Make First Time Sex Turn to Be A Remarkable Experience

When the two of you have decided to share a sexual session for the first time then it is normal for both of you to feel nervous of what to anticipate from each other. You are totally ignorant of what your female partner will enjoy. However, you fall in the category of rare men that participate in remarkable first time sex.

Primary intuition: Your primary aim is to give her 100% satisfaction, the first time. The last thing you would want is to penetrate inside her and when you look at her below, you will find that she is staring expressionlessly at the walls or the ceiling.

The first impression is valuable on plenty of first dates; similarly the same applies for first time sex with a female. It is up to you to make this experience enjoyable or she will not return for a second session.

Grooming: Before going to meet her prepare yourself by taking a shower, shave, brush your teeth, clean your tongue and trim your pubic hairs and scrub your anal area. Wear clean briefs.

Put on underarm deodorant that smells fresh, little gel on the hair and a spray of cologne will be fine. All this grooming is necessary to look smart and handsome. It also builds your confidence.

Location: Having unplanned sex is erotic and pleasing. Similarly, having sex at public places is fun but has to be a quickie sex. Having sex with a new female initially will need a surrounding that will permit you to display your skills and persuade enduring sex instead of quickies. You can invite her to your place, but make sure that you have kept your room tidy with clean sheets spread on the bed and there is no foul smell in the environment.

Set the mood: Select the right music because the influence of music plays a vital role in seducing your woman. There should be no vocals but rhythm that creates an illusive surrounding that will escort to passionate lovemaking.

Gentle kisses: A soft and passionate kiss will be your sales pitch. Don’t prolong the kiss or make it too wet. Never force your tongue in her mouth. Rather relax you lips, so they get soft and give sensuous kiss. She will tempt your tongue inside her mouth with her own tongue.

Foreplay technique: Foreplay is not simply stripping her clothes but undressing her is a sensuous game and must be done spectacularly. By the time you have her panties down she must be all wet down there.

The more time you foreplay, the more exhilarating it turns out to be for her. Take away one piece at a time by kissing her on erogenous areas and massaging that unclothed region.

Body language: Observe her body language to note which area she enjoys the most and focus on them. Pay attention to the other body parts and not just the X-zones and breast. She will love you appreciating her other parts and relax.

G-spot stimulation: After she gets wet with the foreplay penetrate her and hit her G-spot. It will be easy, if she has a pillow beneath her hips. She will scream with ecstasy.

Give her orgasm: Hitting the G-spot will finally make her reach orgasm and luckily, if both of you reach the height then it will be a wonderful first time experience.

Learn Facts About Women Orgasm

You must have noticed until now that every woman is different. Several women get aroused just by touching her nipples, while some may find touching their thighs stimulating.

Therefore, it is very important to get familiar with your woman’s erogenous areas to give her mind-blowing orgasm. Get aware of her soft zones and capture them. Tactic on how to make your woman orgasm depends on how rapidly you learn.

Arouse her mentally: First conquer her mind because if the mind gets ignited then body comes into action. Brain is the best sex organ that dwells in the mind. Begin your actions by giving her a hug or a smile now and then.

Help her with the kitchen chores or bring her a rose. You can also take her for a short walk so she gets comfortable and unwinds from the all day anxieties. If you hug her in public now and then makes her feel wanted and loved.

Make her feel relaxed with her looks: Several women are very conscious about their looks, whereas some love to flaunt their physical appearances. Make it clear that she possesses excellent body and you love her as she is. Thus her mind is set perfectly and you can carry on.

Sexy talk: You can call her and have some dirty or sexy comments passed during the day. For e.g. tell her how you miss her lips, boobs or ass. This will make her feel your urgency and mentally prepare her.

So, when you meet her she will hug you or grasp your arm tightly. The little dirty things you said gets glued to her mind eternally and thinks of you regardless of how far you are.

Physical pleasure: You have impressed her by your talk but don’t stop at that but get physical with her in such a way that it will provoke her genuine feelings. If you are unaware here are some tips:

  1. Start kissing her soothingly to arouse her feelings.
  2. Focus on the mouth moving your tongue around tenderly.
  3. Avoid touching her breasts and secret zones but feel for her neck, shoulder, stomach, hands, fingers and inner thigh.
  4. Go slow but slowly build up pace and after some time start working on her erogenous areas.
  5. Rub the nipples softly with one hand and play with her clitoris using the other hand.
  6. Your woman may be soaking wet and you can thrust your penis inside and slowly move up and down.
  7. With a pillow below her hips can help your penis to reach her G-zone and give her utmost orgasm.

Be calm: Lastly, to reach your goal of making your woman orgasm depends on your patience. Few males are able to have control over their desires. So, it is necessary that you learn the technique of endurance.

Physical fitness: Exercise makes your blood flow boost and revitalizes your body. It also helps to strengthen your sexual stamina and control. Thus having orgasm together carries both of you to a height of ecstasy.

Learn About The Sex Moves Women Hate

It is a fact that women are excessively humble group, who frequently overlook the small but slightly frustrating things you do. She keeps silence because you believe she is hiding your awkwardness but actually it is her own issue. She is a bit shy and timid to tell you the moves she favors, so just maintains silence and bears.

Below are several suggestions, so that you steer clear from doing something irritating during foreplay. You might be very skilled in these areas but read through carefully about each foreplay blunders.

Avoid being rough

Men favor hard and forceful touch generally, so they feel that even women like to be touched in the same manner. Alas! This does not actually work because women are delicate human beings and like to be caressed tenderly. Therefore, the next time you handle a girl during sexual intimacy, try to be gentle with her and mark how she responds.

Suggestion: If you doubt then ask her. The best thing is to start gently stroking and caressing and slowly increase the level of passion. This technique works very well when you are enjoying oral sex and allowing you to find out her sensitive zones without any clear instructions from her side because her responses will say a lot about your action.

Using cyclic movements

Rubbing the same zone repeatedly gets irritating. Women have often been assaulted by man, who after being told, ‘It feels good’ choose to keep on repeating time and again. But these moves in every foreplay session can make things sluggish and dull.

Suggestion: Overdosing of repetitive moves can ruin your sex life and it is better to keep on changing positions and moves regularly. Repetition can block her senses and ultimately turn her off. Keep it exciting and vary with your touching moves.

Never bite or twist:

It is important that you don’t bite her vagina because it hurts. Tender biting on neck, shoulders, back and other parts can be erotic but erogenous regions are sensitive. Vaginas and nipples are actually ‘no-bite regions’.

In other words, biting can be totally sexy if done properly without leaving marks or drawing out blood and hurting her. So, use your fangs with ease. Twisting nipples is also annoying and it hurts.

Suggestions: Men head right away to sweet spots instead of taking time to arouse their lady properly. They have bad habit of wandering down after a bite, nipple twist or smack.

Females take long time for getting aroused than males and if you disregard this natural fact, you will find yourself distressed and dateless, with the worst part that you will probably not know. So it is better to take time and learn.

Steering away from her clitoris:

You are trying hard to work wonders down there but at times you forget and miss her clitoris. She has 4 vaginal lips, two on the inside and two on the external side. It is not easy to work around because you don’t actually get a good look at times.

Suggestion: You have to keep your eyes open to get to know about her vagina. Clitoris is hard to locate, if it is not kindled. When clits get aroused they stick out like a hard mass, which can be felt with the hands.

Improve Your Sexual Prowess To Last Longer In Bed

Trying to control for more than two minutes can be very tricky for several males and many women get pretty callous, if they come to know that you constantly fall short in the sack. Premature ejaculation is very common issues that a man has to face at least once in his lifetime.

Actually, this is a physical and psychological condition, which can be activated due to many factors including fear and stress. Many men desire to enhance their sexual energy because an average man lasts between 5 to 10 minutes with their woman.

Follow the simple methods for enhancing your ejaculation for a better and longer sexual session with your lady.


This is astonishingly an effective and suggested technique for developing resistance against PE. Br positive and start the practice bearing in mind that there are many men facing this issue besides you. You work this masturbation for 20 minutes and if you reach orgasm stop and calm down then start again.

This prolonged masturbation can permit you to estimate your limit. Thus during actual sexual session with your lady you can stop climaxing, just before you get to the ejaculatory point. This exercise builds your stamina as well as lessens the eagerness and arousal, which can definitely and swiftly pilot you off the border.

Care for your woman

Sex is give and take. Naturally, most men have one-track mind that is getting their own orgasm. Caring about your spouse leads to an emotional bonding. Instead of just thrusting your needs try and concentrate on her sensational zones to stimulate her manually.

Please her using different strategies like locating her G-zone to offer her a mind-blowing orgasm first. With this you can be free from your burden of psychological worry regarding PE. Subsequently, both of you can enjoy a more pleasing sexual round.

Use distractions

When you sense that you have reached the edge and you cannot hold to the stimulation activity divert your attention? Switch positions, if you sense you are losing it, when you are performing a specific one. Try to slow down, breath or concentrate on caressing your woman’s sensitive zones.

Wear a thick condom that are used for oral sex because then your sensation on the penis head is reduced and you can surely last longer. Desensitizing creams are also used to lessen the sensitivity of your penis and facilitate to maintain your erection and last longer.

Find suitable positions

Missionary and doggy-style positions are preferred by several men because they give the best arousal to the penis. However, for lasting longer choose positions that stimulate women more.

Avoid the missionary style because this can direct to PE. Because here the man has to support his weight that gives his muscle much tension. However, in the first round your woman can ride because this helps to reduce the penis stimulation.

Nevertheless, make certain that she goes slow otherwise fast thrusting can increase your stimulation. In this way you can go for second or third round and kindle her own stimulation and crest her pleasure. When she reaches orgasm you can join her for the climax.

With these tips you can prolong your ejaculating time. Practice and self-control will bring sexual pleasure to both of you.

How To Handle The Bedroom Scene After Sex

Sex is a magical moment, whether it occurs in minutes or few sessions along with breaks. The last thing post-sex is having poor bedroom protocol. Stop sullying this experience by getting familiar with certain behavioral manners.

How to perform as soon as sex gets concluded

For Males:

  1. Congratulate for your labors – If you have made her smile for countless times by expressing your feelings in many ways then pat yourself confidently and feel better.
  2. Make her feel desired subsequently – Avoid flushing her confidence down the drain because if you go away quickly she might think of being used. Avoid going to sleep or stay in the bed for ample time to make her feel loved and esteemed.
  3. She may be talkative – After sex every women wants to chat. You might be tired but be alert of what you talk or answer. She may ask you personal questions and if you fail to hear it correctly then your answer may invite trouble or confusion.
  4. Prop up and make it appear you like to chat – Pop up and look fascinated by her conversation, so after a few minutes you can request and get some sleep.
  5. Compliment her – After sexual intimacy follows the psychological connection and she needs that as a tonic every time. Compliment her but not about her breast or vagina size. You can say, ‘Love to be with you’ or ‘You are gorgeous’.
  6. Shower her – You can set the bathroom, so that it turns to be a warm and welcome space for a shower together after sex. Toweling her after bath is a thoughtful gesture, she may appreciate.

For Females:

  1. Be alert about his exhaustion – Sex is a hard work for men, so avoid clobbering him with questions and discussions. Get cozy and curtail your talk.
  2. Remember less talk is better – Chatting about life issues beyond your relationships regarding work issues, household chores can heave for hours.
  3. Leave arguments outside the bedroom – Arguments are NO-NO in the bed. Never spoil this special moment in disagreement. If he has stopped quarrelling and you are still continuing your defense then he will be hurt emotionally.

For Both:

  1. Evade evaluating sex – ‘It was okay’ is a bad answer or ‘She/he’ was mind-blowing’ are some sentences that are worse to say just after sex. Never compare it with your past experiences. It may degrade your partner’s ability and hurt her emotionally.
  2. Postal sex massage – Massage isdone prior sex as foreplay or warming up but offering a massage later on the lower back softly and gently can be very soothing.
  3. Never mock your partner – Make certain that by no meansyou mock your partner, when they express their feelings or fantasies frankly. Never laugh or their feelings might get hurt.
  4. Do not leave without reason – Walking of from the bed with no reasons or words is considered the worst manner after sex. Excuse yourself, if you need to use the washroom and come back right away.

Relationships are giving and taking so after orgasms hug her, which makes her feel comforted as she too is vulnerable after sex.

G-spot Is For Real – Claimed By A Doctor

For many years the existence of G-spot has been a hot topic among debates and researchers. Theories regarding G-zone have long been a hullabaloo. In March issue, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a team report by a research team that there is no strong and reliable proof to verify the structural presence of the G-zone. Even though there are consistent reports and subjective acknowledgment about this extremely sensitive area.

The same Journal has published in their April issue an article about the new discovery that G-spot definitely exists. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski mined the G-spot, which has been considered long ago to be a trigger for amplifying female orgasm.

Dr. Adam is a semi-retired gynecologist living in Florida with a long dream of discovering the indefinable area with a reputation of magical power. He had travelled to Poland last September to carry a layer to layer anterior dissection of vaginal wall on an eighty three year old dead body of a Polish female.

Ostrzenski said that no one deemed that it could be recognized and he personally was full of doubts. However, he was sure about the location. After the old lady’s autopsy was concluded, he instigated his dissection. This research had taken place at the forensics medicine department in Warsaw Medical University.

The women’s vaginal wall is made of six distinct tissue layers. After hours of vigilant work, he discovered the G-spot in the frontal vaginal wall under 5 layers of muscles and connective tissues. It was 16.5 millimeters away from the urethra, an area that is generally not got in touch with during gynecological surgery. This is the reason that no one had discovered it up till now.

Dr. Adams describes this spot as a bluish grapelike composition situated in a sac present between the superior dorsal perineal and inferior pubocervical fascia membranes.

This grape like shape distinguishes an erectile body, which can expand. This G-spot measured 8.1 mm within the pouch but when Dr. Adam’s detached it, the grapelike composition extended to 33 mm. This extension displays that the structure is intended for expansion and contraction.

Dr. Adams states that this sac was the only erectile tissue that could be recognized. He was unable to take this tissue sample for verification because he did not have any authorization from the principled committee.

He also agreed that the subject (the dead body) was unable to correspond but the available scientific text guided him. He went through the past century studies and discovered that he was the first to describe the size and co-ordination of the G-spot.

Other doctors also heat up an argument saying that women who claim that they have experienced the G-spot orgasms may actually be experiencing clitoral stimulus and not the G-zone. Discovering a G-spot will not help a woman understand her body but will disturb her, if they sense that they cannot experience it.

However, Dr. Adams is familiar with the controversy and has planned to return to Poland in May to pursue his research on female anatomy. He says that he is very close in completely putting this argument to rest.

Great Blowjob On Your Man With Your Mouth

Before you and your partner make a decision to have oral sex then first take precautions about a few things. These are not sexy things but very vital to stay safe and enjoy a long-term intimacy with your man.

First make certain that both of you are clean and free from disease. Clean means not talking about shower today but more imperative than that. It is necessary to go to the doctor and have an examination carried out to diagnose that you are not carrying any infectious disease.

You can play extra safe and keep out the worries by using a condom. Furthermore, after the medical reports are negative and both of you have no infectious disease then you can take sexual pleasure without any anxiety.

Oral sex is simple including subtle touches using mouth, lips, tongue and teeth to stimulate your partner. Oral sex performed on a man means Fellatio. Before this give and take performance the lady needs to cut her finger nails and smooth them out, while a man needs to freshen up right before action starts.

It is your turn to take the lead. Your man must be feeling somewhat nervous or shy about this. That is why communication is necessary to have better oral sex. Simply talk and make him feel relaxed by just kissing him softly on the mouth.

Go slowly, without having him getting excited too much. While kissing him normally lower your hand to his and start rubbing it across his trousers. You will feel his erect penis under his trousers. Now, you can start to undo as well as unzip his pants and drop them down slowly. He will surely help you during this phase.

Now, you can easily reach for his erect penis. Grab it gently and start to masturbate gently for very short time, so you can get time to give him orgasm.

Now, is the time you can start sucking his penis. Gradually, lower your head near his crotch and capture his penis in your mouth. However, take precaution that you do not take his cock too deep in your mouth. Or else you might unluckily choke or start coughing, which is not sexy!

In the beginning start slowly taking his cock in and out with your lips wrapped around it all the time. A lot of saliva should be used, so that your man feels better. While the penis is going in and out, you can also massage it gently with your tongue.

Subsequently, in few minutes he is surely going to blow and cum. Keep note of his breathing because it will start getting much louder as he about to reach orgasm. You can either take the cum inside your mouth or remove the cock out.

Having your man lying on his back or standing with his legs apart will be easy for you to perform. Practically, in any other positions his legs or stomach may come in the way. It takes time to get skilled but with practice you will get better and better in giving your man blowjob with your mouth.

Give Her Sheer Enjoyment With Reverse Cowgirl Position

When a female is emotionally attached to her man then not having orgasm will not spoil her sexual intimacy. Even though there may be times, when she desires to completely express her wild sexuality and experience the utmost sumptuousness of making love as well as take pleasure in having a couple of dominant orgasms during sex.

It is commonly believed that during sex the role of a man is that of the leader, who sets the speed and rhythm. He also determines the proceedings of the events and there will be occasions, when he will require relaxation. At that time he will display the tenderer, comfortable and placid side during the sexual sessions.

During this time the man can allow the woman experience the top position, which will give them both a new form of enjoyment. A woman can show her sexuality more freely in this position because when the man is on top she is pinned beneath his weight.

However, in the top position either of them can reach her vagina and provoke her to the height of ecstasy. When the lady is on top during sex, she can manage the friction and pressure that is applied on her vulva and clitoris during their intimacy. Therefore she can pretty much control her own orgasm.

She can also handle her man’s sensuous zones as she is sitting on him with his penis working fireworks inside her vagina. Her hands are free to tease and fool around with him as it was not possible when she was beneath. She can ride him fast and take him to the height of sexual climax or cross it. Or, she can also have her clitoris stimulated and reach orgasm as soon as possible.

However, her man will lie back and let her take charge for a refreshing change of experience. He will be thrilled to see her sexual nature and being at her mercy will excite and arouse him. He will get amazing eye-view of her butt.

Tips on how to do the reverse cowgirl position

Have your man lie with his back on the bed. You must face his feet and straddle him with knees across his hips. When he is comfortable and firm and you are well aroused and lubricated then placing your hand on the bed or his thigh steady yourself and holding the penis bottom with the other hand slowly lower yourself on him.

Once he is firmly inside gently start moving in up and down direction by using the muscles of your leg to build momentum. Balance yourself by resting your hands on his thigh. You are in command now, so try mixing new variations. Varying the speed or depth of penetration can be tried out.

You can also alter your movements of going in circles or rotating back and forth instead of simply pushing up and coming down. Once in a while try arching back, which will make his penis stimulate your G-zone.

You too can play with your own clitoris. You can also kindle him by playing with his testicles, when you are riding him. If he happens to slide out just put him back and continue. It will be a blissful orgasm for both.


Avoid bouncing too hard. Do not lean too forward or it may cause some rigorous harm to his manhood.

Get Familiar With Cyber Sex

Cyber sex is practical sexual experience taking place between two people on the internet. Sexually open messages are passed to and fro, just like an online badminton game without any badminton rackets or balls or nets or short white skirts with sweaty tops.

Sorry…. Got unfocused form the main subject….. Cyber sex!

Cyber sex has many plus sides, which frequently includes self-pleasuring to a little extent on both sides. Moaning and grunting can be carried out individually on both sides.

Steps to enjoy cyber sex:

Discover a woman: For having cyber sex a female is necessary. There are many chat rooms and forums that provide you to meet young woman online. Other places to find keen females ready for some saucy chats are online dating service, IRC chat, Message boards or E-mail.

Spend on a webcam or mic: Web cam and mic are useful because both your hands will be free to type. Do not get too excited, if you find a lady with a webcam and you find her hot….just play it cool.

Women can be mentally stimulated easily, so just tell her something dirty you would do to her, if you were with her.

No webcam or no mic: If there is no webcam or mic then you can masturbate using one hand and type with other hand. Another way is write, while she gets the pleasure and after her orgasm, she will do the writing and you can get on.

You should also make sure, whom you are engaging with because there are lots of males, who pretend to be females on the internet.

Privacy: You will be put in a very awkward situation, when your girl friend or any family member comes into your room, while you are describing your fantasy and having sex with your cyber partner online.

Select an attractive name: Your name will give your first impression. Carefully, choose a name that is easy to type and make sure that it does not give away your actual name.

Be innovative: Using your imagination creatively is the golden rule. You are afraid to experiment and explore certain things in real life and cyber sex presents the opportunity. You can also cuddle after having orgasm instantly you log off.

Points to remember:

  1. Do not expose your personal information and real name.
  1. If you make use of video chat, remember there are video sharing websites. The next thing you won’t desire is to have your bare butt popping all over the internet.
  1. Do not get obsessed by it but also make effort to have relationships with real woman besides internet.
  1. Your fantasy partner is no substitute, so do not make it a habit.

Signs about people getting addicted to cyber sex:

  1. They fritter away hours watching things that stink porn on the net.
  1. They are always mixed in sex chat online thus overlooking other events.
  1. People are irritated, if they do not get access to the internet.
  1. They waste money to get an access to porn pay sites.

Foreplay Is Important For Sexual Relationship

Foreplay is an essential piece of the entire lovemaking performance without which the sex puzzle is not concluded. Enjoying your share of quickies and rapid sex without any foreplay has certainly given you best sexual moments but they are performed according to the location and time.

However, the couples who incessantly miss out foreplay are giving up a grand technique of getting psychologically and physically prepared for hot sex. It was researched that majority of women just get aroused by the foreplay concept than sex itself. A more attentive form of foreplay can bring better contentment for both and make this entire lovemaking experience very pleasurable.

What is foreplay?

Foreplay comprises of many activities like kissing, hugging, caressing, fondling, undressing, embracing, cuddling and enjoying oral sex. Why is this concept of foreplay so vital? Those men, who kiss and embrace their partners, are familiar with the fact that this sensitive foreplay makes his partner reach orgasm with ease and they enjoy their sexual intercourse extremely.

Many females need space or prolonged provocation to reach the height of complete arousal. Foreplay offers them this required stimulation to get prepared for the final orgasm.

When the female’s body gets kindled, the muscles near the uterus pulls a little and makes space in the vagina that makes libido more enjoyable and congenial. If this does not occur, libido can create discomfort.

A woman gets easily lubricated if anything sexually arousing or stimulating is done. It also gives the man some time to get erected or control his erection.

Foreplay helps the couple to feel very close and intimate. Finally, both of them can feel stimulated and roused. Thus an emotional and physical bond is built. Kissing is the vital tool for foreplay that acts as a magical wand to revive the physical and psychological responses.

Love fantasies or enticing conversation can also get a physical sexual response. Couples can also use a little sexual fantasy talk incorporated in their foreplay.

Foreplay does not have any method or there is nothing as good foreplay or bad foreplay. Foreplay is just touching with passion using your body tools including lips, fingers and hands tenderly.

Foreplay should last for minimum ten minutes for the couple’s body to warm up. Never forget to focus on erogenous zones like inner thigh, stomach, back of the neck or breast during the foreplay but stay away from the genital region till the sizzling point.

Hints for foreplay:

  • Talk dirty – Dirty talk means not the road side kind of speech but be frank with your feelings telling your partner what you feel and think about doing at the moment.
  • Play games – Plan a game of cards or dice with rules of doing something exciting with each other.
  • Stay close – to remain close dance or shower together, so you can touch and hold one another.
  • Sexual massage – Give one another a tender and sexual massage with aromatic oil. You can pour whipped cream or chocolate on one another and enjoy the time licking it off.
  • Feeling one another – Taking your woman’s face gently in your hands and running your fingers in her hair. Gently caressing the stomach or waist. Rubbing against one another or lightly touching anywhere that feels good.

Thus you can make one another comfortable and intimate before plunging in the final sexual orgasm.