely no feelings for men. These women try to enfeeble you, when you invite them out. They make men wriggle and deliberately exploit their sexual power.

No Dollars – Money is number one factor for many women to go on a date. Lacking money can down you from her list. Paying for her attention can gain your invitation for date.

She has somebody – She may be going steady with someone or might be married. If such women are nice they will make you aware of the situation otherwise they can manipulate you ruthlessly. So it is better to do your groundworkthoroughly before putting your self-esteem on the line. In this way, you will save yourself from being embarrassed and humiliated.

She is a flirt – Lots of women married or unmarried having low-esteem come under this category. They are in continuous need of boosting their confidence to find out if they can still attract men. So, if any man approaches them they flirt about to get his response. They are not interested in dating but just want you to be turned on and then dump you. This is another deliberate cruelty of woman sexual power over man.

She is psycho – Several women select bad boys and now have many psychological reasons of getting involved in unsuccessful relationships and charge men for all their personally developed issues. Several women drop out of getting dated or are being frequently deserted by men due to their frenzied behavior. Such women can refuse you because you are one of them according to their thoughts.

Wrong moves – If you put your creepy hand around her saying hey or smirk at her, when she has clearly given the message of not interested then you are considered as a pain in the neck.

Bad timing – When a woman refuses then there must be some disturbed phase including her menstrual cycle, when she feels all men are bad. She may be feeling unappealing or many hormone based reactions going on may be the reason for her running away from the dating world. After a couple of days you can run and get a green light.

She is hurt – If a woman requests you to give her time, when you invite her, it usually means that she is presently been through a ghastly relationship and is still recuperating. With emotionally damaged women it is better to seek for friendship first and wait for the right moment.

She finds you unattractive – It happens. Easy as that. It is better to accept and move on.

Never take rejections personally. Some things about you can be altered but many things you cannot. You can just put rejections as bad experiences, learn from them and keep swinging forward.