Managing Dates With Frugal People

Does your date always think about saving money? They will always choose places that are free or very economical. If you are stuck with such a person, then you are definitely dating a frugal otherwise known as a cheapskate. This can be quite frustrating at times and you might at some point even want to break off the relationship. If you truly love them then you might want to give the relationship a try and handles things a little differently.

Are You Dating Cheapskates or Money Smart Daters

As human beings we always tend to overreact to situations. This might even be true in relationships. You might be over reacting on your partner’s money saving habits. Maybe, there are really trying to spend less due to current economic crunches. Other reason could be there are under some financial obligations and are waiting to repay off their debts.

So, how can you tell whether your partner is a cheapskate or simply a money smart dater? Here you need to go in with your gut feeling. If you feel that your partner is controlling every aspect of the date when it comes to expenses, they are definitely cheapskates. Cheapskates are mostly rigid and will not like surprises thrown at them.

Look for non fiscal generosity in the relationship. If a person truly loves you, they will go out of their way to shower their love on you. If your partner is a money smart dater, they will try to work out a special date in a minimum budget. In case of cheapskates, they might ask you to cook a dinner at home in order to save on restaurant bills.

Handling Dating With Frugal People

In today’s modern world, men and women are considered equals. If you feel that your date is a frugal person, then it is high time you turn the tables on them. If you want to have a romantic evening with them in a good restaurant insist on sharing the bill with them.

Secondly ask them to gift you small mementos that are not too hard on their pockets. A box of candy from a local store, flowers wrapped with ribbons from your garden. It will put them at ease and they might feel that you too, know the value of money.

Talk it out with your partner on his money saving habits. They need to cut slack some money. Praise them when they relatively spend even a dollar more. Show them that you are relatively impressed by their generosity.

Sharing Love and Money in Relationships

Saving money is a good habit, as long as it does not come in way of your relationship. If your partner is making efforts to make the relationship work taking into consideration that you are frugal, then you too might want to make some changes in your money saving habits.

There is no harm in going to restaurants or movie once in a while. In fact your partner will adore you for such surprises and this will help in building the bond and trust in your relationship.