Orgasms Occur When The Body Is Tensed And The Mind Is Relaxed

Women take time to reach orgasm than men. You need to be extremely patient when it comes to pleasuring your women. Want to know how to achieve this? The answer is quite simple. All you need to do is press the right buttons and ensure that she is completely relaxed.

Tensing of the PC Muscles Help in Orgasm

Orgasms in women begin with the tensing of the PC muscles. When a woman is completely aroused, you might see some areas of her body tensing for welcoming her orgasm. Some women might clench their buttock or abdominal muscles, while some might clench muscles in some other parts of their body.

This is a common tactic that most of the women follow, which men fail to notice. When going down on her or fingering her, you need to notice these subtle signs and increase your speed accordingly. This will make her orgasms three times more powerful.

In addition to tensing, she also needs to be mentally relaxed. Many women feel anxious or stressed thinking that they will not be able to please their partners. In doing so, she might find it difficult to reach orgasm and enjoying the whole experience.

Kegeling Your Way to Orgasms

If you and your partner want to prolong your sexual experience, then there are different methods that can be helpful for you. One of the most popular methods is by kegeling. Kegeling involves strengthening of your PC muscles by expanding and contracting them.

Other benefits of kegeling for both men and women include:

  • It can help in reducing urinary inconsistence
  • It can also help in preventing rectal, uterine and vaginal prolapse
  • Kegel exercises can also help in strengthening the nerves and sphincter of the prostate in men
  • It helps men get better control over their erection and ejaculation

Relaxation an Important Element during Sex

It is very difficult to tense and relax at the same time when it comes to sexual activities. When your partner is completely relaxed and trusts you to please her, then both of you will enjoy the sexual experience.

Women who find it hard to relax need to stop worrying and think about all the fantastic things their partner is doing for them. Men can help by communicating with their partner. Dirty sex talk can work wonders on one’s libido.

It can help to build the sexual tension and get your partner wondering of all the naughty things that you might want to do to her. Begin with foreplay and take things slowly. Familiarize yourself with her body and just go with the flow. Bear in mind, your ultimate goal is enjoying the experience rather than reaching your climax. You can even try out new oral techniques and build onto the momentum.

Try out new ways to please your partner. Ensure that she stays relaxed and does not get tensed or anxious, if she is not able to reach her climax. Your support and trust is all that she needs to propel her forward to reach her peak.