Don't Forget The Ears

Don't Forget The Ears

Face it; most men do not realize that the ears are one of the top erogenous zones for a woman. There are a lot of things you can do with a woman's ears to turn her on.

These range from little kisses all along the ear to whispering things that are meant for her ears only. One of the best things about the ears as an erogenous zone is the fact that you can indulge in this type of foreplay just about anywhere.

For most people, it is acceptable to see men and women whispering to each other and exchanging the occasional ear kiss or caress. A lot of women like to have their ears kissed, sucked and licked. A man can always try it out first, and if she seems to enjoy it, they can keep going. However, the old "blowing in the ear" thing that we have all heard is supposed to be such a turn on usually isn't.

In fact, most women do not enjoy having someone blow in their ear. There are some women that like to have their ear gently blown in once in a while, but there are much better options when it comes to woman's ears. Kissing the outside edge of the ear can really curl a woman's toes. So can licking the ear, and sucking on her ear lobe.

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If she is wearing earrings, you might want to remove them before doing that so you don't accidentally swallow it or choke. That could really put a damper on your night of passion! Keep in mind that you don't want to leave her ear soggy. Use a fairly dry mouth when doing these things. Now, some women like it when a man sticks his tongue in their ear.

On the other hand, some women really don't like this, so you should probably ask them before you do it. Ear kissing can be so pleasurable for her that you definitely want to include it in your repertoire of seduction tools. Another thing that you can do with her ears is whisper things to her that are meant only for her to hear. Women love secrets, and this is a great way to tap into that enjoyment.

Tell her some of the little things you love about her that are unique, such as how sexy she looks in her glasses while reading the morning paper, or that it totally turns you on when she walks around the house in her bare feet. Do not feel inhibited about telling her these things.

Women love it that you notice little things about them and find these things sexy. You can also whisper other things to her, including naughty suggestions or other kinds of sex talk. If it drives her completely wild to have you talk dirty to her while other people are around, do it. After all, she is the only one who can hear you and that makes it incredibly sexy to share a secret between the two of you.

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