Positives And Negatives Of Having Casual Sex

A physical relationship without any emotional attachment is termed as casual sex. In other words, you can have a sex partner with a sole aim of enjoying sex. It might be a one night stand or a short term arrangement, which allows two people to have sex whenever they like. There is no commitment to have a prolonged relationship from either side. It is done just to satisfy the physical need and enjoy sexual pleasures.

In the present atmosphere, men and women are indulging in sex without thinking much about the consequences to be faced later. It has become a natural phenomenon to give way to lust with anybody you are attracted to. People have fuck buddies to indulge in sex whenever they prefer to release their lust. Modern society allows this kind of pleasing sexual instincts for its profound appeal.

Why do people like to have casual sex?

The question that often arises is ‘why many individuals like to indulge in sexual life without any strings attached’? It often happens that both the mates don’t have any romantic elusion over each other. For some, it is a way to release tension from their mind. It becomes a means to escape boredom and sometimes out of curiosity.

Pros of casual hook up:

  • There will be no emotional drama to be endured, if you don’t like to continue seeing your partner. Good for people who don’t like long time commitment.
  • Great escape from any prolonged relationship. If both agree beforehand the limits of the relationship, there will be no strings attached and you can enjoy sex without getting nervous about the aftermaths.
  • Some do it as they feel good afterwards and it gives a satisfaction that you have the ability to attract the opposite gender. In other words, you become well aware of your sexuality.
  • Knowledge about sex increases and you experience the way to please your mate sexually.
  • It gets rid of your wants of sowing wild oats before settling down to the serious kind of relationship like marriage.

Cons of indulging in non relationship sex:

  • While changing hook up partners there are chances of falling prey to sexual infections like STD and aids.
  • If you don’t take proper protection, it may lead to unwanted pregnancy.
  • Sometimes this type of social sex will make the person feel mentally and emotionally low.
  • It will create a lot of hassles in your committed relationship.
  • It sometimes becomes a habit to have friends with benefits.

Cautiousness expected before having recreational sex:

Always use protection like condoms to maintain your health otherwise there is a chance of getting sexual transmitted diseases. You may even have to face unintended pregnancy. It is often found that one mate usually develop fondness for the other partner leading to emotional problems like jealousy when your partner starts seeing another person. One of them craves for more intimacy.

Viewing all the pros and cons, the question that crosses one’s mind is:

‘Is casual sex worth all the pain? What if anything goes wrong’? Well, it is acceptable to indulge in such things, but the important point here is to take all the required precautions.

How To Make Your First Date A Success

There are different ways to make your first or for that matter of fact every date, quite enjoyable. With charming personality, skill, and proper strategy you can make her meet you again and again. Men usually do a lot to impress their date, and take care of everything.

You are confident, but still end up committing mistakes. No one can afford even a silly mistake, as it will create a wrong impression about you in her mind. You have arranged everything perfectly, but unexpectedly everything fails at the wrong time. To avoid all this you need some rules to follow.

Some arrangements that need to be looked upon are:

  • Always have a backup plan ready in your mind. It will be helpful if anything goes wrong the last minute.
  • First date can be a short one, as sometimes you both don’t get the spark. Instead of killing the time, you can decide to meet up again, which will give you more time to understand what needs to be done in the second meeting. Don’t talk anything for the heck of, as it will spoil the whole game
  • Never be late for your first meeting with your date, as she doesn’t like to wait
  • Wear dress, which fits you well. Shabby looking or over dressed will create a bad impression.
  • Make suitable comments if you genuinely feel to do so. Don’t hesitate to tell her your feelings. No absurd words, just few compliments without flattering will do the trick to please her.
  • Food stuck in your teeth and bad body odor will make her shy away from you, so groom yourself to be presentable and charming in every way.
  • There is no need to say everything about your life to her, as she may think you to be too boastful.

Choosing the right place for your meeting is not an easy task, as many facts needs to be checked on. The venue should comfort both of you, so you both can have a great time.

Points to be noted while selecting the venue:

Choose a place, where getting a cab or bus will not be an issue. In this way you can reach the venue on time and also leave the place without any worries, even if you are late. The place should have bright lights, so you both can have better view of each other. Ensure no one disturbs you frequently, or else you might hard in conversing.

It should create friendly environment, not looking like a place where you are attending an interview. Choose the cuisine well in advance or by chance it may happen that the eatery has no dishes to serve as per your preference.

Where to go?

Dinner is the best choice as you will be able to sit leisurely. Don’t go to a place which is overcrowded as you will not be able to talk to each other. You can go together to watch a good movie and enjoy each other’s company. Weekend is the best time to go out with your special lady, as there will be no such rush to end the date quickly.

Do You Want To Know The Art Of Seducing Woman

It is a dream of every man to seduce and spend some good time with an attractive woman. However, not everyone is good in this art of seducing. If you are interested to know the secrets of seducing a woman then you can follow some of the points mentioned below, which are quite helpful in this regard.

If you were never involved in this game then it is obvious that you will find this to be a difficult task. However, if you know the right approach then seducing a woman of your choice is not too difficult to do. In order to seduce, you must know how to trigger the desire in the woman and to do that it is not necessary that you get involved in some kind of sleazy thing and keep on approaching every woman that you come across or spend endless time in calling different women.

Most of the time, this kind of trick does not effectively work. You can try to seduce women in a much better way. You need to figure out, what makes them to respond to one guy, but completely ignore the next. Once you discover this, seducing women will become too easy.

The following paragraphs elaborate on three important tips, which can help you to seduce women without much difficulty.

You must be confident and positive, so that you can seduce a woman of your choice

If you really wish to attract a woman then it is important for you to be sure about yourself. In case, you do not have enough confidence in you then it will be difficult to approach any woman. Therefore, you must use various methods to develop self confidence, so that you move forward confidently without any problem. Besides being self assured, you must also be able to convince her that you are the alpha male, who is also the right man for her. Until and unless you are mentally ready for the above condition, it will be difficult for you to seduce her and end up in bed with her.

You must learn the art of flirting with women and try to be more than just playful

To start with, you may involve in playful flirting. However, you must know how to go to the next level, without that you cannot experience intimate moments. If you are really interested to get intimate with her then you have to elicit her, so that she is sexually attracted and is ready to share bed with you.

You must also learn the closing moves

Seducing your partner has to be followed with perfect closing moves that will make them want to be with you. Most men often make a great start, but then stop it midway, thereby leaving their partners in an indecisive position. If you do not learn the secret of closing then you may end up in having a lot of phone numbers, but without getting any real action.

Develop Your Sense Of Humor, If You Want To Be Popular Among Women

If you want to impress any girl then it is essential that you must have a good sense of humor. If the sentence that you utter fail to excite or amuse her then remember she will never get attracted towards you. With good personality and good sense of humor you can easily get yourself noticed in front of her.

Your funny sentence must be expressed in right time

If you do not use your funny pick up sentences at the right time then there is a chance that it may fail to attract any girl. Remember when you meet any girl then you can express your intentions in the best possible manner. You need to make her feel comfortable so that she will open her heart in front of you.

Women mostly like to interact with men, who are confident and can make them feel quite comfortable. As per the latest survey report, sense of humor was given higher preference by women, who dated men.

Once you succeed in making any girl laugh with your witty conversation then the rest becomes very easy for you. So it is important that you use funny lines, but at the right time and get the best result.

How to express your funny sentences

Whenever you express your funny lines you must say them with full confidence, and if possible with proper eye contact. In case you express your funny lines without any expression on your face then it might create wrong impression on them.

Sometime your funny lines may not make any sense to your audience but that is ok, if the lines are funny. When you utter those words, there must be smile on your face and ensure that the girl understands what you saying and why you are saying. Right attitude also matters a lot. Then you can talk to any girl in a relaxed way.

Never keep straight face when you are delivering your funny lines. It will certainly put off the girls. It is certainly not very easy to amuse anyone with your funny lines, but if you express it properly then you can certainly become very popular among the girls. So you must express yourself confidently in very relaxed manner and also you must enjoy in your craft.

How can you attract any woman with your sense of humor?

People who are very successful in their life know very well how to express themselves before girls so that they can have a hearty laugh. If you are not sure, then check for the details on the website. Many popular guys use them, of course by adding their own creative ideas. Women like to be around guys who can make them laugh a lot. For them such a feature means a lot. They know for sure that they don’t have to put in efforts to smoothen the atmosphere. Once they are comfortable they can easily interact with you and try to know more about you.

Things To Do On A Date With Women Shy Nature

Normally, guys have a little hitch asking a woman for a date. However, if she is shy, it would make your job even harder. It is indeed a tough job, and needs something like walking on the eggshells. There should be some sort of understanding between you and your partner so as to make your date happy and successful. A shy woman would not be so imminent or cooperative, and hence you can never find where you set with her.

Remember that the shyness of women is not any kind of personality trait, so try to work on getting her out of it. In fact, when you think that your woman is being quiet on the date because she is a little shy, you may be wrong. Your girl is being quiet not because of her shy nature, but maybe she is actually not at ease with you. Well, there might be many reasons for her shyness or nervousness. She can be uncomfortable because she is unable to get connected with you or maybe she fears of getting sexually attracted towards you.

In this situation, you need to relax her and open up. First of all, you’ll need to find out what kind of shyness she uses to be afflicted with. Your girl might be somehow shy in public or big gatherings and be totally frank and comfy in small gatherings. She may sometimes deal with you unfriendly, but being relaxed whenever you get to go closer. Sometimes she may react depressingly when you try to touch her. Once you have identified the type of shy woman you are dating with, you could go to the next step.

When you are dating with a shy girl, you would first have to win her trust. You should be sure enough that your woman likes you and she is interested to keep relation with you. That’s why she is on the date with you. However, you have still not got her trust. You should get to know her personally. Establish a friendly relation with her, but still don’t get her closer to you. She might have been frightened by the bad experiences of her past or she may simply have some confidence issues. All you want to do is gain her trust very slowly.

See her body language, as it could be a good indicator to help you identify whether she is really connected with you. Look into her eyes if she is trying to make eye to eye contact but unable to hold on, it shows that she likes you but she is uncomfortable with the things around. If she is not making eye to eye contact with you and just looking the things around there, then she is bored with you. As a posture of eyes, open means yes and closed means no. If you find her bored with you, she will agree to have sex with you, but will immediately change her mind if you continue to bore her.

Well, shy women are not so difficult to open up. It depends upon you in what way you make her to talk to you. Make the surrounding comfortable so that she could easily interact with you.

Tips Regarding Female Sexual Gesture

While dating a woman, it is difficult for a man to know whether the girl is interested in him or not. Women use various types of body movements in order to attract men, but men find it difficult to figure out the meaning of these body movements. If you want to know the feelings of a girl towards you, it is important to learn the tactics to understand the meaning of these gestures.

Types of gestures made by the females when they see men

There is always a natural attraction between opposite sex. When a man and a woman meet, they tend to share some gestures towards each other. Women try to convey their message through gestures. The signs may be open or closed. Open gestures are generally given during the initial meeting. Few common open gestures are – eye-contact, fixing her dresses, and fiddling with the tumbler in her hand, etc. Few common closed gestures are leaning back, crossed arms, breathing in a rapid pace, etc.

The gestures can be negative or positive. Positive gestures indicate that the girl is interested to know you, and negative gestures are just opposite to it. A girl is giving you some closed or open gestures, but how to know whether the gestures have some positive indications or not. It is very simple to understand.

List of Positive Body Gestures Made By Females

  • Keeping her legs a little wider than normal position.
  • Accentuating the pelvic region.
  • Drooping the eyelids to hold the man’s gaze
  • Wetting the lips with her tongue. It is a closed gesture given by females to show their sexual anxiety in them.
  • If she breathes fast, it again means she wants the man to come close to her. Females breathe fast when she experiences orgasm. They breathe faster to get more oxygen required by their body.
  • If she moves her hip towards the man, it shows that she is happy and wants some sexual relief from the man.

Negative Body Gestures Made By Females

When a female is not interested in the men, she might show some gestures or body movements. The most common negative gesture is cross-legs pointed away from the man. While interacting with any girl, if you see a girl has crossed her legs and have pointed them away from you, it means she is not interested in your gossips. This is an indication to you that you should give up and move on with someone else. If you find the girl is a little nervous while interacting with you, it shows that she is not in a mood to have some words with you.

Thus, if you want a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner, it is very important to understand their body language. A man must know the tactics of understanding and distinguishing the positive and negative gestures of females, which will lead to a proper interaction between them and they can live blissfully in each others company.

How To Date Two-Faced Women Coworkers?

Office romances are quite common these days. Nowadays, people spend most of their time in offices, and hence love affair among co-workers has become a common occurrence. Marriages among co-workers have also become quite a popular trend these days. Office romance is a challenging task, as one has to perform his duties prior to romancing. Sometimes, it is very tough for the male workers to impress female coworkers, as most of the females have different life outside their workplace. They may interact frankly inside the office, but may not interact once they leave the place of work.

Due to this two-faced nature, men usually find it difficult to date with their female co-workers. She might give you her phone number, but when you call her, she might not receive your phone call. This is very embarrassing and thus men must learn how to impress their female co-workers in office. Read on to learn the tactics of dating the two-faced female co-workers.

Never be in a hurry to make love

When you are attracted to any of your female co-worker, do not let her know at the first go. Take your time, know her in well and then gradually move ahead. Never give suggestions to the girl without knowing her likings and disliking. If you like her company then you must interact with her and show your caring nature towards her. Slowly when you find she is affectionate towards you, give her the proposal for a date. It may take some more time, but this tactic works really well. Never be in a hurry to propose as she might misinterpret it, and things may go wrong.

Do not disclose it to others

Any news related to office romance or relationship spreads like a fire in a forest through grapevine communication. This may hamper your career, and you may lose your job because many offices have strict rules against office romance. If you violate any such rules, they may suspend you from your job. Thus, do not disclose if you are dating any of your female co-workers. When you are sure enough to marry each other, you can disclose the fact with other co-workers and seniors. Thus, it is always advisable to keep such facts a secret as far as possible.

Communicate etiquette with her

The communication devices are monitored and tracked in office. Thus never commit the mistake of using office devices such as computer, telephones, and wireless devices to communicate your affectionate feelings with her. This may create a worst situation for you as well as the girl. Try to get her personal contact number and communicate with her through your own personal phone.

Other than the above mentioned tips, one more important thing, which must be remembered by all men while dating their female co-workers, is that you must have control over your behavior. Men should never lose their temper in front of the girl inside the office varsity. Rudeness in behavior can lead to tension in the relationship, and dating will not be possible.

Friend With Benefits – A New Form Of Relationship With No Commitment

There are very few people, who are really committed in a relationship. Nowadays, the term “relationship” means only sexual relationship, where two people commit to each other in order to get sexual relief, and once they are done, they break-up and move on with someone else. It looks really odd when people get into a relationship to have sex.

However, if one needs sexual satisfaction, they can choose the option of “friend with benefit”, with whom one can have a long-term sexual relation without any commitment in their relationship. This is quite good as both of them are just behaving as friends, getting sexual relief, and if they are not compatible with each other, they are free to mingle with someone else.

Is friend with benefits ethically correct?

Sexual attraction is natural between opposite sex. Sexual satisfaction is a need and is very much required for survival. If someone is sexually unsatisfied, it can lead to frustration and depression. If such type of depression and frustration continues for a longer time in adults, it can lead to many other physical disorders. They are afraid of getting into any type of commitment as break-up has become a common phenomenon. Thus, there is no guilt if you ask a friend with benefit to have sex with you. Friend with benefits is a better option than committing to a short-term relationship.

Friends with benefit- a great deal for people, who prefer to stay single forever

Break-up in committed relationships has become quite common these days. Due to this reason, there are some people, who are afraid of getting into any serious relationship or marriage. Such type of people can be really benefited from this alternative. It is a hassle free option for them because they can give up this temporary relationship anytime. They are not bound to any sort of relationship with commitment. Thus, these days most of the people, who want to stay single forever, prefer a friend with benefit. This type of friendship cum relationship helps them to stay happy throughout their life.

Friend with benefit can also become your life partner

It is usually noticed that most of the friends with benefits get into a permanent relationship. If you have a friend with benefits, and you are getting attracted towards him or her, you can think about choosing him/her as your life partner. When both of you are coming closer, frankly ask whether he or she is looking for someone else or not. If your friend with benefits is not interested in someone else, you can give a proposal for permanent friendship or a committed relationship. Nowadays, many “friend with benefits” are couples and are living together happily.

If you are bothered that you will not be able to continue with rituals and formalities of marriage or permanent commitment, you can prefer to have the relationship “friend with benefits”. The risk of break-up, depression and tension are very less when you are in this kind of relationship.

Is It Not Really That Tough To Attract A Girl If You Know How

You are successful and have the killing looks, but still you don’t have a girlfriend. You envy your roommate or your brother, who can effortlessly impress any girl. You have answered the toughest questions in your exam and were successful in presenting a lucrative financial report in front of the Directors of your company, but you are not happy. You know there is something that you miss, but not sure what it is.

You tried some tricks, but failed terribly, so you don’t want to try it again. Others spend half of their time looking for better ideas to win a girlfriend for themselves. Guys, it is not a battlefield where you need to win, no matter whatever the condition might be. She is a human being, just like you. Even she is looking for the right guy to hang around, but maybe you didn’t do enough things to get yourself noticed.

Lasting impression

You certainly cannot approach her, the way you normally do. She is sensitive, delicate, and wants to be appreciated for whatever she is. It is necessary that you create a better impression in front of her, or else you will lose her forever. If you don’t have confidence to approach her, then develop it.

Let go of your past, which was not impressive and good at all. Revive the X-factor that is present in you somewhere. The fear of losing her will make you fumble in front of her. Of course, she will not like to meet such men, who have low confidence. Whenever you are meeting her, ensure that you are natural and speak in a clear and precise manner. Smile a lot, as it will create the magic.

Learn from your past experience and ensure that you don’t commit the mistakes again, when you meet someone special. She likes to meet a man, who has full control on himself, and can talk and behave sensibly. Instead of complaining over the past incidences, think something unique that you can easily impress her with.

It is not an easy task to impress a girl. She will like, if you manifest high confidence and make a positive approach towards her. If you think she will fall in for your looks then rethink about it.

Looks don’t always matter

Of course looks matter, but not always. You might have the killing looks, but what if you lack is the basic mannerism and attitude. These are some of the things that she looks upon, while choosing a guy. She likes clean men, who have good dressing sense. Of course you cannot approach her in a shabby way, as she might not like to spend quality time with you.

Some of the men usually find it difficult to pick up a topic or don’t know what to converse with a girl. You certainly cannot go on and on over a topic, which is not at all interesting. If this happens, then she would never want to meet you again. You can make her feel comfortable with your conversation. Don’t hastily ask her phone number, when you hardly know her name. This will send a wrong message across.

Is It Hard To Woo Your Ex-Girlfriend?

You might have broken-up with your girlfriend, but there are so many things that you still miss about your ex. Despite the differences you both had, you still secretly crave to meet and possibly give your relationship a try, at least once. She was a good performer in bed, and you madly miss it, which is common. If you get an opportunity to wish something, then it surely will be to have a great time with her in bed again.

Well, if you think you are the only one, who has such cravings, then you are wrong. There are many like you, who dream of such fantasies. It doesn’t matter how tough she made your life, and restricted your liberty to be around with your friends and family, you still crave for her.

Longing for her

It is not that you didn’t meet other fantastic women, who rocked your world, but there is something special about her that you cannot forget at all. The reasons to sleep with her might be numerous, but there is one thing that men usually find it hard to answer is, whether they should or shouldn’t do it.

Guys, there is no harm in dreaming about such things, but have you ever thought it is practical. You haven’t been in touch with her for months now, and she doesn’t prefer to answer your calls or email. You just cannot call her up and remind the golden days and convince her to have a great time with you. Guys, be matured, such things might never happen no matter whatever you do attract or impress her.

Plan Something:

It might work, if you plan something unique and outstanding. You might need time to create the right impression, so think something unique, which can help you to get close to her. The best thing to do will be to invite her to one of your common friend’s house, maybe to a party or get together. You will get enough time to get close to her and pick up some common topic that will be of her interest. Guys don’t force things into her or else she might not want to meet you ever.

You must be missing her, so why not let her know about it. Even she might be missing you, but doesn’t want to reveal it. Give her a call and talk to her, as she might also like it. Slowly and gradually convince her to meet you at least once, maybe at her place or yours. You need to be natural in trying this act, as she knows you better.

Once she is with you in your bedroom, you know exactly what needs to be done to impress and woo her. Well that wouldn’t be a hard thing to do. She is as hot as she was a couple of months ago, and you find it hard to resist your acts.

Begin the act slowly, as you don’t know if she will be comfortable with you again. Start with healthy flirts. If she responds to you positively then it’s a bull’s eye for you. Be careful, if she shows a negative sign, which indicates that she is not happy with your moves.