Make Sex Exciting By Focusing On Pleasing Each Other Rather Than Climaxing

Is your sexual relationship with your partner going downhill? Then why not do something about it rather than go with the flow? The basic aim of sex is not just reaching your climax, rolling off on the other side, and going to sleep. There is more to it than physical intimacy. It is the emotional bond, which you share with your partner.

Competing Can Create Negative Impact on Relationships

Sex is not a race. There is no winner and loser. It is a give and take relationship. Men generally feel embarrassed or depressed if they climax before their partners. It is a matter of male ego. What will their partner think of them? Are they weak?

There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you ejaculate first. You can control your erections by many ways. If you consider sex as a competition, it can sure to bring a negative impact on your relationship:

  • You will always be focused on not climaxing before your partner
  • You might completely neglect your partner’s desire of pleasuring you
  • Sex will always be mind over heart i.e. robotic or monotonous
  • After a period of time, both of you might get bored and prefer not doing the deed at all
  • This can also lead to infidelity or break ups

Improving Sexual Relationships by Taking Turns Pleasing Each Other

Many couples feel that climaxing together is the ingredient to mind blowing sex. Such people need a reality check. It is very difficult to climax together as the arousal time for men and women differ. Men get aroused faster than women do. Women need time to get aroused, and by that time, you might already be at the edge of losing your control.

A better go at improving your sexual relationship is by oral sex. Forget reaching climax together, focus more on how to please one another and rekindle the romance in your relationship. There are many sexual positions that can be used to satisfy your partner.

Familiarize yourselves with each other’s body and learn the erotic zones. You can even decorate your bedroom with perfumed candles and dim the lights to create the perfect ambience for your sexual endeavours.

Ways to Delay Orgasms and Last Longer in Bed

If you suffer from premature ejaculations and are looking at ways of controlling it, then the below tips might be useful to you:

  • Penile exercise such as jelqing or kegeling can help in strengthening your PC muscle and help you get better control over your ejaculations
  • Eating a healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables
  • Limiting your alcohol consumption and quitting smoking

Enjoy the time that you spend with your partner. Try to come up with different ways and means to pleasure each other. If both of you are adventurous, you can even use sex toys and experiment with each other. Surrender yourself in the hands of your partner. This can also help in building trust by telling you how much your partner trusts you during sex.