Divorced Dad – Impress Your Date By Avoiding These Dating Faux Pas

After divorce or separation, being a single dad you may feel like getting out and start dating. However, it may be daunting work for others. Although, you have been dating your spouse for many years but dating a new girl can be entirely different experience. Let us discuss some faux pas you should avoid as a divorced dad.

Don’t be monotonous

Avoid being monotonous in any case, be it dressing, a dating place or a menu. Try to bring some change in yourself. Even though you like one particular place for dating, do not forget to discover new places. Ask the girl about her favourite place and take her to that place.

Try to please her with surprises and gifts. Ask her interesting questions. Show her your humorous side and stay away from the boring dad side of yours. A man taking her date to the same place for dinner again and again is often considered boring and mundane. Do not let this happen with you.

Don’t dig the past memories

The girl you are dating might feel uncomfortable with you talking about your ex-wife or your kids. So, do not go on talking about your ex-family. Show her that you are ready to accept a new change in your life with a new energy. However, if she asks about your marriage, be brief in explaining everything. Moreover, if you want to ask her the same, do not appear as an investigator. Be humble and intelligent in questioning.

Don’t do annoying things

Avoid doing irritating things on your date. Try to avoid the below mentioned things to make her feel you are the one for her.

  • Dressing absurdly- Your dress-up and looks is the mirror of your personality. Do not dress-up like chumps, instead feel fresh and dress nicely. Always remember, your looks go a long way in forming an impression.
  • Bad Table manners- Be a little bit attentive during dinner. Do not make noise while eating and behave like a gentleman. You may find it romantic taking food from your date’s plate, but it may be annoying for her.
  • Using mobile- Always remember, you are on a date with the girl and not your phone. Being a dad you are responsible, but try to keep the phone switched off or in a silent mode to avoid any disturbance. Only text or call in case of emergency.
  • Being self-obsessed- Do not just keep on talking about yourself, instead get to know her. Tell about yourself only if she asks. Show her that you are interested in her and not just yourself.

Don’t expect too much

Always remember, dating should be fun and not a burden. Do not expect a lot from her. No one is perfect and she is no exception. Give yourself time and then ask about the future expectations and plans.


Do not rush into sexual relationship too fast. First, get to know each other and then decide what you want in your life.