Reasons Why Cocky Men Are Hated by Women

Being confident is good but getting overconfident will have women snub you. Woman loves her man to be self-assured but being more confident can lead to being arrogant or cocky. The discrepancy of being confident and overconfident is petit.

An attitude of being aware about your being attractive to woman is fairly unusual in comparison to possessing an attitude, where you feel that the women must feel thankful to achieve your company.

You can notice the small difference in the confidence level. First is a dignified feeling whereas the other is egoistical feeling. No person will approve of being bigheaded.

Reason why women hate cocky guys:

Cocky creates feeling of inferiority – The man is reviewed to be the pilot but he is not expected to make the females feel substandard to him. If you have that attitude then 95% females will reject you and you will have only 5% to select as best.

These women may have fanatical problems going on. Trying to force your attitude on the woman by making her feel inferior proves that you have some security problems in your life.

Cocky turns to be insulting – Instead of passing a compliment on her dress you pass a cocky and funny joke. You have found this strategy has worked with several women but sometimes it may backfire. For e.g. ‘Your dress looks as if it should be prohibited in certain countries’. Is this a compliment?

You are ripping the dress with your tongue-scissor that will not be considered as fascinating by her ears. She will take it in a friendly way if you tease her softly but if the humor goes too far as degrading her then she may splash the drink in your face and walk away from the bar. You do not want to be in such situation, so avoid funny insults.

Cocky turns to be dull – You have clinched success with your cocky approach with some women before. However, this has made you assume that it will also work with the female you are currently staring.

You are wrong! Your erroneous hypothesis can lead you to think that you have got her or you will look at her as a challenge. She is no dumb and can look through your effort of impressing her or winning her. You will not have to wait long for her to walk away.

Cocky can be misinterpreted – For flirting with a woman successfully, a man has to adapt it spontaneously and not plan on what you will say or how you will say. This will create pressure and kill the impulsiveness of flirting.

Don’t forget that the woman will not only listen to what you are saying but also scan the force behind the words. Nervous or awkward energy can put her off the arena.

Cocky can be badly timed – It may have been a bad day for her and she wants to drown her grief by sitting lonely with her glass of martini. You with you arrogance march towards her telling her, ‘I am sure, you will be glad to spend the night with me’. This will surely irritate her or make her think that you are poking her. So, evaluate the situation before soaking her in your cocky banter and act.