Multiplying Your Woman’s Orgasms By Locating Her A–Spot

Never heard of the A-spot? Well, you are not alone. Like you, many men have no clue about what is the A-spot. The A-spot is nothing but one of the erogenous zones situated inside the vagina. If you really want to score with your woman about sex, then learning about the A-spot is a good way to begin.

Introduction to the A-spot

Another name for A-spot is Deep Spot or the AFE Zone. This is a very sensitive tissue and is located behind the G-spot. If you probe further than the G-spot while inserting, you will come across a pouch area, which is where the A-spot is located.

Many people feel this is equivalent to the male prostate. The best way to stimulate this spot would be from the rectum rather than the vagina.

Many women cannot reach orgasm even when their G-spot is stimulated. When you stimulate the A-spot, it helps the vagina to lubricate quickly and give women one of the best and mind blowing orgasm.

Getting the Technique Right for A-spot Stimulation

Now that you have a bird’s eye view about the A-spot, you now need to know how to stimulate it and derive the maximum pleasure out of it. If you have already figured out where your partner’s G-spot is, then finding the A-spot might be easier for you. If not, you might need to continue probing until you find the G-spot and then the A-spot, which is, further deeper.

The A-spot can be stimulated by following the below technique

  • Insert your index and middle finger into the vagina
  • You palm should face up and you fingers should be curled like a hook
  • Apply a little pressure to her upper vaginal walls
  • Massage her A-spot a bit firmly until you feel her vagina lubricating

Using Accessories to Enhance Your Sexual Experience

Why only fingers for stimulation? You can even make use of sex toys to add a bit of adventure to your otherwise boring sexual relationship. If you are unable to locate your partner’s A-spot, then you can invest in some wonderful sex toys that are designed exclusively for such purposes.

Toys such as vibrators or dildos provide the right amount of pressure to the erogenous zones. She will not know what hit her. Many of the sex toys that are available are battery operated so you do not have to worry about the amount of pressure that you need to apply manually.

Another important point when it comes to sex is communicating with your partner. Sex is not only about pleasuring one another and then reaching climax. It is also about understanding the needs of your partner and trying your best to fulfil it.

When it comes to her sensitive spot, you need to be careful here. Talk it out before you finger her. Ask her to point out if she feels uncomfortable and wants you to discontinue. The main point here is that you both need to trust each other completely.