Live Her Female Fantasies By Making Them A Reality

All of us have some sort of sexual fantasies that we want our partners to fulfil. How many of us really get a chance to carry out our sexual fantasies? A few of us right. Well, how about you get a chance to be a part of your partner’s sexual fantasy.

Fetishes are Nothing to be Ashamed Of

Sexual fetishes are not in your control. It is common human behaviour. Sexual fetish is described as getting aroused by different parts of the body, objects or activities that are generally not associated with sex. This fetish is strongly embedded into a person’s mind and can be fulfilled if one has a cooperative partner.

Women too have sexual fetishes or fantasies, which they might not share. This might be because she might be ashamed of it or might worry what her partner would think of her. Fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of. It is natural to get bored of the same and monotonous sex and sometimes change is a blessing in disguise.

Many couples enjoy sharing their sexual fantasies with one another. Fetishes can range from fixation of feet, legs, armpits to enacting role-plays in different scenarios. If your woman too has a sexual fetish, then you might want to ask her about it and try your best to fulfil it.

Common and Popular Fetishes of Women

Every woman at some point of her life might have thought of the below listed fetishes. You too might be inquisitive in knowing what these fetishes are and how you can go about fulfilling these and giving a completely new meaning to your sexual relationship.

  • Dominance
  • Shoes
  • Nails
  • Leather
  • Hair

Women love men, who are strong and well toned, but you will be surprised to know that some women love to have a macho man in a submissive state. This gives them the opportunity to be in control and you too can have a time of your life enacting this.

Some men are obsessed with a woman’s’ feet. Their shape and size arouses them. Similarly, some women do fantasize about having sex with nothing but shoes on. How erotic is that?

Nails, on the other hand too can arouse men. Imagine bright red coloured nails running down you back when you bring her to orgasm. Leather is a sexual turn on for both men and women. Leather cuffs, pants, skirts, corsets or boots can be used to get the right sexual response from your partner.

Women love their hair. Some women even visualize themselves being pulled at by their hair during sex. They might not admit it, but this is definitely one of their most common sexual fetishes.

Tattoos and Body Piercings

Some women are obsessed with tattoos and piercings. It goes with their “naughty girl” image. Many women in fact have piercings done on their eyebrows, navel, tongue and genitals.

During oral sex and penetration, the mouth or penis running over their piercings help in enhancing a woman’s libido level. Tattoos on the other hand make them feel bold and adventurous.