Giving Mind Blowing Orgasms To Your Partner By Stimulating Her G-Spot

Pleasing women is a dilemma many men face when they indulge in sexual activities. If you are in a new relationship, the first time is a testing time for you not only about your sexual performance, but also with your ability to entice your partner and bring her to a mind blowing climax.

The Key Ingredient to Arouse Women

Not all women have the same erogenous zones that you can target and help her achieve orgasm. While the simplest of touch might arouse some women, others might have you really sweat it out.

Here is where you need to spend some time learning about your partner’s body. What she loves, what triggers off her arousal etc. Experiment and indulge in a lot of foreplay. Fondle her breasts lick her shoulders, plant kisses beginning from her face all the way down to her stomach. Stay clear from her vagina.

Build up the sexual tension gradually. Try out different ways to bring her to the brink of orgasm, but not really letting her go off the edge.

Targeting Her Clitoris

When aroused, a woman’s clitoris swells in size due to increased blood flow and becomes more sensitive to touch. If you plan on bringing your woman to a mind blowing orgasm that she might never forget, then you need to first concentrate onto her clitoris. You can achieve this by:

  • Oral stimulation
  • Rubbing her clitoris with your fingers and slowing inserting your fingers into her vagina
  • Using sex toys to enhance the sexual pleasure

Keep the stimulation light and easy. Increasing too much pressure onto the clitoris might make her uncomfortable. Set a pace and slowly and steadily improve on your speed.

Communication is important here. In between pleasuring her, ask her what she likes and whether the pace set by you is ok with her or not.

G-Spot and Stimulation

This might require a bit of hardwork and patience from your side. Locating the G-spot is tough. Many woman themselves are unable to locate it. The G-spot is located about halfway between the cervix and the opening.

It is shaped like a bean and is made up of nerve endings. It feels a little rough to touch upon stimulation. Practice makes a man perfect, so you might need to have several trial and error sessions with your partner before you finally hit your target.

To begin with, slowly insert your fingers inside the vagina and crook it in the shape of a hook. Gently keep probing further in the same position. If you hit the spot, she will let you know through her action.

You can even try stimulating the G-spot during sexual intercourse. Doggy style would be the apt position for this. When you enter from behind, ensure that your penis touches her G-spot. Make sure that in this position, her weight rests on her elbows and not on her hands.

If you do not get it the first time, do not be depressed about it. There will always be a next time and one fine day you will be successful in getting her to one of the best orgasms she has ever had.