Targeting Your Woman’s Pleasure Spots And Arousing Her

A major task for any man is bringing their women to orgasm. It is well known fact that women take long time to orgasm, as they need to be highly aroused. This can sometimes be frustrating for men as they might be on the brink of losing their control and do not want to embarrass their women by ejaculating first.

Understanding Your Woman’s Body

First and foremost rule of any sexual foreplay is to understand what triggers your partner’s primitive responses. This might differ from one woman to another. Sex is not about trying to compete with each other to see, who will reach their climax first. It is all about enjoying the overall experiences.

Many men fail to understand their partner’s needs and preferences leading to unsatisfactory sex. Your partner will never tell you that she was unsatisfied for the fear of making you sad. She loves you and if you are happy, she is too. This said, don’t you think you need to reciprocate this feeling by putting her needs and desires first before yours?

Forget what your friends or books have thought you about pleasuring women, try to learn by yourself. Create a relaxed atmosphere in your house and begin your ministrations. It does not always have to begin in bed. If you know her pleasure points, you can begin even while watching TV or eating popcorn.

Pleasure Triggering Points in Women

Women are very sensitive. So, you need to take advantage here. When it comes to pleasure triggering points, you would like to begin with:

  • Arms
  • Belly
  • Breasts
  • Ears
  • Cheeks

Touching or caressing your woman’s arms might not be termed as erotic, but can convey a lot of other things. It shows her that you care and you do not want her for only sexual pleasures. You can begin by massaging her arms while she is seated and slowly replace your hands with your mouth and tongue.

Ah, the belly. The navel of a woman can really turn on a man. You can use your fingers to give feather light touches to her navel and slowly place your hands on her stomach. You can actually feel her quivering when you swirl your tongue on her stomach or draw circles on her stomach.

Suckling and fondling her breasts can give her pleasure, but for once, why not fix your focus on the underside of her breasts. Blow air onto her breasts, so that her nipples stand erect. Slowly lick your way down the underside of her breasts.

Licking of ears or cheeks can also add to her sexual excitement. Blowing air into her ears or nibbling them can create wonderful sensations in her. You can even concentrate on her hair, face, nose and other parts of the face to get better reactions.

Erotic Massaging During Sex

Your partner is tired after a hectic day at work. Why not give her a full body massage. Keep all the fragrant oils and towels ready before you begin the show. Make her lie on the bed on her stomach and slowly and steadily massage away the knots on her neck and body.

Once she is relaxed, you can focus your attention to her lower back and massage your way down to her genitals. She is sure to get aroused and be ready for a round of hot steamy sex with you.

Spice Up Your Sexual Relationships By Trying Out These Sizzling Tips

Are you depressed because you are not able to spend quality time with your partner? Maintaining a relationship is not easy. In today’s modern day, it is very difficult to spend quality time with your partner, due to hectic word schedules, but that does not mean we do not try to make time for them.

Bringing your Sex Life Back on Track

Making an effort from your part can actually make a big difference to your personal relationships. You cannot simply go up to your partner when they are sitting and say “Hey honey, let’s have sex!” First and foremost, sex is merely not doing the “ultimate thing”. There is more to this.

Sex is about sharing an intimate relationship with your partner not just physically, but emotionally too. It is all above making love. If you are in a mood for some hot and steamy sex, that does not mean, your partner too should agree to it.

You might need to coax them into this. How to do this? Foreplay is the word. While watching TV, or reading a book, go up to your partner, sit next to them and talk about their day. Slowly begin to set the pace for your sexual advances.

For a woman, kissing, cuddling or hugging her might thwart her a bit and she might slowly get into the mood. Women take a lot time to climax compared to men, so you might need to be patient with her.

Step Out of the Boring Routine and Try Something New

You definitely do not like to do monotonous work, and you want to try out new and different things. Then why not show the same treatment to your sex life. This might be one of the reasons, why your partner does not look interested in sex.

Some of the best ways to rekindle and add spice to your sex life would be by:

  • Trying out new and different sex positions
  • Try being a bit adventurous and if your partner is comfortable, you can purchase some sex toys and try them out with each other
  • Do not limit your sexual conquests to your bedroom. There are different places in your home, which has still not caught your attention. Experiment and find out.
  • In addition to sex toys, you can even bring in food such as whipped cream with chocolates or chocolate sauce, cherries or strawberries and use these to feed each other blindfolded.

Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you want to try out something new with your partner, do not hesitate to ask. For all you know, she too might like the idea. If you do not communicate with her, how will you know? Secondly, ensure that both of you enjoy your sexual experience. Bring in light and fun games into the picture. Indulge in role-plays or go kinky with each other.

Give each other a massage and work out the tension knots from your arms and neck. Set the right ambience to create a sensual mood. Later on, you can convert a normal massage to a sensual massage, but getting to each other’s erotic zones.

Ensure that you are well groomed and have had a shower at least before trying such stuff with your partner. No one likes to indulge in sex with a smelly or unhygienic partner.

Orgasms Occur When The Body Is Tensed And The Mind Is Relaxed

Women take time to reach orgasm than men. You need to be extremely patient when it comes to pleasuring your women. Want to know how to achieve this? The answer is quite simple. All you need to do is press the right buttons and ensure that she is completely relaxed.

Tensing of the PC Muscles Help in Orgasm

Orgasms in women begin with the tensing of the PC muscles. When a woman is completely aroused, you might see some areas of her body tensing for welcoming her orgasm. Some women might clench their buttock or abdominal muscles, while some might clench muscles in some other parts of their body.

This is a common tactic that most of the women follow, which men fail to notice. When going down on her or fingering her, you need to notice these subtle signs and increase your speed accordingly. This will make her orgasms three times more powerful.

In addition to tensing, she also needs to be mentally relaxed. Many women feel anxious or stressed thinking that they will not be able to please their partners. In doing so, she might find it difficult to reach orgasm and enjoying the whole experience.

Kegeling Your Way to Orgasms

If you and your partner want to prolong your sexual experience, then there are different methods that can be helpful for you. One of the most popular methods is by kegeling. Kegeling involves strengthening of your PC muscles by expanding and contracting them.

Other benefits of kegeling for both men and women include:

  • It can help in reducing urinary inconsistence
  • It can also help in preventing rectal, uterine and vaginal prolapse
  • Kegel exercises can also help in strengthening the nerves and sphincter of the prostate in men
  • It helps men get better control over their erection and ejaculation

Relaxation an Important Element during Sex

It is very difficult to tense and relax at the same time when it comes to sexual activities. When your partner is completely relaxed and trusts you to please her, then both of you will enjoy the sexual experience.

Women who find it hard to relax need to stop worrying and think about all the fantastic things their partner is doing for them. Men can help by communicating with their partner. Dirty sex talk can work wonders on one’s libido.

It can help to build the sexual tension and get your partner wondering of all the naughty things that you might want to do to her. Begin with foreplay and take things slowly. Familiarize yourself with her body and just go with the flow. Bear in mind, your ultimate goal is enjoying the experience rather than reaching your climax. You can even try out new oral techniques and build onto the momentum.

Try out new ways to please your partner. Ensure that she stays relaxed and does not get tensed or anxious, if she is not able to reach her climax. Your support and trust is all that she needs to propel her forward to reach her peak.

Multiplying Your Woman’s Orgasms By Locating Her A–Spot

Never heard of the A-spot? Well, you are not alone. Like you, many men have no clue about what is the A-spot. The A-spot is nothing but one of the erogenous zones situated inside the vagina. If you really want to score with your woman about sex, then learning about the A-spot is a good way to begin.

Introduction to the A-spot

Another name for A-spot is Deep Spot or the AFE Zone. This is a very sensitive tissue and is located behind the G-spot. If you probe further than the G-spot while inserting, you will come across a pouch area, which is where the A-spot is located.

Many people feel this is equivalent to the male prostate. The best way to stimulate this spot would be from the rectum rather than the vagina.

Many women cannot reach orgasm even when their G-spot is stimulated. When you stimulate the A-spot, it helps the vagina to lubricate quickly and give women one of the best and mind blowing orgasm.

Getting the Technique Right for A-spot Stimulation

Now that you have a bird’s eye view about the A-spot, you now need to know how to stimulate it and derive the maximum pleasure out of it. If you have already figured out where your partner’s G-spot is, then finding the A-spot might be easier for you. If not, you might need to continue probing until you find the G-spot and then the A-spot, which is, further deeper.

The A-spot can be stimulated by following the below technique

  • Insert your index and middle finger into the vagina
  • You palm should face up and you fingers should be curled like a hook
  • Apply a little pressure to her upper vaginal walls
  • Massage her A-spot a bit firmly until you feel her vagina lubricating

Using Accessories to Enhance Your Sexual Experience

Why only fingers for stimulation? You can even make use of sex toys to add a bit of adventure to your otherwise boring sexual relationship. If you are unable to locate your partner’s A-spot, then you can invest in some wonderful sex toys that are designed exclusively for such purposes.

Toys such as vibrators or dildos provide the right amount of pressure to the erogenous zones. She will not know what hit her. Many of the sex toys that are available are battery operated so you do not have to worry about the amount of pressure that you need to apply manually.

Another important point when it comes to sex is communicating with your partner. Sex is not only about pleasuring one another and then reaching climax. It is also about understanding the needs of your partner and trying your best to fulfil it.

When it comes to her sensitive spot, you need to be careful here. Talk it out before you finger her. Ask her to point out if she feels uncomfortable and wants you to discontinue. The main point here is that you both need to trust each other completely.

Make Sex Exciting By Focusing On Pleasing Each Other Rather Than Climaxing

Is your sexual relationship with your partner going downhill? Then why not do something about it rather than go with the flow? The basic aim of sex is not just reaching your climax, rolling off on the other side, and going to sleep. There is more to it than physical intimacy. It is the emotional bond, which you share with your partner.

Competing Can Create Negative Impact on Relationships

Sex is not a race. There is no winner and loser. It is a give and take relationship. Men generally feel embarrassed or depressed if they climax before their partners. It is a matter of male ego. What will their partner think of them? Are they weak?

There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you ejaculate first. You can control your erections by many ways. If you consider sex as a competition, it can sure to bring a negative impact on your relationship:

  • You will always be focused on not climaxing before your partner
  • You might completely neglect your partner’s desire of pleasuring you
  • Sex will always be mind over heart i.e. robotic or monotonous
  • After a period of time, both of you might get bored and prefer not doing the deed at all
  • This can also lead to infidelity or break ups

Improving Sexual Relationships by Taking Turns Pleasing Each Other

Many couples feel that climaxing together is the ingredient to mind blowing sex. Such people need a reality check. It is very difficult to climax together as the arousal time for men and women differ. Men get aroused faster than women do. Women need time to get aroused, and by that time, you might already be at the edge of losing your control.

A better go at improving your sexual relationship is by oral sex. Forget reaching climax together, focus more on how to please one another and rekindle the romance in your relationship. There are many sexual positions that can be used to satisfy your partner.

Familiarize yourselves with each other’s body and learn the erotic zones. You can even decorate your bedroom with perfumed candles and dim the lights to create the perfect ambience for your sexual endeavours.

Ways to Delay Orgasms and Last Longer in Bed

If you suffer from premature ejaculations and are looking at ways of controlling it, then the below tips might be useful to you:

  • Penile exercise such as jelqing or kegeling can help in strengthening your PC muscle and help you get better control over your ejaculations
  • Eating a healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables
  • Limiting your alcohol consumption and quitting smoking

Enjoy the time that you spend with your partner. Try to come up with different ways and means to pleasure each other. If both of you are adventurous, you can even use sex toys and experiment with each other. Surrender yourself in the hands of your partner. This can also help in building trust by telling you how much your partner trusts you during sex.

Make Bondage Sex Fun By Taking Simple Measures

When you hear the word bondage, the first thing that comes to your mind is leather masks, whips, spikes and many more. Bondage sex does not have to be unpleasant or painful. It is all about enjoying sexual pleasures in a restrained form.

Getting Used to the Idea of Bondage Sex

If you and your partner are bored with your normal routine life, then you can spice up your love life by trying out bondage sex. Discuss with your partner before trying out such forms of sex, if they are uncomfortable with the idea forget about it.

If your partner has agreed, do not immediately jump out to take out your whips or sex toys that you have purchased in advance for this day. Create a romantic atmosphere by lighting scented candles to soothe your nerves or by playing a romantic song.

Choose stuff that both of you are comfortable with. Experiment with bondage toys but take it slow. Flirt with each other, indulge in a bit of role-play and explore each other’s body. Communication is very important here. While caressing your partner’s body ask them if they are comfortable.

Safety and Comfort of your Partner

The below tips might come in handy when it comes to bondage sex:

  • Make use of light stuffs such as blindfolds or handcuffs
  • Bear in mind not to tie your partner too tight that it stops their blood circulation
  • Come up with innovative ways to make bondage sex a pleasure activity for both
  • In order to build up the momentum, you can talk dirty with your partner, telling them what you plan to do to them when they are restrained
  • Do not make us of gags in the initial stages as some people might get freaked out by this

When you feel that your partner is comfortable, you can target on their sensual spots and bring them to orgasm. Bear in mind to pay attention to their body language. If they are uncomfortable, change your tactic. You can also stop in between and try to come up with a better way to do it.

Bondage Sex Builds Trust amongst Couples

A crucial factor in any successful relationship is trust and love. If there is no trust in a relationship, you can bet such couples will soon part ways. If you or your partner, decide to try out bondage sex, then both of you must completely trust each other.

If done properly, bondage sex can help in increasing your faith and trust in your partner. Plan every step in advance. Come up with small words that can help you in putting your point across to your partner, if you are enjoying or uncomfortable with certain positions.

Bondage sex can sometimes get out of hand. Some people are carried away and can indulge in slapping or hitting their partners. Know your limits when it comes to such stuff. If you feel that things are going out of hand, free your partner immediately and take some time off to relax.

Live Her Female Fantasies By Making Them A Reality

All of us have some sort of sexual fantasies that we want our partners to fulfil. How many of us really get a chance to carry out our sexual fantasies? A few of us right. Well, how about you get a chance to be a part of your partner’s sexual fantasy.

Fetishes are Nothing to be Ashamed Of

Sexual fetishes are not in your control. It is common human behaviour. Sexual fetish is described as getting aroused by different parts of the body, objects or activities that are generally not associated with sex. This fetish is strongly embedded into a person’s mind and can be fulfilled if one has a cooperative partner.

Women too have sexual fetishes or fantasies, which they might not share. This might be because she might be ashamed of it or might worry what her partner would think of her. Fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of. It is natural to get bored of the same and monotonous sex and sometimes change is a blessing in disguise.

Many couples enjoy sharing their sexual fantasies with one another. Fetishes can range from fixation of feet, legs, armpits to enacting role-plays in different scenarios. If your woman too has a sexual fetish, then you might want to ask her about it and try your best to fulfil it.

Common and Popular Fetishes of Women

Every woman at some point of her life might have thought of the below listed fetishes. You too might be inquisitive in knowing what these fetishes are and how you can go about fulfilling these and giving a completely new meaning to your sexual relationship.

  • Dominance
  • Shoes
  • Nails
  • Leather
  • Hair

Women love men, who are strong and well toned, but you will be surprised to know that some women love to have a macho man in a submissive state. This gives them the opportunity to be in control and you too can have a time of your life enacting this.

Some men are obsessed with a woman’s’ feet. Their shape and size arouses them. Similarly, some women do fantasize about having sex with nothing but shoes on. How erotic is that?

Nails, on the other hand too can arouse men. Imagine bright red coloured nails running down you back when you bring her to orgasm. Leather is a sexual turn on for both men and women. Leather cuffs, pants, skirts, corsets or boots can be used to get the right sexual response from your partner.

Women love their hair. Some women even visualize themselves being pulled at by their hair during sex. They might not admit it, but this is definitely one of their most common sexual fetishes.

Tattoos and Body Piercings

Some women are obsessed with tattoos and piercings. It goes with their “naughty girl” image. Many women in fact have piercings done on their eyebrows, navel, tongue and genitals.

During oral sex and penetration, the mouth or penis running over their piercings help in enhancing a woman’s libido level. Tattoos on the other hand make them feel bold and adventurous.

Learning About The Different Types Of Orgasms

Did you know that women experience different types of orgasms than men? Yes, this is true. When compared to men, a woman can experience orgasms at different levels of arousal. Some might be subtle while others can have your partner screaming and squirming for more.

Understanding the Concept of Orgasms in Women

First and foremost you need to understand the different types of orgasms that women might experience. Bear in mind that women do not reach orgasm easily. You have the work cut out for you here. You need to know what buttons to click to have her moaning and withering for you.

If you are in a new relationship and have finally decided to do the deed, then this is a crucial time for your relationship. One wrong move on your part can create a bad impression about your sexual capabilities. This is why you need to plan well in advance.

The best way to go about doing this is foreplay. Begin by kissing and cuddling and become comfortable with each other. Interact with each other. Ask her if what you are doing is right and whether it is ok to go further. If she is not comfortable, stop immediately.

Orgasms that Take Place during Foreplay

Basically if classified broadly, women experience two types of orgasm. One is during foreplay and the other, during sexual intercourse. During foreplay, the different types of orgasms women experience include:

  • Orgasms due to breasts stimulation – Fondling or caressing the breasts can induce orgasms in some women
  • Orgasms by stimulation of the G-spot – This is one of the most mind blowing orgasms women experience , provided you can locate the G-spot and learn the technique of stimulating it
  • Orgasms by clitoral stimulation – Stimulating the clitoris can get your partner warmed up for a mind blowing sex together in the future

Fingering is one the easiest and common ways to bring your partner to orgasm. The vagina is a very delicate part of a woman, so ensure that you cut your nails before inserting your fingers. A minute scratch can cause infection.

Different Types of Orgasms Women Experience during Sex

Coming to the next type of orgasm that takes place during sex, some of the most common and popular type of orgasms you can give your partner during sex are:

  • Multiple Orgasms
  • Continuous Orgasms
  • Vaginal Orgasms
  • Anal Orgasms
  • Squirting Orgasms

Multiple orgasms is when your partner experiences orgasms one after the other. Here, she needs to be extremely aroused to achieve this. On the other hand, continuous orgasms are experienced when you continuously bring her to orgasm without any break. This can be very exhausting and can really test your patience, when it comes to your own climax.

Vaginal orgasm is like any normal orgasm when women experience when they are penetrated by the penis. The vaginal walls in women are really sensitive and when the penis comes in touch with these walls, it leads to intense orgasm in women

Many women experience anal orgasm too. Squirting orgasms are generally experienced by a few, but many women themselves are not aware of how to squirt. Squirting is nothing but ejecting a clear or opaque liquid from the urethra.

Increase Her Sexual Pleasures By Treating Her To A Hot And Sexy Massage

Whether it is a new or an existing relationship, there is always a way to come up with new and exciting things to do in regards to your sexual life. If you feel that, your sex life is becoming boring and monotonous then why not seduce your lady love by treating her to some sensual massage. Massaging in the right way to get things quite heated up and can get you and your partner into the mood.

Massaging Acts as a Stress Reliever

One of the best things about massages is that it can help to relieve stress and anxiety. If you are good with your fingers and hand, then you will definitely score with your woman. Strong and secure hands make women feel safe and secure. A good massage can help you in these things:

  • It can help to lower your blood pressure and heart rate
  • It can help in muscle relaxation
  • It helps in the production of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ chemical
  • It helps to improve the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body

Before you go about your massage, ensure that you set the right ambience in the room. A room with loud music will surely not help in soothing your partner. In fact, it might worsen your situation. Ensure that the place that you choose has scented candles and exotic massage oils (vanilla, lavender, and sandalwood). Begin by asking her to undress or you can do the deed yourself. It will be more erotic for her. Give her a warm bath with scented bath salts. It will help her relax better.

The Right Way to Massage

After a nice warm bath, ask your woman to lie on the bed on her stomach. Begin with light feathery strokes starting from her neck to her spine. You can make use of some light scented pleasant smelling massaging oils. Massage her with your fingertips. Apply light-pressured strokes.

Slowly make use of your palm to massage her back. Use both your palms and move them in circles across her back. Avoid the spine area. Now that she is completely relaxed by your ministrations, you can slowly target the lower part of her body. Begin from her shoulders and lightly massage your way down to her buttocks. Keep the touch light by applying just little pressure.

No massage is complete without the thumbing technique. Over here, you can make use of your thumbs to massage her lower back. Make short and rapid strokes using both your thumbs. Here you can apply more pressure and use your hands to knead her muscles to relieve the tension knots in her body.

Read the Signs Given by Your Partner

Bear in mind to pay attention to the signs sent out by your partner. While massaging, you might feel her loosening up. She might sigh or moan letting you know that she is highly aroused and ready for some hardcore action.

Use this opportunity to indulge in a bit of foreplay. While massaging her back, you can slowly glide your fingers near her buttocks to massage her anus. Slide your fingers further down and finger her clitoris. Keep building the momentum. You can even lick your way down her back and arouse her.

Giving Mind Blowing Orgasms To Your Partner By Stimulating Her G-Spot

Pleasing women is a dilemma many men face when they indulge in sexual activities. If you are in a new relationship, the first time is a testing time for you not only about your sexual performance, but also with your ability to entice your partner and bring her to a mind blowing climax.

The Key Ingredient to Arouse Women

Not all women have the same erogenous zones that you can target and help her achieve orgasm. While the simplest of touch might arouse some women, others might have you really sweat it out.

Here is where you need to spend some time learning about your partner’s body. What she loves, what triggers off her arousal etc. Experiment and indulge in a lot of foreplay. Fondle her breasts lick her shoulders, plant kisses beginning from her face all the way down to her stomach. Stay clear from her vagina.

Build up the sexual tension gradually. Try out different ways to bring her to the brink of orgasm, but not really letting her go off the edge.

Targeting Her Clitoris

When aroused, a woman’s clitoris swells in size due to increased blood flow and becomes more sensitive to touch. If you plan on bringing your woman to a mind blowing orgasm that she might never forget, then you need to first concentrate onto her clitoris. You can achieve this by:

  • Oral stimulation
  • Rubbing her clitoris with your fingers and slowing inserting your fingers into her vagina
  • Using sex toys to enhance the sexual pleasure

Keep the stimulation light and easy. Increasing too much pressure onto the clitoris might make her uncomfortable. Set a pace and slowly and steadily improve on your speed.

Communication is important here. In between pleasuring her, ask her what she likes and whether the pace set by you is ok with her or not.

G-Spot and Stimulation

This might require a bit of hardwork and patience from your side. Locating the G-spot is tough. Many woman themselves are unable to locate it. The G-spot is located about halfway between the cervix and the opening.

It is shaped like a bean and is made up of nerve endings. It feels a little rough to touch upon stimulation. Practice makes a man perfect, so you might need to have several trial and error sessions with your partner before you finally hit your target.

To begin with, slowly insert your fingers inside the vagina and crook it in the shape of a hook. Gently keep probing further in the same position. If you hit the spot, she will let you know through her action.

You can even try stimulating the G-spot during sexual intercourse. Doggy style would be the apt position for this. When you enter from behind, ensure that your penis touches her G-spot. Make sure that in this position, her weight rests on her elbows and not on her hands.

If you do not get it the first time, do not be depressed about it. There will always be a next time and one fine day you will be successful in getting her to one of the best orgasms she has ever had.