Make A Win – Win Situation Out Of A Date

It can be quite disappointing and frustrating to see your friends or relatives in serious relationships and you being left out. In such situations, you might actually question yourself on why you do not get dates or not in any sort of relationship. In this article we will discuss on how to improve your dating skills and win a potential date.

Reasons Why You Are Single

Staying single or in a relationship is all up to you. First and foremost you might have to let go of your past if you plan on dating. If you still cribbing or waiting for your ex to get back into your life, then you might not be mentally prepared to let go of your ex. For all you know they might already have moved on with their lives.

Secondly you need to be up to date with the technique of flirting and communication. Gone are the days where you might feel your ‘special one’ will bump into you or a busy street and then violins will start playing. Wake up. This is the 21st century. You need to create opportunities for yourself and sometimes make the first move.

If you are looking at a serious relationship, you need to set your priorities first. Begin by creating an online profile and stating the type of person you want to date. Make it a fun and interesting profile. When you begin a conversation with a person, add a little humour into it.

What Women Are Looking Out on Dates

If guys think that they can get any women by flaunting their cash or sports cars then think again. Not all women think alike. There might be women out there who actually prefer hardworking men. Men who are ambitious in nature and at the same time down to earth can score with women.

Secondly, you need to get rid of your baggage. No women will like it if you talk about your past relationship and the emotional trauma associated with it. In fact, they might just walk out on you and that will be the end of your date.

If you are a single parent with kids, then you might have to make time for your date in your busy schedule. If they are young, you can get your friends or family to baby sit for them. It might become a bit uncomfortable for both of you to get kids along with you on your first date.

Be Confident and Easy Going

While going on a date, you need to ooze confidence. No woman likes a man who keeps fumbling with words. Add a little humour to the conversation. Dress as per the occasion. Purchase some trendy casual wear.

Bear in mind do not to brag about yourself. Work on your listening skills. Give her a chance to speak about herself. Purchase a gift that is not too personal. Some women might take offense to such gifts and might get uncomfortable. A bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates might do the trick.