How To Get Her Attention

How To Get Her Attention

Of course, every man would like to be in a great relationship that includes plenty of sex. But sometimes, getting that great relationship is difficult if not downright impossible.

You see someone that you are attracted to, and you want to ask them for a date. You go on the date, but it is not everything you hoped it would be, and you feel like you did not present yourself well enough.

Or you thought you did make a good impression, but she never returns your calls or shows an interest in going out again. How do you get from the first date to having a more intimate relationship? One of the most important things to do on a first date is to show her that you are attracted to her. If you like her let her know.

This does not mean that you come on strong; it means that you make eye contact, you smile, you ask questions about her and you deliver a few heartfelt compliments to let her know that you really do like her. Even if you are nervous, you need to make the effort to show her that you like her.

If you are too reserved, you run the risk of making her think you don't like her when you actually do. Another good thing to do on that first date is to dress nicely. Make a great impression on her. If you are hopeless when it comes to style, then go to a trendy clothing store and ask for help finding a great outfit to wear.

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Chances are there will be at least one or two salesclerks who will be happy to help you find a great outfit when you explain you are going on a first date with a woman you really want to impress. Also, it is a good idea to make a point of noticing what she is wearing, because she probably spent a lot of time on her look, too.

One secret tip that a lot of daters don't know is to keep your first date short. Don't draw it out over several activities. Meet for coffee, or lunch, or for one simple activity. This sends a message that you are busy, but you still want to get together with her. It will make her feel special that you took time out of your busy schedule to have a date with her.

Also, by having a short date, it leaves her wanting more. She will want to know more about you and spend more time on another date getting to know you better. There is no such thing as a perfect first date. You will probably get nervous, and so will she. The key is to do things that will make you memorable. Compliment her on something that is unique about her.

Make sure that you are really listening to what she has to say, and ask questions. Women like it when men want to know about them. If you do these things, chances are good that she will want to have a second date with you that could lead to that great relationship.

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