Deal With Rejection And Move Forward

You might have read about how to attract her in books, articles or on blogs. You even learnt some of those ‘secret techniques’ and said all the romantic lines, but still no happy response. A few good conversation, great laughs, and memorable moments are spent together. You are falling in love, but she is pulling away. You immediately get desperate, but the more you display your attraction the more she gets disconnected.

You may be left wondering what went wrong. Stop evaluating yourself as it will harm your self-confidence. Instead of looking in the past take a positive approach and understand that you are not alone in experiencing rejection.

How to deal with rejection?

  • Be compassionate to yourself in thoughts and actions.
  • Do not take rejection personally.
  • Respect her feelings. She has done a big favour and look at how hard it would be for her to remain happy with someone she did not love.
  • People have their own measure of acceptance and getting attracted.

Rejection can also turn people insane permanently or temporarily. Some people go around and shoot the ones they love. This is called crime of passion, which is wrong. If the girl you love cannot see the value and treasure of your life then they do not deserve you. Forgive and forget the past and move forward. Look for reasons what to do to make women love you.

Be authentic

The main thing that women find attractive in men is authenticity that is being your real self. Don’t panic, when you are with an attractive woman and act/brag in anxiety of losing them. Initially, acting with confidence can gain interest, but in a minute the women will see through your flirty conversation. Therefore, be confident for real.

How to improve yourself?

If women do not find you attractive, they will not be interested in you. Look at the points given below that will assist you to understand and focus on getting attractive.

What women find attractive in men?

  • Confident behaviour
  • Good communication skill
  • Flirts during conversation
  • Attractive body language
  • Selects the woman he admires
  • Alpha male behaviour
  • Emotionally and mentally strong
  • Makes her feel feminine
  • Confidence has brought success in life

Learn the high-qualities of an accomplished personality

  • Self-confidence – Self-confidence is not being egotistical, but believing in your abilities and yourself. It is good to be confident, but also accepts that some people will reject you.
  • Sociability – A wide social friend circle indicates that you are a likeable personality having real relationships. Having long-standing friendships exhibits a lot regarding your genuine character.
  • Approach to life – Girls hate guys, who walk away from risks. Males are totally unaware about how boring this attitude about shying away from challenges in life is.
  • Goal in life – Planning for the future does not mean savings, but is to have an aim in life. Recognize what you desire in life and go after it without getting nervous. Women admire males, who have plans for the future and works towards attaining it, instead of thinking about how to satisfy her. She is happy, when you behave like a genuine man.