Do The Right Things To Attract Her Towards You

You can never win a woman’s heart, unless you know how to please her. Pleasing her does not mean that you have to do everything and anything that will make her happy. Men usually look out for better ways to excite and attract their partner inside or outside the bedroom. You need to create a reason, so that she will fall in for you.

One of the greatest mistakes that you men do is making assumptions. You might try various ways to attract her including the tactics that your friend had tried to win the heart of a beautiful girl in his college. Every woman is different and her preferences vary as well. If you think that, you can please her by purchasing exclusive and expensive gifts then you might be wrong.

Not all will be impressed with your expensive gadgets, luxurious cars, and your style. This might win you a favor, but not love and passion. If you are serious about a relationship, then you need to do the right things to attract her towards you.

Support her emotionally:

Women need lots of emotional support as compared to men. It does not mean that they want you to advise them for everything and anything. Unless asked, you would not risk of interfering into personal life, as you would not want to make her feel offended. You can build up a trust relationship with her, and this is possible when you listen to her.

Do not force her into anything, unless she is fine with it. You might want to have a good time with her in bed, and there is nothing in thinking so. Instead of suggesting her things directly, you might let her know what is good for her. Women love to be with someone, who gives them equal opportunity to think and express their feelings.

Know her better-

Before you suggest anything to her, it is necessary that you know her emotional strengths. This will help you in knowing her needs better. The needs of every woman differ and you have to work according to it. If she is comfortable sharing with you some things of her life, then be glad and do not force her to disclose something that she does not want to. For instance, if she has an ex and she is not comfortable discussing about it with you then do not ever bring up that topic.

Excite her physically:

Now that you have satisfied her emotional needs, the next task is fulfilling her physical requirements. If you are able to satisfy her sexual quest in the manner, she desired then she will be always happy with you. Instead of directly getting into the action and doing things that pleases you, it is suggested that you know better what she wants.

Pamper with lots of foreplay and excite her to the core. At times, she might not tell you what she needs on bed, but it is your responsibility to know them better.

Show how you much you care for them

Women love men, who care for them and show how important they are for them. She might tend to ignore you so as to know if you do care for them, and this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you at all.