Essential Items Required For Building A Safe Sex Kit

Everyone needs to be prepared while on a date. Lady luck might be shining on you and you might even get to indulge in some mind blowing sex with your date. Imagine both of you are ready, but none of you have the necessary precautions to practice safe sex. You never want to end up with unnecessary hindrances in your relationship.

Importance of a Safe Sex Kit

Being prepared for anything in life is always a smart move. The same rule applies to sexual relationships. No woman will like to get pregnant involuntarily or get diagnosed with STD’s. This is where a safe sex kit comes handy.

A sex kit is easy to prepare and might require the basic items that will be important for practicing safe sex. The first impression that your partner might get, when they see your little kit will be that you are well prepared and are cautious.

Some of the items that need to be included in your kit can be found at affordable rates in any of your medical stores. These sex kits can be stored in your purse, cars or in your medicine cabinets so that they are readily accessible when the need arises.

Items That Need to be Stored in the Kits

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think about safe sex is condoms. This emergency contraception comes in handy when you prefer to have a quickie with your partner in deserted places. If you plan to give a blow job to your partner, then you can even purchase flavored condoms of your choice.

Birth control pills and other medicines that can protect you from HIV and other infectious diseases is a must that needs to be added to this kit. It is always better to consult your doctor on the right type of medication that might be suitable to you.

Another important item that needs to go into your safe sex kit is Kleenex and oral dams. If you plan on having oral sex in the car, then you might require Kleenex to clean up after the mess. Similarly, oral or dental dams can be purchased and placed in your kit for future use. You might never know when the need arises.

Oral dams are made of vinyl or plastic and needs to be placed in the woman’s vagina. These even come in different flavors and prove to be of great use while performing cunnilingus on your partner. You need to apply a lubricant onto her vagina before placing these dams on her.

Adding Hand Sanitizers and Lotions to the Kit

Now that you have the basic essentials in the kit, you need to add a hand sanitizer in case you get your hands messy during oral sex. These Sanitizers are available in mini bottles and can be carried along wherever you go.

If you have a sensitive type of skin, then it is always better to purchase mild gels or lotions that can take away the sting from rashes or allergies.

Checking Compatibility With Your Partner Before Indulging In Sex

There is always a debate on the topic ‘when is the right time to have sex in new relationships’. The answer to this again depends on the personal opinion of the couple. Many couples prefer to be cautious and wait for a few months, so that they are well acquainted with their partners. In this article we will discuss about how to check whether you are compatible with your partner in terms of understanding and trust.

Creating Rapport is Important in Relationships

Personal relationships are based on love, trust and of course compatibility. If you do not get well with your partner, conflicts are likely to take place. There might be a difference in opinion, or both of you might not like each other’s lifestyle and much more.

First dates are always an eye opener to know where you stand with your partner. You can utilize such dates as an ice breaker to get to know more about each other. Bear in mind not to broach the topic of sex with your partner at the first meeting. They might get offended.

Begin with a simple conversation and discuss about a common topic which you both love. Make sure your date is comfortable and have the date set up in a public place. Do not boast much about yourself and make sure you listen to their part of the conversation too.

Resolving Issues with Your Partners

The best way to ensure that you have a long lasting relationship with your partner is to resolve any tension between you both. Instead of playing the blame game with each other, find some time to sit and discuss about the issues.

Apologizing about your faults will not hurt your ego. In fact, it will make you feel better. If you are facing financial issues, then it is always better to talk with your partner and come up with ways to tackle the situation. This will also give you an insight on how much emotional support they can provide you when you need your partner the most.

Give your partner a chance to explain themselves when you fight. Everybody has the right to have a fair share in the fight. This helps you to understand the weak points of each other and how you can try to overcome these weaknesses and start anew.

Let Your Partner Know How You Feel

If you feel that you are ready for a sexual relationship with your partner then let your partner know about this. They might still be under the impression that you are uncomfortable with them. There is no harm in making the first move.

Flirt and try to inject humor into your relationship. Be an active participant during sex and try to bring in a bit of adventure and spice up your love life. If you are uncomfortable with certain positions, let your partner know how you feel rather than keeping it within yourself. In new relationships, you might face issues in the beginning, but these minor hiccups will disappear when you understand each other better.

Sex Works Wonders In A Relationship

Sex is a biological and natural function and also a part of an individual’s sexuality. It is an emotional drive that is expressed in your desire for touching, warmth, love, tenderness, and eroticism. Sex is a natural gift that creates a possibility to synchronize energies, and physical intimacy that strengthens the human spirit. Sexuality impacts the quality of human life. Therefore, it is necessary to develop healthy sexual life and attain happiness.

Sex and relationship

Sex makes your relationship more intimate. It makes both feel closer and candid with one another. Couples share thoughts freely and openly. Committing in sexual bond is something beyond physical gratification. It intensifies your bonding and relationship. Research has displayed that lack of libido causes infidelity, divorce, and breakups in relationships. Sex promotes the feeling of assertion and understanding desired and needed by both.

Sex and health

The benefits of sex spread well outside the bedroom. Being in mood helps your health too.

Reduces stress – Libido elevates good emotional hormones that reduce irritability and offers you relaxation. People having a healthy sexual life respond well during stress conditions.

Lessens the depression – Cuts the depression because the endorphins overflowing in your brain during libido acts as a natural mood-enhancer and relaxant. It helps to overpower emotional grief and sadness. Even the blood pressure remains stable.

Boosts immunity – Immunoglobulin is an antibody necessary to protect you from the common cold and various infectious diseases. Couples having regular sex are reported to have high levels of IgA in comparison to people abstained altogether or rarely indulge in sex.

Burns calories – During libido the endorphins that are released assists to thwart cortisol, which makes your body cling to fat. 30 minutes of sexual activity burn approximately 150 calories. This is an enjoyable strategy to get into shape instead of aerobics and treadmills, which are boring.

Enhances heart health – Blood circulation is enhanced and all the parts of the body get oxygenated blood that refreshes the body cells and organs. Toxins are eliminated from the body and thus prevent fatigue and diseases.

Better self-esteem – A fulfilling sexual life boosts your confidence and satisfaction that consequently affects your health, relationship, and joy.

Decreases pain – The oxytocin produced due to libido reduces headaches, PMS symptoms, and arthritis pain. It acts as a natural pain killer.

Reduces the jeopardy of prostate cancer – Frequent ejaculation reduces the odds of developing prostate cancer.

Strong pelvic floor muscles – Sex strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic muscles reduce the probability of incontinence in the future.

Better sleep – The relaxing and peaceful feelings stimulated by endorphins after the appealing and spectacular sexual intercourse, equally helps those experiencing insomnia to sleep better.

Ward off ageing – Sex can be considered as your own fountain of youth. During intimacy collagen production elevates and tackles sagging, wrinkles and age spots.

Glow on the skin – Libido enhances the blood and oxygen supply leaving your skin hydrated and fresh. The toxins from the body are thrown out and thus offer a healthy glow from within, making you feel happy.

Sex is a magical way to maintain your health and relationship.

Sex During Pregnancy – Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Having sex during your first time pregnancy is a topic of concern for the couple. Several common questions that trouble the would-be parents are:

  • Will the baby in the womb get hurt, due to pressure?
  • Is there any danger of infection?
  • Will an orgasm cause premature childbirth and miscarriage?
  • Are there safe sexual positions?

These apprehensions cut down the sex drive of many couples.

Will libido hurt the baby?

When your gynaecologists confirm a normal, healthy pregnancy then there is no need to be anxious about having sex. However, it is best to stay away from libido during the early stages. The reason is that pregnant women are at a risk of miscarriage and infection during the 1st trimester. When you are pregnant, the womb is safely covered with amniotic sac that protects the baby. However, rough lovemaking can cause damage to the fetus.

Sex is not allowed during pregnancy if:

  • There are likelihoods of preterm labor
  • You had a miscarriage earlier
  • You have persistent vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • If the placenta lies over the cervix
  • History of cervical susceptibility

Changes in sex drive

During the 2nd trimester your sex drive increases typically as you experience improved energy and relief from morning sickness. This dramatic increase is due to hormonal changes. The estrogen and progesterone level amplifies in the blood stream. These changes include:

  • Increase in vaginal lubrication
  • Sensitivity of breast and nipples increases
  • Enhanced blood supply to the pelvic region

The added curves around the breasts, hips, and stomach contribute to feeling sexy during pregnancy.

When does a pregnant woman feel down?

Even if it is a normal pregnancy, the situation is tough on her body and emotions. Occasionally, it is challenging for the body to generate necessary hormones for arousal because it is regulating the health of both mother and baby. More blood has to be produced to develop new organs of the baby and during that time you do not experience libido. In the 3rd trimester sex drive can drop again because your tummy gets larger.

The safe sex positions during pregnancy

Once the tummy starts developing sex can become uncomfortable, if he lies on top. Several positions are comfortable including side by side, spooning, and woman on top.

Is anal or oral sex safe during pregnancy?

‘Oral sex’ is safe during pregnancy, but make sure that your partner does not blow inside the vagina. It can cause an air bubble that can block a blood vessel causing an air embolism, which can be fatal for the baby and the mother. It is better to evade anal sex to be on the safer side instead of experiencing risky complications.

Will orgasms activate premature labor?

Basically, during orgasms you experience mild uterine contractions. Even after pregnancy it is no different. These contractions can last longer than the usual because of the increase in uterus size. Women, who have a higher risk of preterm labor and are suggested bed rest, must avoid orgasm or uterine stimulation.

Effect Of Premature Ejaculations On Relationships

Suffering from sexual issues can be quite frustrating and can leave you embarrassed in front of your partner. One of the most common sexual issues that many of the men face is premature ejaculations. Over here, men ejaculate before they reach climax. This condition can happen to anyone anywhere.

Causes for Premature Ejaculation

One cannot pin point the actual cause of premature ejaculation. It might differ from one person to another. Most of it is basically psychological. Depression, performance anxiety especially if you are indulging in sex with your partner for the first time, work pressures or stress can be a contributing factor to premature ejaculation.

Men experiencing premature ejaculation might become aloof and keep away from their partners. If the woman has no clue on the sudden mood swings of their partner, the relationship might soon start going downhill.

In extreme cases, women might start looking at different partners to fulfil their sexual cravings. This can also cause rifts and misunderstandings in relationships leading to break up or divorces. That is why it becomes extremely crucial for partners to talk about such issues with their partners so that this condition can be treated as soon as possible.

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is treated after determining the root cause of the condition. If the cause is psychological, then doctors might recommend counselling. Another effective treatment for curing premature ejaculation revolves around men learning the art of masturbating.

Masturbating can help men to control their ejaculations. You can even combine this with kegeling. Here men need to expand and contract their PC muscle that is located near the pubic bone. You might need to repeat this exercise regularly.

Many of the doctors even recommend the use of creams to cure premature ejaculations. These creams help in desensitizing the sexual sensations in men so that they can last longer in bed. Ensure that you are not allergic to these medications since it can cause a lot of discomfort to the penis.

Tips to Last Longer in Bed

There are a lot of ways to maintain longer and harder erections so that you are able to give your partner multiple orgasms. An effective tool is exercises it can range from kegeling, jelqing or a simple massage that is sure to offer positive results on your sexual health.

One of the best methods of curing premature ejaculations is squeezing. Ensure that your penis is fully erect and hard, while performing this exercise. When you feel that you are about to ejaculate, squeeze the tip of your penis and stop the semen from spilling out. You might feel uncomfortable for a few days until you get a hang of this exercise.

Try out different sexual positions with your partner. Time your thrusts properly. You can go in for slow strokes that are sure to blow your partner’s mind off. If you feel that you are about to ejaculate before your partner and embarrass yourself, pull out and think of anything that is not sexual. When your penis begins to soften, begin again.

Arouse Your Women With Just Your Fingers

Many women love to get fingered by their partners. Though, many might not be willing to talk about it, but when fingered the right way, it helps women achieve mind blowing orgasms. In this article we will discuss on how to finger your partners in the right way so that they are able to achieve multiple orgasms but just your fingers.

The Right Way to Finger

If you are really determined to please your partner, then the first lesson you might need to learn is to use your fingers in the right way. Bear in mind that a woman’s vagina is sensitive and is easily prone to infections or other sexual diseases.

First and foremost you need to wash your hands and ensure that your nails are clipped. You do not want your partner to catch any urinary tract infections. Long nails can easily cut the skin making fingering a painful experience rather than a pleasurable one.

Make use of lubricants so that it can enhance the sexual pleasure. Sex toys are also a good option since it can also be use for foreplay. You can even make use of any water based lubricants and apply them gently over your partner’s erotic zones.

Different Types of Fingering Methods

There are basically two types of fingering methods. One is the Clamp Fingering Technique. In this method you need to make use of your thumb to stimulate the clitoris, while your index and the middle finger stimulate the G-spot. Ensure that you talk to your partner where she is comfortable with two fingers inside her. You might need to begin slowly and build the pressure when you feel that she is enjoying it.

The second technique is the Two Fingered Clamp Technique. Here, your partner needs to have her back to you. You then need to guide your hand towards her vagina and use your thumb and fingers to stimulate her G- spot.

Tips to Help Her Achieve Maximum Pleasures

It is true that women take longer than men to achieve orgasms. You might need to be extremely patient if you really want to rock her world with mind blowing orgasms. While many of the men might be of the belief that the clitoris is the centre of sexual pleasure for women, this is not the case. The outer and inner lips of the vagina can also help achieve the desired results.

The best way to stimulate the clitoris is in a circular motion. Ensure that your thumb rubs in and around the nub, while your fingers continue the same motion on the G-spot. You will know that she is highly aroused when she rotates her hips or pushes herself into your hands.

While stimulating her vagina, ask her what she likes and how she would like you to finger her. In this way you might get to know what she likes and it can also help to improve the sexual chemistry in the relationship.

Communication in relationships is a major plus point, since it can help in understanding partners better. If your partner is shy, encourage her to talk so that she will be able to experience more pleasures during sexual intercourse.

You Won’t Have To Ask For – She Herself Would Initiate It

Why is it like most of the times you guys only need to initiate sex, or ask your women for her permissions? Why can’t they be the caller?

You might think that being a man you always need to take the initiatives, and so is the case here too. Yet, deep inside, most of you wish that your woman could ask you for it. You would then, love to please her with all your efforts, and furnish her with ecstasy. Isn’t it, guys? Hence, if you really wish that to come true tonight, you need to try few effective tips.

Giving Her A Sensual Massage

She might have few ‘reasons’ to turn down your attempts and your sexual moves. Now, that needn’t demoralize you. All you need to do instead is to stop trying your usual moves and go for a different tactic.

‘A sensual massage’, how does that sound? After her long tiring day, when she is with you in the bedroom, that can be the perfect thing you can do to loosen her and to make her feel special. By the way, she would hardly expect it.

Hence, you may shop for a bottle of a scented massage oil, and offer to furnish her with a relaxing massage tonight. Let her undress herself, and let the massage too be non-sexual. Just few pampering strokes from her neck to her butt, are needed. The massage-effect might be surprising for you, as she might readily get turned-on, start making her moves, and might try to return your favors too.

Some Chocolate Body Paint To Paint Each Other

It seems you have already shopped for such an edible paint. Great! Be assured that things are going to be real fun.

Women, they love doing intimated things. Hence, if you just let her chocolate-paint your body, she wouldn’t only be gladly doing it, but she would also get in the mood gradually. Anyways, did somebody ask you to just be a passive participator?

You may also do the same to her, the way you would like to. Is it required to tell you that you need to focus on her erogenous zones specially? Anyways, by the time you both are done displaying your artistic skills, you both would be in the mood. What’s next? Just let it go, just taste that more chocolaty paint on each other’s body, and let the things go as it need to be.

A Shower Together

It was a hectic day for both of you. How about a shower together, for a rejuvenating experience, and for getting in the mood too with that?

Just hoping in the shower or bathing together can well unwind and relax both of you. However, that’s not your only motive, right? Hence, you can make the best use of the moment, and get her in the mood, in the meantime. Just let your hands go through her curves, linger over it, and let you soapy hands explore her body. You will see the desired effect soon.

They Set Amazing Sex Records Now It’s Your Turn

Everything is going fine, and you both have been enjoying the pleasure of the session together. It’s been around few minutes, more than the usual, and suddenly something strikes your mind. All of a sudden, you think of setting your own record, while testing your limits, of pleasing her without shedding your loads that is without ejaculating.

Finally, you did it, and the clock says that this has been your best shot, the longest number of minutes that you could hold.

There’s nothing new with these ideas of checking your own potential, testing your limits, and being happy with your very own respectable record. Most of the couples do these, and they share the victory together. Anyways, there have also been numerous other such kinds of records.

People are crazy you know, especially in the context of their sexual potential and strength. Hence, they have always been setting new records. Now, for the next time, you might get an idea, of testing a new aspect, from one of these records. Enjoy knowing about those crazy and fascinating records, and yes do try your own limits too with those.

The Fastest Orgasms

Have you ever tried yours? Did you guys notice the time duration, when you achieved it the fastest, and when you did it multiple times within an hour? If you have never tried those, try it sometimes, it’s actually fun.

You might be surprised to know that the fastest-orgasm record of a woman is merely 2 to 5 seconds, and that too with just penile insertion. That is really fast, isn’t it? Is your woman too that easy to please? Besides, as far as you guys are concerned, there hasn’t been any single man’s record, as of such. However, as per different studies, 25 percent of guys could manage achieving it within a minute. Of those, 6 percent were able to do that within 10 seconds.

The Most Number of Orgasms within An Hour

Again, for the maximum number of orgasms within an hour, there’s a woman who enjoyed an amazing 134 orgasms. Lucky woman, she is. On a different note, this record makes it quite clear that it isn’t that difficult to make a woman achieve orgasms, when your techniques are effective.

The guy on the other hand achieved 16 of those within an hour, and that too is a great job. Isn’t it? By the way, what’s your minimum time?

How Far Did That Go

It’s really satisfying to watch yourself ejaculating further. Somewhere, it makes you proud of your sexual potential, and you like that. Hence, with that feeling, a woman tried to test her limit, and amazingly she had set a record of furthest ejaculation with a distance of almost 9’29”.

Yet another guy Horst Schultz, had set the record for furthest ejaculation, and the amazing distance was 18’9”. Can you believe it? Anyways, what has been your longest one? You may give it a try sometimes, and see if you can actually beat that?

So That She Too Wants More And More Sex

Well, the list of complaints that men have, from their women, is usually quite long. No wonder, since it has always been quite tough to understand the complex mind of women. Anyways, one of the common complaints that most men have is that their women aren’t into sex as they are. They don’t want it as much and as frequent as they do.

Of course, it can be due to some issues like lack of libido, health problems, psychological issues, or even due to issues in their relationships. However, even if one is in a happy relationship, with a healthy state of mind and body, there have always been chances of less interest in making love.

Good news is you as a man can always play a significant role in letting her desire more and more sessions of love-making. Its up-to you how you perform, how you make it a memorable experience for her that she will savor, wish to return the favor, and of course will want more and more of it frequently. Hence, if you actually wish her to be equally active and desirable for sex, then a few effective tips might prove to be of great help for you.

Foreplay They Love It but Let It Not Be Too Long

They love men who are patient enough to focus on them, the pleasure they get, and to make them feel easy, rather than who directly rush for penetrations. C’mon man, why have you always been in a hurry to get inside her? Take some time to explore her body, to please and to tantalize her, and to prepare her physically and psychologically for the upcoming session.

Now, this little effort in foreplay will enhance the pleasure that she gets of the session. Needless to mention, when she has it what she has always expected from you, chances are high that soon she will ask for it all over again.

The point to be concerned about here is that even foreplays need to be in limits, and the techniques need to be changing. Often, men make it too long and that too with repetitive techniques. Now, that is something most women would never want, isn’t it?

Know Her Switches and Use It Often

There is a whole long list of the switches or the erogenous zones in women’s bodies. From their feet, thighs, butt, stomach, nipples, to neck, etc., there are numerous of those. Of course, these are highly sensitive zones, and most women love being teased, ‘played’ and aroused with those. However, the point is, knowing the most sensitive ones of your woman.

Every woman has some specific body parts that are the most sensitive ones for them. Like for few, it can be their nipples, for some it can be their thighs etc. You need to know what’s specific to your woman, and once you know that you need to use that often.

Let Her Rule Sometimes

Yes, they too want to be on the drivers’ seat sometimes. Hence, at times its best to let her take the control in the bedroom, and let things go as per her wishes.

Best Sexual intimacy Guidelines For Men

Intimacy is not just one night stand it is more than sex. Sexual intimacy takes place, when there is a physical and emotional bonding. Having one-night stand means having meaningless sex. Dreaming about having relationship with the one who is uninterested will be like feeding your outlook of low self-esteem.

You too have a normal need of feeling special and loved. Allow others to get familiar with you and put yourself in situations, where you have the strength to take care of yourself. Learn from your mistakes and believe in them.

Romance can pilot to sex. Romantic feelings towards your partner are essential to experience sexual intimacy. This comes through words and actions. Making them feel extraordinary and valued.

Expressing simple gestures are more romantic then the expensive gifts for example giving a hand in cleaning or helping in shopping can often be more passionate than pricey gestures.

Some great intimacy guidelines for men

  1. Personal hygiene: Always brush your teeth, mouthwash or chew a mint before dating. Bath and wear clean clothes, look neat and smart. Never forget to shave because she may get raked in the face and thighs during sexual intimacy.
  2. Kiss first: Start with the lips and not her erogenous zones. A proper passionate kiss is crucial for foreplay before sex.
  3. Never undress her clumsily: Women loathe looking stupid, so undress her gracefully and not like a kid’s toy.
  4. Don’t undress in advance: Let her make an attempt to undress you. Stop stripping off hastily.
  5. About wringing her breasts: Always caress her breasts and tenderly play with them not like you are testing a melon, whether it is ripe or not.
  6. About teething her nipples: Nipples are very sensitive. They cannot stand to teething. Suck and lick them gently. Never clamp on the nipples but flick your tongue and that will make her feel good.
  7. About wiggling her nipples: Using your finger and thumb stop twiddling the nipples like you are turning a knob around.
  8. Don’t massage roughly: Giving a sensual massage means it must be relaxing and soothing to elevate her mood. Use your hands and fingertips sensually.
  9. Don’t shout instructions: Encouraging her means not barking like a coach. Be calm and soothingly guide her.
  10. Don’t get infatuated with the vagina: You can hurt her down there, if you are not vigilant. So do not get carried away but lightly slip your finger inside. Keep watch on her body language and make sure she likes it then proceed.
  11. Don’t go fast: Once inside the vagina don’t pump your penis vigorously like a power engine but build up slowly and move up and down steadily but also use your hands and lips to boost her.
  12. Don’t overlook the other body parts: A woman is not made of breast villa and vagina tunnel but has many other erogenous areas that must also be caressed. Bombing her tunnel is not ideal. Pay attention to all the other parts and make her feel special that you love every inch of her body.
  13. Don’t ask if she is ready: Mostly woman are vocal and you can tell but if you are confused then avoid asking on the spot for the first time. Later on you can bring it up during a normal communication.
  14. Don’t experiment unexpectedly: Using various sex positions suddenly will make her shy away. So talk with her and if she is comfortable go ahead.