Getting Your Partner To Squirt By Following Simple Tips

You might have heard about squirting by reading articles or from your friends, who have had partners who could squirt. Squirting is nothing but female ejaculation. This is a very controversial topic since many people feel that woman cannot ejaculate and squirting is just peeing. This is so not true.

Overview of Squirting

For those of you who do not know what squirting is all about, it is time to put your reading glasses on. When women feel aroused and get an orgasm, they eject a slightly opaque or clear liquid. Many people mistake this for urine or vaginal lubrication.

While vaginal lubrication is produced inside the vagina, this clear liquid is produced from inside glands that surround a women’s urethra. All women can squirt provided you know your way around on how to bring her to squirting orgasms.

If this topic got you interested, then you might be itching to know how you can bring your partner to squirt. Well, before we get into that, you first need to make sure that your partner is comfortable with squirting in front of you. Many women might feel shy or nervous squirting the first time.

Indulge in a Lot of Foreplay

We all know that women take a lot of time to get aroused. You need to be patient and indulge in a lot of foreplay before you are ready to give your partner her first squirting orgasm. Begin by making her comfortable. Caresses, hugs and kisses might help in bringing down her nervousness.

Bear in mind that when your partner squirts there are chances that she might pee a little. This might be one of the reasons she might refrain from trying out squirting. You might want to cajole her and tell her that you are comfortable with her peeing.

Ensure that your partner drinks lots of water and takes a trip to the bathroom to relieve her bladder. This way she will be assured that her bladder is empty and she might get comfortable.

G- Spot is Where it All Begins

Yes, it all starts with the G-spot. Now that your partner is comfortable and aroused, you need to take things slowly. You need to locate her G-spot and stimulate it the right way to get her moaning in delight.

You can stimulate the G-spot in the following ways:

  • G-spot is located about 2-3 inches at the front wall, between the pubic bone and the vagina
  • Insert two fingers inside her vagina and press against the front wall
  • Make use of the pads of the fingers rather than the tips
  • Slightly curl your fingers so that you feel the pressure building inside the G-spot
  • If she is still unable to squirt, you can try pressing your free hand between her pubic bone and stomach

Squirting orgasms are generally intense especially if your partner has had hers for the first time. She definitely would want to know how you felt about her “performance”. Cuddle her in your arms and murmur sweet nothings to her. Tell her how brilliant she was and how proud she made you feel today. You will definitely make her day and she might even reward you in return.