Tips On How Can You Impress A Woman At A Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a favorite hangout location and people love to visit this place often. When you spend time standing at a coffee shop, has the thought of meeting a woman there ever crossed your mind? Have you ever thought that you may find your potential date at a coffee shop and may be some magic can turn out over a coffee? Below are some tips to impress a woman at a coffee shop and finally meet her somewhere else.

Be gentle:

When you see a girl, who is confused about placing her order, you can approach and tell her what she can try out. You can start a conversation by saying ‘I come here a lot and this item of the menu just rocks’. You can also ask her about what she is planning to order and tell her if that will be good or not.

You can play this otherwise too. If you find a beautiful girl, standing behind you in line, you can ask her about the order you can place and what will taste best in that particular coffee shop. In return for helping you out, you can buy her a coffee, which will definitely please her enough to share a table with you.

Be careful:

Before approaching a woman in a coffee shop, try to figure out whether she is free to talk or not. Usually, people like to do peaceful works by sitting in such places. For instance, if she is reading or writing something on a journal do not disturb her. This might annoy her and the entire situation will turn into an awkward one. Therefore, make your move cautiously while approaching a woman in a coffee shop.

Be courteous:

When you are standing in a line with a woman and there are just the two of you, you can ask her to place her order first. Remember, a woman loves a polite man. In addition, if she is trying to reach for something, which is closer to you, you can grab it for her and when she thanks, you can smile back and start a conversation.

Try being bold:

If you are someone who is bold then this tip is for you. Just sit next to her table and if she is talking to someone interrupt their conversation and interject your personal opinion. This is a little risky, but if it works, you can easily slide in to their conversation. Well, not all people like others interfering into their personal talks. Therefore, if she is one among them then it is better to be extra careful.

A coffee shop can prove to be a perfect place to meet someone special. However, playing your cards right is very important because you will get only one chance to make your move. If you like her and if you want to date her, it is now that you have to make your move or you will never.

Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind And Meet A Woman

Several people around us are afraid of bringing in a change just because they feel they are comfortable in their present life. Well, what if all of us think like that, there will be no scope left for any change to come our way. Now, if you are someone who try a lot to talk to a woman, but simply does not succeed there can be two reasons behind this. Either you are too much hesitant or you think I am good anyway and don’t need any company.

Well, if you are the person, who lives with the second reason then how do you think you are going to satisfy yourself in future? Will you just tell yourself you did not approach her because you simply did not want? Is that a reason? All of us need changes in fact we love them.

Get a little uncomfortable:

For sure, you have worked hard to be where you are right now, but if you alter it a little. There are things, which we have not done so far, there are things that might make us uncomfortable, but remember those are the only things that might bring some change in our lives. Trying something new, every day may sound a little funny, but that is what all of us need. So, instead of being comfortable push yourself towards something new and exciting and even if it is slightly an uncomfortable situation welcome it.

Say to yourself that losers are people who are scared of changes, I am definitely not a loser, and so I will work on it and bring in the change. Think in a similar way, when you feel scared of approaching a woman.

Try remembering the good side:

There are a number of people, who do not like changes. However, it is a matter of fact that whenever they have faced any changes, they have for sure liked it. For instance, recall the time when you were in college. I bet you loved your life then. However, you cannot be at that stage for your entire life. The life changed gradually and along with time and with it you too have. Therefore, you like your life now. You are happy with the change that came. In the same way, many good things might occur when someone new enters your life. Remember that with new people, you learn new things and you live in the new world.

Don’t just keep staying in your comfort zone!

Your “comfort zone” is possibly the worst place where you can be and you think in yourself that it is the best. In order to find out some meaningful changes, it is crucial that you break out of this comfort zone. The most painful things that you have faced in your life and the most pleasure giving things can boost you to bring in any change. This is because people tend to change for either pleasure or out of pain. You can employ this pleasure-pain technique and push yourself towards a meaningful change.

Know How To Make The Transition From Friend To Girlfriend Easier

Are you someone who feels that there is a special connection between you and your female friend? Are you thinking there could be something more than friendship between you two? Well, if that’s the case, then it is not only you who is struggling for this transition from friendship to a relationship. If you are lucky, then she must be feeling the same. However, there are chances that she does not feel a thing about you. However, taking a chance is all what you can do.

There are a few simple rules that you can follow to understand if she is interested you or not. Keep on reading to know them.

Rule no. 1: Don’t spend too much time with her

This is a little confusing, isn’t it? You like this girl and still, in order to make her your partner, the first thing that you have to do is stay away from her. Well, the point is this action of your will give you both sometime to realize if you need each other or not. Moreover, if you are spending a lot of your time with her, at some point she might feel that you are too desperate to get into a relationship. Also, this will not allow her to get romantically involved with you. Remember, a little distance is necessary sometime.

Rule no. 2: Try to employ physical touches

Before you implement this rule, remember that she is your friend and she really respects you. Thus, physically expressing yourself does not mean you make her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. By touching her shoulder, arm or leg, you just have to make her feel comfortable and this action will help you give her the right signals.

Rule no. 3: Stop being the nice guy

Stopping being a nice guy does not mean you have to be a villain for her. What it means is, if you continue being the nice guy every time, she will always treat you as a friend. There will be no chance for any other feeling to develop within her. In simple words, not being a nice guy means that you don’t have to allow her to control you every time.

What are the possible consequences of applying these rules?

Well, the only issue that you could face by over applying these rules is that you may damage your friendship. If you feel for her, then it does not mean she does too. You have to give her enough time and do things that will please her. At least, you have to make an impression that she will give a thought to the idea of being your partner.

The first thing that you can do is make yourself presentable and attractive, she gets interested in you. Here is what you need to do

  • Give due importance to your dressing as well as to what you speak to her. Be respectful and gentle in every situation.
  • Highlight such qualities in you that any woman will fall for.
  • Ask her to come out with you for a movie or dinner and remember it’s not a date but just a friend going out with another.

It’s easy to attract any other lady, but getting involved with one of your closest friend is really difficult as well as a lot more nerve wracking. You have to play well, stay safe, and try not to damage your friendship in anyway.

Is Having Sex Before Marriage Right And Shall I Go For It?

There are many different opinions on the topic of sex before marriage. This topic is both sensitive and normal at the same time. Some believe there is nothing wrong in having sex before marriage. However, some say it is completely immoral. Well, what you feel personally matters a lot and not somebody’s opinion because you will never find a universal and acceptable answer to this query. In addition, it is not only you, many women and men find themselves in a situation like this at some or the other in life.

Is it wrong to have sex before marriage?

No one can answer this question, but you. The answer totally depends on you and your situation. You have to consider many points and decide whether you want to do it or not. There are other questions related to this one, which you will have to answer first. For instance:

  • What is your religious belief?
  • What do you personally think about sex before marriage?
  • Do you know this person well?
  • Do you trust him completely?
  • Are you ready to face any consequences that may arise because of having sex, like pregnancy or STD?
  • Do you believe he will take any responsibility, in case you get pregnant?

These questions are simple yet very difficult to answer if you give them a thought. The decision you take will affect both of you and so you need to know before jumping into it that whether you both will be able to handle it or not.

Ultimately, it is all about the comfort that you feel. If you think, it is not right then you do not have to do it.

What if decide to do it?

Well, if you have made up your mind to do it, do not worry there is nothing wrong that you are doing. Do not feel any guilt or tension just focus and try to enjoy that moment. However, do not forget to use protection. You definitely don’t want to get pregnant after having sex for the first time with your partner. In addition, using protection will safeguard you from getting any sexually transmitted disease.

If you need any advice on safe sex, the best person to consult is your doctor. They will give you perfect and unbiased advice. You can trust every word they say and enjoy your intimate moment with your partner without any tension. In addition, keep in mind, sex is something in which both of you should be mutually involved. You do not have to do it because “you have to”.


Lastly, remember you want to have sex or not is completely your decision. You do not need to be forced into it. Make sure the decision you take is yours and not your friends, families, cousin or neighbors. After all, it has nothing to do with them then why should they decide. Take your time and think over it with a relaxed mind. If you are not comfortable, you can talk about it with your partner and convince him by saying that may be not now, but later you definitely want to do it and all you need is some more time.

How To Flirt With A Woman By Deepening Your Voice

Most of the men think that flirting successfully is an art and only some are gifted with it. Well, that is completely wrong. Flirting is definitely an art, but anyone can learn it any time and also successfully employ it to get a girl. When any guy thinks of approaching a woman all the questions that are running inside his head are:

  • Have you come here before?
  • Do you know what kind of coffee they serve?
  • Have I seen you earlier?

Well, these are just too old now to impress a girl. As the time changes so does, the technique of impressing and flirting with girls does. For sure you are frustrated because you try so hard, but well may be you are unsuccessful just because you are trying the wrong way.

If you are actually concerned about knowing the right tactics of flirting and impressing a woman, then try focusing and understanding the new trends of the dating world. Nowadays, what woman wants is a man full of confidence and masculine voice. Of course, your physic and looks matter, but what if in spite of having all of that you are not able to impress a girl.

Keep on reading to know how you can impress a woman with the help of your deep and masculine voice.

Voice Tone:

Almost every woman will admit that a deep and masculine voice sounds sexy and more exciting. By developing a more masculine and deeper voice, you can prove yourself far more sexy and attractive when compared with other men. Learning how to deepen your voice will also be beneficial in many other ways. It will help you gain more respect and will make you sound more reliable and confident.

Voice Volume:

Every woman wishes to have a man with a deep and clear voice. However, this does not mean you have to be loud and harsh. Remember, any woman will fall for you if you have a soft speech with a deep voice. By talking on a normal volume and in deep voice, you will have attention from almost every woman around you. If you have a less masculine voice, you can simply increase your volume and make it work accordingly.

Voice speed:

Usually, people speak very fast when they are nervous or have a public fear. This is the same case when we talk about flirting or approaching a female. When a man talks very quickly or hastily, a woman easily notices that yes he is nervous and not at all confident. That is the main reason, why most men fail in flirting.

Managing the speed of your speech is very important while flirting. There is nothing wrong in being nervous, but of course showing that you are nervous is a big problem. Making a woman feel that you are confident is very crucial because women can easily detect if a man lacks self-confidence.

Therefore, you can for sure impress a woman based on your voice. All you have to do is maintain a masculine yet soft tone and a perfect speed of speech.

Hairy Chest: How Much A Women Likes It?

Nowadays, you do not find men having hairy chest on a magazine cover. The trend has changed and so is the liking of women. In fact, it is clearly noticed that girls like men without chest hair. Honestly, there are no chances of being rejected if you have no hair on your chest.

Hairy men:

For several women, a man who has a hairy chest is a clear turn off. However, the good thing is that there are ways in which a man can maintain his hairy chest. The first as well as the perfect option is waxing. Of course, to some it may be the most excruciating one as well. On the other hand, you can also try trimming your chest hair. However, depending on its growth and thickness you can even consider shaving it down using an electric shaver.

If you are giving a lot of thinking to the fact that, they will definitely grow back and it will be of no use, then you must understand that we are discussing here about maintaining it and not getting rid of it. Of course, they will grow back and in fact, they will grow back thicker, but you will at least have some time when you can feel the difference. It will definitely make you look different and you will be free from covering your body all over just to cover your visible hair.

Best advice for single guys:

If you are single, the best piece of advice for you is entering the non-hairy zone. Of course, no one is going to ask you to strip and show how your chest hair is, but this is something that might hinder your intimate moments. Most of the girls find men without chest hair more attractive and handsome. Therefore, this is a good opinion that might benefit you if you consider it.

How does a woman like it?

If you are in a relationship, you can simply go ahead and ask your girl directly what she likes. For the comparison sake, you can say that a woman who prefers to shave between her legs might like a bare chest more. Well, why not try to check it out yourself. For sure, you will never get a negative reaction from your girl once you have shaved your chest. Therefore, the simple thing is try it once and know it yourself. There are good chances she might be turned on more easily.

This is the same advice for women, who do not shave between her legs. You can always try it and check if it pleases your partner. On the other hand, you can grow them back anytime if it did not work.

Does the hair on your chest bother you? While some men might like them, others don’t. However, if you want to get rid of them, then there are a number of things to consider like how the growth is, which method you want to choose and whether you want a permanent or temporary solution to it.

Figure Out Whether Your Date Really Likes You Or Not

Navigating the dating life is tough for both, men and women. You need to worry about small things and on every step try avoiding huge fights. A lot of compromises and adjustments are involved. On top of all this, the scariest question that strikes in our mind every now and then is, does my date really like me?

Figuring out the answer to this question can be either easy or difficult. There are several things to consider and depending on them, you can understand what your partner truly feels. Keep on reading to know how you can determine that your date really likes you.

Dating and friends:

The first things that can help you determine whether your date really likes you or not is looking at your dating pattern. Do you go on dates frequently? Are you alone with each other or do you go out with friends? If you have been on a date alone before, was the second date planned by them?

Now, if you are dating this person, go out with him/her alone, and spend a lot of private time with your date, then there are good chances that they will like you. On top of that, if they are keener about planning dates then for sure they are truly interested in you. After all, there is no man or woman in the world, who would like to spend or waste time with someone, who do not interest them. Therefore, if you are dating someone and they like spending time with you then definitely they like you.

On the other hand, if you are going out along with other friends then it is difficult to judge what your partner truly thinks. However, to overcome this confusion, you can try asking them out alone and see if they agree or try to turn down the offer.

Focus on body language:

Try to understand the body language of your partner to figure out if they really like you. Do you think on every possible opportunity, they try to touch you? Do they move closer, touch your arm, or leg while talking? Do they talk over intimate topics when you are alone?

If the answer to above-mentioned questions is yes, then well there are possibilities that they really like you and wish to carry this relationship to the net level.

Talk to them:

Simply talk to your date and you will get the idea whether they like you or not. Do not try to put any pressure just be honest and ask them frankly if they are interested in continuing dating or not. Do not ask any weird question like “where do you see our relationship going?” or “what do you think or feel about me?”

Make the entire conversation light and easy. Try asking question to which they can simply reply in yes or no. If they say, yes and add some explanation to it, just focus on their words and do not think much about it in detail. If they say no, do not try to convince them and you can just continue being friends.

Be A Jerk To Pick Up A Girl And Be Gentle To Keep Her Around

Have you been in such a situation where you think all your friends are involved with someone, but it is only you who is alone? If your answer is yes then there are ways to overcome such a situation.

Dating can be sometimes a funny experience as things don’t work the way it has to. You often see older guys dating younger girls a hot woman likes a dumb guy, or a cute and nice guy with some other guy. On the other hand you know that you are nice and quite normal for dating yet you are alone.

What do you think is the problem? Why is that so that everyone else gets a date and you are always left out? Keep on reading to know the answer.

Feel confident about your every action:

Women usually like confident men and such guys are usually mistaken as jerks that can get girls easily. Now, see how it works. Well, a confident guy is open in asking a girl out for a date and gives her necessary whenever required.

Always remember that girls tend to lean towards a guy who give them extra attention and pretend to be helpful and sweet. Also, it is obvious that you will to behave gently towards a girl you are planning to ask out.

Stick to being soft and gentle and when the time comes you can ask her to come out on a date with you. Don’t keep her waiting for long as she will then find another option for herself.

Be the strong guy:

First of all, being gentle or soft does not mean you don’t take decisions on your own. Most of the girls hate guys who ask:

  • Where would you like to go for a date?
  • What will you eat?
  • Would you like to go for a movie?

Well, these questions simply don’t work. A woman like a man who instead of asking such questions simply says “I have planned to go for a dinner at this place and later I would like to take you for a movie or may be a long drive”. A woman always wants a guy who takes control of any situation and makes things just right and perfect.

Jerks can’t keep a girl around:

Now this is a little shocking but it’s a fact, you can always pick up a girl by being a jerk (confident and strong) but you will never be able to keep her around. This is because over the period of time she will realize that she is with a brainy guy who takes every decision on his own without involving her or without taking her consent.

Therefore, if you are serious about a girl make sure once you have succeeded in getting the first date with her by being a jerk you better get back to what you really are. She will love you the way you are and will always have your first impression as a confident and strong guy yet a gentle person at heart.

10 Great Tips To Have A Perfect Blind Date

When you are single, a friend or a cousin of yours may try to hook you up with someone they think is right for you. You might not be comfortable with this blind date idea. However, gradually you will realize what the big deal is and what do you have to lose. As the night of date approaches, all you have to do is stay calm, be broadminded and follow the ten tips given below to help you enjoy it.

10 great tips for a great blind date:

Keep yourself like a blank slate:

Remember, people love to exaggerate. What you are looking for in someone and what your friends or cousins think you are is completely different at times. Therefore, do not get carried away with what others are saying you.

Do not sound to be too familiar:

You definitely have enough info about her to initiate conversation every time. However, this will not give you an opportunity to understand her in a different way. Instead, you will just keep on talking on things you already knew about her.

Deal with your expectations:

Remember, you got set up on this date. You do not need to worry about liking her, sleeping with her or marrying her. In fact, you do not have to meet them if you do not want to. It is a normal date and so you can turn her down or maybe she will turn you down.

Your friend is the introducer and not facilitator:

You can consider your friend as a free dating agency and so if the date did not go well, you cannot call and yell at him/her. Since you said yes, to go for a blind date the entire responsibility is yours.

Go for it positively:

It is very important that you approach your date with a positive attitude. Remember, your attitude is all what matters and it is the only thing that will make or break things. If you are negative, in the first place you will find the next person negative too.

Always remember that it is a set-up:

It is not a normal date and hence you did not pick the next person to go out. In this case, there are chances that it might turn out to be great or may be just an addition in your bad date’s list. Be prepared for both.

Don’t stress yourself:

As it is a set up, after an hour if you are not comfortable, you can openly let the next person know about it. It is a blind date, so it may be a little awkward. Therefore, you can be honest.

Choose a proper spot:

Even if your entire friend circle knows her, it is not necessary that you invite her home for the first date. That is insane. It is your first date, so select a spot accordingly and let your friend know where you plan to go.

Don’t try sex:

This is the worst thing that you can do on a blind date. You don’t know the next person, in fact you don’t even know whether it is safe to have an intercourse with him/her. Give this entire thing sometime. You can save this for later dates.

Just have a great time:

Don’t take too much of pressure. You will not be shot, if the date does not go well. So, just keep rest of the things out of your mind and focus on having a good time as well as giving a good memory to her.

Why Fear Rejection And Miss The Chance With Your Crush?

Most of the times, guys lose their chance with their crushes, only because of fear of rejection. Either they refrain from taking the initiative, or if they do it, they prefer the wrong way. Hence, it is always advisable not to let the fear of rejection ruin your chances with her.

The Right Approach

Fear of rejection is quite normal when you are approaching a girl whom you have always desired. However, that does not mean you need to get nervous and make a wrong approach through cheesy pick-up lines. Most of the times when guys don’t have an idea about how to make the right approach, they just use pick-up lines or other awkward ways to do that. Those might have always worked on the television shows or movies. However, those are not going to be of any use in real scenario.

You simply cannot expect any girl to get impressed by you, with just a random introduction and a pick-up line or an unexpected comment. Instead, it would be far better to strike a normal, pressure-free, and easy conversation with her. Try involving her more and more into it, by asking about her opinion, her liking etc. That can be a better approach to your crush.

Better Take A Chance Than Regretting It Forever

Ask those guys, who did not dare to express their feelings to their crushes and take a chance. You would come to know how regretful it could be for one’s life forever. Deep inside, there is remorse, sadness and helplessness all through your life, when you miss the chance with one who had once been the charm of your eyes. You are left with no other options than to just curse your destiny, her partner, and yes, yourself too. You feel only if you could turn back your life, and do it this time. However, no such feeling is of any use then.

Hence, better take a chance now than regretting it forever. At the worst, she would say a ‘No’, but it would be far better than having those regrets in your heart forever. At least, you took a chance and tried your best. That can be more than satisfying for you.

Being Rejected Doesn’t Define ‘You’

Rejection is definitely hurts. It can be a bit painful for some time. Yet, you need to understand the fact that rejection does not define who you are. It is just that the other person do not have the eye to see your good qualities. On the other hand, she might have not found you of her type. This does not mean that you are not better than others.

You are special, fortunate, and good the way you are. You simply, do not need to change yourself as per others’ requirements. You are not dependent on other person’s approval or rejection, and you need not be concerned about what others might think about you. Remember! If she is not able to get you, it is her bad luck, not yours. Be confident of who you are, and love yourself.