Getting Your Partner To Squirt By Following Simple Tips

You might have heard about squirting by reading articles or from your friends, who have had partners who could squirt. Squirting is nothing but female ejaculation. This is a very controversial topic since many people feel that woman cannot ejaculate and squirting is just peeing. This is so not true.

Overview of Squirting

For those of you who do not know what squirting is all about, it is time to put your reading glasses on. When women feel aroused and get an orgasm, they eject a slightly opaque or clear liquid. Many people mistake this for urine or vaginal lubrication.

While vaginal lubrication is produced inside the vagina, this clear liquid is produced from inside glands that surround a women’s urethra. All women can squirt provided you know your way around on how to bring her to squirting orgasms.

If this topic got you interested, then you might be itching to know how you can bring your partner to squirt. Well, before we get into that, you first need to make sure that your partner is comfortable with squirting in front of you. Many women might feel shy or nervous squirting the first time.

Indulge in a Lot of Foreplay

We all know that women take a lot of time to get aroused. You need to be patient and indulge in a lot of foreplay before you are ready to give your partner her first squirting orgasm. Begin by making her comfortable. Caresses, hugs and kisses might help in bringing down her nervousness.

Bear in mind that when your partner squirts there are chances that she might pee a little. This might be one of the reasons she might refrain from trying out squirting. You might want to cajole her and tell her that you are comfortable with her peeing.

Ensure that your partner drinks lots of water and takes a trip to the bathroom to relieve her bladder. This way she will be assured that her bladder is empty and she might get comfortable.

G- Spot is Where it All Begins

Yes, it all starts with the G-spot. Now that your partner is comfortable and aroused, you need to take things slowly. You need to locate her G-spot and stimulate it the right way to get her moaning in delight.

You can stimulate the G-spot in the following ways:

  • G-spot is located about 2-3 inches at the front wall, between the pubic bone and the vagina
  • Insert two fingers inside her vagina and press against the front wall
  • Make use of the pads of the fingers rather than the tips
  • Slightly curl your fingers so that you feel the pressure building inside the G-spot
  • If she is still unable to squirt, you can try pressing your free hand between her pubic bone and stomach

Squirting orgasms are generally intense especially if your partner has had hers for the first time. She definitely would want to know how you felt about her “performance”. Cuddle her in your arms and murmur sweet nothings to her. Tell her how brilliant she was and how proud she made you feel today. You will definitely make her day and she might even reward you in return.

Sex Tips For Better Performance

Maintaining your sex life needs time and effort. It is not easily possible due to our demanding standard of living that often leaves us tired. Consequently there is lack of imagination and motivation necessary to keep up with the pace. To enjoy good sex there is no requirement of spending hours of frolicking but changing your locations and positions can do the trick.

The sex drive of a woman depends on what’s occurring in her life and her hormone varies accordingly. Sometimes they take a bit long to get hot and the same monotonous routine may be inadequate. You can also get bored with the routine also. Nothing excites both of you.

Don’t let your sex life get stale but add more provocative features to your sex sessions and keep it lively and energetic.

Blindfolding your lady will boost her sensory alertness. She is not aware of your next move. Tease her ruthlessly with sensory stuffs like tongue or feather. Start slowly and excite her nerve endings but make sure you do not overdo it as after sometime the neurons discontinue sacking strongly and the sensation turns null and void.

Sensual touching never gets rancid. Our bodies are often tensed in many areas, which obstruct our flow of energy including the flow of sexual energy. A sexy massage can release her and offer an intense orgasm and better sex ultimately. However, you must sharpen the ability to unwind your female that is learning the art of touching sensually.

The main thing to remember in offering a sensual massage is to keep her mentally alert, but body relaxed. Once you have had her shoulders and back massaged then you can work with her buttocks. The strokes then wander near but avoid her inner thighs and vaginal area. There are many erogenous regions on her hands and feet that must not be circumvented. Skipping the hot spots will ruin the effect.

Role playing can also add spice and fun offering you some different sensation for better sex.

Communication helps to get familiar with one another that are necessary for better sex. Fantasy revealing can also help to add to the flavor.

Adult strip poker game will turn out to be a best way to get nude. Once nude you can still carry on the game. A loss refers to the winning person getting to select an action of what the loser has to perform. One minute can be the time limit allotted for this seduction game. Ultimately both screaming to be winner and loser. This can get filthy and surely pilot to better sex eventually.

Trying out new positions will need a reasonable high level of stimulation in her, so select a time when she is obviously feeling very relaxed. There are many positions you can get familiar with on various websites or else use your imaginations to invent as many as you desire. Just shifting the locations can considerably change the position.

Naughty things in public places are risky and needs you to be bold and daring. You can try having a rapid session in lifts, office or in the next room where party is going on. Numerous places besides bed and home can be fancied for having adventurous sex.

The time and effort necessary to plan an adventure will be rewarded instantly but also for a long time.

Erotic Massage For Powerful Orgasms

Erotic Massage is one of the best ways to get your partner loosen up and relax after a hectic day at work or in the house. This is also a fine way to get away from the monotonous sexual pothole and experience something new. If you are daring then you can also include a sex toy or watch porn movies or have rapid sex at crowded locations to add some spice to your sexual intimacy.

The aim of erotic massage is provoking your partner and arousing them to peak levels and stay there for some time as you concentrate on massaging pleasure zones.

The first thing is set the stage for massage. A peaceful vibes are sought-after. There is no need for a massage table but an open space that allows moving is best. You can place a mat on the floor, where there is hardly any furniture.

To create a magical ambiance use candles or dim lights in the room, aromatic candles for aroma and melodious soft music will all add to perk up the environment.

Water based lubricants should be applied because oil based lubricants lead to vaginal infections or irritation for females. Flavored massage oils that are edible and warming can be employed for orally inclined.

Have your partner lie down nude with his/her back towards you. You can start massaging with a back rub. Whisper talk is a fine way to make him/her get relaxed. Erotic Massage means maintaining bodily touch with your hands making them glide on the legs with long strokes changing to gentle kneading working to buttock region then lower back and upper back.

After your partner gets relaxed, make him/her turn around on the mat. Using gentle touch begin massaging his neck, shoulders as well as chest. Now, travel down caressingly to the legs. After relaxing the legs and feet wander to the pelvic area.

Gently stroke the inner-thighs as well as brush across the genital region and tease your partner. Lightly brushing will stimulate your partner’s sexual energy. You can now add sexual fuel by getting more sensuous on the other sensitive zones.

While massaging always have eye-contact with your partner. You can also ask him/her, if they want to continue this procedure. If you partner says ‘yes’ then you can concentrate on the genitalia.

Erotic massage for men: The aim of sensuous massage is not instant ejaculation. The speed and motions must be varied or stopped before he peaks. You can now wander to his chest, inner thighs and other sensational regions. You will have to tune up his entire body and keep eyes on his body language, when you are furnishing a massage. Forced and loud breathing is cue that the male is ready for orgasm.

Erotic massage for women: several women orgasm through clitoral, several through G-spot manipulation and few of them get climaxed through both. You have to keep an eye on her body language and reaction. Back arching, heavy breathing and toe twisting are definite indications that she is having fun.

Conclude your erotic massage by having an intercourse. After erotic massage the couple can both experience powerful orgasm.

Sex Tips On How To Be The Best Lover

Sex in humans usually includes emotions, whereas in animals it is a mechanical action meant for breeding. Sex carried out in an inhuman way that is just penetrating your partner and thrusting up and down is said to be incomplete.

Sex is regarded as an art that includes factors like dedication, proper communication, appreciation and caring nature among the couples.

Here are sex tips to be the best lover:

Sex is not a competition: Sex is not a competition of who reaches the finish line first, so go slow and take time kissing, licking, caressing and stroking her.

Let you fingers wander on every part of her body. Concentrate on her lower belly and inner thighs. Just brush her vagina and take off to the other parts.

Give her time: A woman needs time to get totally aroused and reach orgasm. If she is hurried, she will not enjoy the performance. Don’t be selfish but give her time.

Vary the stimulus: When you penetrate inside her vary the movement by thrusting up and down or side to side against her clitoris. This will make her shout in delight.

Compliment her: Flattering remarks that include multiplefeelings must be made. ‘Your breasts are beautiful’ is good but ‘Your breasts are beautiful — they feel so warm and soft in my hands’ makes it more intimate.

G-spot stimulation: Penetrate your finger inside her vagina but make sure she is lubricated properly. Probe for her G-zone on the front wall. Keep your eyes on her face and as your finger touches the G-zone you will come to know. Massage this sensitive spot and give her a mind-blowing orgasm.

Use your tongue astutely: When you are kissing your lady use your tongue tenderly. Just don’t dart your tongue in and out but vary your motions and pressure.

Sweet-talk her 4 times daily: Everyone likes praises but flattering her will make her feel cherished, special and dear to you. When a woman gets emotional and connected, she will get more intimate sexually.

Buy cologne she favors: You can go shopping with her for cologne she loves, which is a type of foreplay.

Hold her close or her hand in public: Holding her in public works as an aphrodisiac. She gets the feeling of being dedicated and proud to inform the world.

Gift her chocolates: Chocolates are responsible for activating the pleasure zone in the brains that can shake her sex drive.

Vary sex style: You can use sex toys, different positions, watch porn together or have a shower and enjoy sex in different styles. Thus you will add spice and keep your bedroom fire burning.

Have sex in new places: There are many places you can enjoy your intimacy. New places can add more excitement and thrill in your relationship.

New places include the elevator, car kitchen floor, on the roof, stairs and many such places. You can also have quickies in public places but be careful in parks, sauna, beach, boat, office, library and fields.

Several Ways To Satisfy Her After You Have Peaked

You have already had untimely ejaculation and are feeling relaxed but stay awake because there is still some unfinished work to be finished. Sex is give and take. You have been released but she is still waiting for your favor. Don’t act selfish! But you can do it in different ways.

Penetrate her again after peak: You can penetrate her after 30 seconds of your ejaculation because now your penis is not hypersensitive to touch. You can use these few minutes to gratify her because your penis stays hard for sometime after ejaculation.

Thrust inside and let her take control of the movements. Continue till she reaches orgasm and if you stay in the mood your organ can come to life once more and enjoy the experience.

Apply cunnilingus: You can perform oral sex. Hold her strongly and start sucking her vagina. Make her position in doggie style to get easy access to her vagina. Separate her clitoris and stimulate it using your tongue with sensuous motions round and flicks.

Now penetrate your finger inside and hit the G-spot, which will take her to the heights of sexual climax.

Sex toys: You can make use of a vibrator or dildo to content her after you have ejaculated. If your relationship is strong then always have sex toys in your room for easy access. The vibes of the vibrator applied in circular motion on the clitoris will bring out pleasant sounds from her lips. Repeat the motion.

The other sex toy is the penis loop that keeps your weakening penis awake for some time, so that you are able to continue the session for her.

Watch porn movies: After an early ejaculation, you may need some moments to get back your erection then play with one another watching porn film before having sex once again. To avoid an uncomfortable situation be prepared with the movie before your intimacy session without her knowledge.

In this way, you will not have to leave the room and search for the DVD thus spoiling the mood. Enjoy one another physically until you are ready to perform again and do the blowjob.

Let her masturbate: You can also convince her that you will like her to complete the work, as you watch. You can get to know how to perform the foreplay and arouse her. Viewing her masturbate can display many things.

You can learn how to touch her, where to caress her, what speed to apply and how much force she prefers to get excited.

Kiss her everywhere: You can also help her in her masturbation by caressing her and sensuously kissing her on her neck, lips and shoulders. Suck her nipples, which can excite her. Flicking her nipples with your tongue will kindle her more. Her inner thighs are also very responsive.

Press her tightly as you caress and stroke her everywhere. You can embrace her from behind and rub yourself against her. All this will add fuel to her excitement and she will reach orgasm.

Relax together: The relaxation after orgasm for both of you must be enjoyed. Holding and kissing her as she cuddles you will make her feel protected and emotional. Thus after you have climaxed, you can find a way to please her.

Several Reasons Why Women Refuse Men

It is a humiliating thing, when a lady rejects you the first time you ask for a date. Rejection truly sucks! Unfortunately, a guy has to take the risk of getting his ego shattered, if he desires to intermingle with women. You can feel probably like a failure on being turned down.

Why woman reject you?

There can be myriad of reasons, where lots of them are not your blunders. Let us take a look at few:

She is arrogant – Modern society is flooded with discourteous, egotistical and man-hating replicas caring only about themselves with absolutely no feelings for men. These women try to enfeeble you, when you invite them out. They make men wriggle and deliberately exploit their sexual power.

No Dollars – Money is number one factor for many women to go on a date. Lacking money can down you from her list. Paying for her attention can gain your invitation for date.

She has somebody – She may be going steady with someone or might be married. If such women are nice they will make you aware of the situation otherwise they can manipulate you ruthlessly. So it is better to do your groundworkthoroughly before putting your self-esteem on the line. In this way, you will save yourself from being embarrassed and humiliated.

She is a flirt – Lots of women married or unmarried having low-esteem come under this category. They are in continuous need of boosting their confidence to find out if they can still attract men. So, if any man approaches them they flirt about to get his response. They are not interested in dating but just want you to be turned on and then dump you. This is another deliberate cruelty of woman sexual power over man.

She is psycho – Several women select bad boys and now have many psychological reasons of getting involved in unsuccessful relationships and charge men for all their personally developed issues. Several women drop out of getting dated or are being frequently deserted by men due to their frenzied behavior. Such women can refuse you because you are one of them according to their thoughts.

Wrong moves – If you put your creepy hand around her saying hey or smirk at her, when she has clearly given the message of not interested then you are considered as a pain in the neck.

Bad timing – When a woman refuses then there must be some disturbed phase including her menstrual cycle, when she feels all men are bad. She may be feeling unappealing or many hormone based reactions going on may be the reason for her running away from the dating world. After a couple of days you can run and get a green light.

She is hurt – If a woman requests you to give her time, when you invite her, it usually means that she is presently been through a ghastly relationship and is still recuperating. With emotionally damaged women it is better to seek for friendship first and wait for the right moment.

She finds you unattractive – It happens. Easy as that. It is better to accept and move on.

Never take rejections personally. Some things about you can be altered but many things you cannot. You can just put rejections as bad experiences, learn from them and keep swinging forward.

Which Birth Control Methods Are Effective?

Selecting birth control technique is a personal decision, which one can discuss with their sex partner, parent, physician or health care provider. They are the ones, who will make you aware of the various birth control methods including their effectiveness, acceptance in your lifestyle, safety level, affordable and protection from STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). Such vital questions are worth to be known.

Birth control methods are applied by males and females to prevent pregnancy. There are different techniques used to control birth but choose a way that will not affect your fertility, if you desire to get pregnant in future. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of hormonal, hurdle and the natural way of avoiding pregnancy. Let us look at the three techniques in detail:

Hormonal techniques – This method includes birth control pills, rings, patches, hormonal intrauterine device and injections. The hormones function to stop ovulation by narrowing the inside layer of the uterine and thus the cervical fluids become very sticky. This makes it impossible for the sperms to swim easily.

One advantage of hormonal technique is its high effectiveness, when used appropriately. Birth control patches and vaginal rings must be regularly changed, whereas contraceptive pills must be taken daily.

This method may be disadvantageous, if you forget to use them properly. It may lead to significant health issues like stroke, heart attack or blood cloths. If you smoke, then this method is unsafe for you. You will need a doctor’s prescription to get birth controls. Always remember that hormonal way cannot protect you against STD’s.

Hurdle techniques – This way of birth control involve cervical cap, diaphragm and male/female condoms. Cervical caps and diaphragms cannot be bought without prescription and must be fixed by a doctor. Condoms can be purchased over the counter at the medical store and are quite cheap.

Advantages of hurdle techniques of evading pregnancy are that they are convenient to apply. In addition, they do not hinder with breast-feeding and do not affect female’s hormone levels.

Drawbacks are decrease in impulsiveness of sexual climax and high chances of developing female urinary tract infectivity. If you have latex allergy then use brands free of latex.

Condoms prevent STD’s. In preventing pregnancy, male condoms are cent percent effectual, where as female condoms are less effective and uncomfortable to use.

Natural techniques – This method does not need hormones or hurdles to prevent you from getting pregnant. Advantages to be taken into account are the keeping away from the dangers linked with hormonal techniques and it is not necessary to carry birth control in your pocket or purse.

Abstinence from sex is hundred percent effective. It is also called NFP or Natural family Planning. It needs you to take your temperature every morning as you wake up and keep record of your cervical fluid and abstaining during the fertile phase. NFP method requires couple to refrain from sex for a week or more.

Other methods that can be utilized are withdrawal technique that requires the male to withdraw himself from the female’s vagina before ejaculating. However, there are sperms that escape before ejaculation that may cause pregnancy.

The rhythm technique is also known as calendar method. In this method the female has to keep track of the days between her menstrual cycles and calculate her ovulation period. During this time the couple can refrain from sex. There may be error in this method also and cause pregnancy unintentionally.

Self Acceptance Is Vital To Overcome Insecurities

Sex is an extremely intimate moment that is shared with your romantic partner. It is natural that being close means being susceptible, therefore insecurities thrive. The notion of an ideal body has been viewed through rose-tinted glasses. A male having shaped muscles without any extra fat that appears to be size zero has been judged as overweight by the media.

The reality is that majority of masses do not own a perfect body. It is all right! Owing a chiseled or shaped body is not significant but the solution is to accept as well as love yourself precisely as you are.

Men are extremely vulnerable than society gives them recognition for. The declaration of masculinity and machismo, furthermore how men simply ignore the things that make women care about but male ego is shockingly brittle. Men are able to tolerate the jovial abuse and foul language with their friends but certain sectors are just off-limits.

Sex roots an illogical level of nervousness in men. They are eternally anxious about when to anticipate sex or are they shoving hard for it.

They get obsessed over many silly things including:

What does she feel about my dick?

Did we descend too fast?

Did she reach orgasm at all?

Did it rock her world or was she just staring at the ceiling?

Oh God! These thoughts even grow more insane, when you mix porn into it. Suddenly we are not only apprehensive about being the best lover but about things like where to aim the quantity of ejaculation on her boobs or face.

Trying the translation of porn sex in your actual world is actually an experience of frustration and pain. Porn actors pose in uncomfortable positions for the camera, so is the male actor really ejaculating? If your thoughts and outlooks regarding sex are based from porn then it is a blunder.

Your insecurity and fears are regarding your penis size because it is popularly linked with maleness and sexual desirability. Actually dick size is a topic similar to fashion or culture fad. Just, when in the past plump women were regarded as beautiful.

There also have been times in western culture, when small and uncircumcised penis was perfect. Large penises were looked upon as monstrous and symbol of low reproduction and aptitude, whereas circumcised penis appeared to be weird.

The best thing is to accept your endowment not only about your dick but your overall physique, financial status and weaknesses.

How to overcome your insecurities:

  • To develop into a masterful lover you need to be patient and caring. Avoid dating a lady, who judges you by your cock size.
  • Don’t panic about your finances because any worthy woman will be attracted by your gentle personality, wittiness, charisma and sexiness. The right woman will appreciate a romantic home-cooked dinner by candle-light.
  • All males love a physique but accept your build and don’t force yourself. A healthy diet and regular exercise can change your overall health and looks. Wear suitable clothes and improve your looks.
  • Realize that females find your insecurities attractive.
  • Relax on the pessimistic self-talk.
  • Be sincere with yourself. Accept yourself as you are.

Work on your negative aspects because your body image and confidence are very closely connected.

Reasons Why Cocky Men Are Hated by Women

Being confident is good but getting overconfident will have women snub you. Woman loves her man to be self-assured but being more confident can lead to being arrogant or cocky. The discrepancy of being confident and overconfident is petit.

An attitude of being aware about your being attractive to woman is fairly unusual in comparison to possessing an attitude, where you feel that the women must feel thankful to achieve your company.

You can notice the small difference in the confidence level. First is a dignified feeling whereas the other is egoistical feeling. No person will approve of being bigheaded.

Reason why women hate cocky guys:

Cocky creates feeling of inferiority – The man is reviewed to be the pilot but he is not expected to make the females feel substandard to him. If you have that attitude then 95% females will reject you and you will have only 5% to select as best.

These women may have fanatical problems going on. Trying to force your attitude on the woman by making her feel inferior proves that you have some security problems in your life.

Cocky turns to be insulting – Instead of passing a compliment on her dress you pass a cocky and funny joke. You have found this strategy has worked with several women but sometimes it may backfire. For e.g. ‘Your dress looks as if it should be prohibited in certain countries’. Is this a compliment?

You are ripping the dress with your tongue-scissor that will not be considered as fascinating by her ears. She will take it in a friendly way if you tease her softly but if the humor goes too far as degrading her then she may splash the drink in your face and walk away from the bar. You do not want to be in such situation, so avoid funny insults.

Cocky turns to be dull – You have clinched success with your cocky approach with some women before. However, this has made you assume that it will also work with the female you are currently staring.

You are wrong! Your erroneous hypothesis can lead you to think that you have got her or you will look at her as a challenge. She is no dumb and can look through your effort of impressing her or winning her. You will not have to wait long for her to walk away.

Cocky can be misinterpreted – For flirting with a woman successfully, a man has to adapt it spontaneously and not plan on what you will say or how you will say. This will create pressure and kill the impulsiveness of flirting.

Don’t forget that the woman will not only listen to what you are saying but also scan the force behind the words. Nervous or awkward energy can put her off the arena.

Cocky can be badly timed – It may have been a bad day for her and she wants to drown her grief by sitting lonely with her glass of martini. You with you arrogance march towards her telling her, ‘I am sure, you will be glad to spend the night with me’. This will surely irritate her or make her think that you are poking her. So, evaluate the situation before soaking her in your cocky banter and act.

Must Try Outdoor Sex Hotspots

When the temperature mounts…. it is time for enjoying hot sex. You can get frisky on weekends with your lover and celebrate the sun. Revitalize your sex life and take it to a new height of ecstasy. Spice things up! Say bye to your bed and enjoy some enchanting summer hot spots for a sexy summer time.

In your car: If you are having a long trip then it is necessary that the driver stays awake then some actions can charge the driver. It is thrilling to get naughty and also fear that someone passing can catch you.A little sexual foreplay can help to pass the time. But as driving needs deep concentration and observation on the part of the driver, otherwise can lead to accident and probably put lives at risk.

So take precautions:

  • Do not get busy in crowded places. Getting noticed is a moral crime. You can get caught and be fined or jailed for this offense.
  • If you are driving slow down maintain a safe distance from the vehicle moving in front.
  • If you are a passenger then make sure that the driver’s view is not obstructed.
  • If both feel that things are out of control then stop the car on the side and conclude your business before driving on.

On the beach:

The sea air and sound of waves whooshing to and fro acts as an instant aphrodisiac and you can enjoy primitive sex. Make sure that there is no one peeking.

You can enjoy it by taking food and wine to expend some excellent time together. However, there are three things that can turn your sex into a horrendous experience with bugs, sand and sunburn.

Sand can be very disruptive because it directs to hurtful chafing burns and can also root foreskin or vaginal infection because of microbes present in the sand.

Irritating insects like mosquitoes, spiders and scampering critters must be taken care of, so choose a site carefully.

Take precautions:

  • Stay in the shade to prevent sunburns.
  • Carry a thick and large blanket, so that sand cannot penetrate in as you roll around.
  • Carry mosquito repellant and sunburn lotion.
  • Carry a lot of water. In this way you can wash your feet before stepping on the blanket.
  • Secure the blanket corners with heavy objects. This prevents the blanket to remain stretched properly. Thus it prevents the sand from getting in between your entwined bodies.

Camping in the woods:

Nothing sounds more idealistic than having love sessions than camping in the open woods with Mother Nature. Libido elevates when you are outside because the fresh air charges our mind and body. A scary storm or abundant rain can make outdoor sex even more intimate, if you are in a tent or taking shelter under a tree.

Precautions to be taken are:

  • Having sex in your camp bed is an adventurous experience
  • Do not forget to take your bug repellant and keep the fire burning to keep away the animals from coming near.
  • The fear of the animals wandering around can elevate the excitement and you can enjoy mind-blowing orgasm.