No Fake Games – Just Being The Real ‘You’ And Impressing Her

From the moment you started going through the tips and techniques to impress and fascinate women, you got an idea that you need to play fewer ‘games’. There is a need for some ‘games’ and you need to be a bit of flirt than what you actually are.

To an extent, yes it’s true that with this flirt kind of attitude, and by playing manipulative ‘games’, you can attract women more easily. It won’t be that tough to get what you want. After all, these have always been working effectively. Yet, if your conscience doesn’t allow you to be a fake and make yourself feel cheap, then here are a few ideas to go forward.

Enhancing Your Own-self And Your Personality

Well, if you have been thinking that in what context this has been told, then it’s about everything that can positively affect your persona. Be it your physique, conversational skill, sense of humor, or anything that you can do to improve your personality.

If you think you are out of shape, or you have some harmful addictions, you need to work on those. When your personality shines, women automatically would be fascinated towards you, and you need not put more effort. Above all, you need to have that confidence and self-respect that women usually like about a man. When you would have a perfect personality, women themselves would be fascinated towards you, and possibly approach you too. You don’t need to play any fake ‘game’ for that purpose.

Making A Commitment To Yourself For Not Playing Any Game

When you do so, everything would be clear and justified in your mind. Yes, a little of manipulations can help, but in the end a genuine person and a real ‘you’, has always been more successful. It’s a significant trait that women like about men, the attitude of being yourself, the real you.

Such a commitment would automatically keep you away off any fake-ism and any illegitimate approach in the future. You would be genuine about yourself, your things, and yes that would be effective in achieving your goal.

Taking Relationships More Seriously

Admit it, that after all the ‘games’ are over, and you have enjoyed your love-life enough, you need to settle with a girl, who would truly love you. Yes, it’s nothing but a human nature, a common thinking that most men and women have. At the end of the day, they wish to be with someone, who would truly love them, and would be with them forever.

Anyways, what that has to do with your present?

Ok, right now, for you it’s like a companionship and a partner that you miss in your life. You don’t want to continue with your lonely nights anymore, and you wish to share things you experience with someone. However, have you ever given it a serious thought in relevance to your future? Have you ever thought of continuing with the same girl, for the whole of your life?

If you have never thought so, it’s high time you may start taking relationships more seriously.