Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation during an orgasm or having a squirting or gushing orgasm continues to be a subject of debate in sexual circles.

However, the fact remains that there are plenty of women that experience this type of orgasm. There are also many men that enjoy it when their partner has a squirting orgasm.

It has been determined that female ejaculate is not urine, but is in fact fluid that is expelled from the female prostate gland during an especially intense orgasm. Porn films often show females ejaculating during orgasms, but whether or not this is accurate is up for debate.

Some women do ejaculate, others don't. However, it seems that intense orgasms trigger a female ejaculation, so if this is something you are interested in, then making sure that you stimulate the G-spot on your female partner is one way to increase the chances that she will have a squirting orgasm.

The fluid expressed from the vagina during a female orgasm is usually clear or slightly milky and does not generally have an odor. It can apparently change in taste due to a variety of factors, including the time of the month in a woman's cycle, and what she has recently eaten. It has been described as tasting honey sweet, bitter and even sour but that seems to depend on the woman and the factors mentioned above.

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To get a woman to have an ejaculation during orgasm is not something you can rush. Female ejaculations usually occur from stimulation of the G-spot. It will take time and patience on your part. You need to start out with plenty of foreplay activity. You should start stimulating the clitoris with your fingers and tongue, and work toward stimulating the G-spot.

The G-spot is located about two or three inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall. You should crook or bend your fingers lightly so that you can rub this area. You should start slowly with your strokes and they should be gentle to start with. You can increase the rate and intensity of the strokes as she gets more turned on.

Once she is close to orgasm, start pumping your hand gently and use your other hand to stimulate her clitoris. If you are lucky, she will ejaculate when she orgasms. If not, you get the enjoyable experience of trying again.

Stimulating the G-spot to get your partner to ejaculate can be done from different positions. If she finds it most pleasurable on her back, then do it like that. However, some women find it easier to have their G-spot stimulated when they are on their hands and knees. It will take time to find the best position for her.

You will need to reassure her that you find it incredibly sexy for her to ejaculate. Many women feel embarrassed by this process, and you will need to make her feel comfortable with this so that she doesn't prevent the ejaculation out of embarrassment.

Also, if she doesn't ejaculate the first time you try, let her know that it is okay and that you really enjoy the process of trying as much as you enjoy the possibility of success. If there is no pressure to perform a female ejaculation, chances are that it will happen.

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