Divorced Dad – Impress Your Date By Avoiding These Dating Faux Pas

After divorce or separation, being a single dad you may feel like getting out and start dating. However, it may be daunting work for others. Although, you have been dating your spouse for many years but dating a new girl can be entirely different experience. Let us discuss some faux pas you should avoid as a divorced dad.

Don’t be monotonous

Avoid being monotonous in any case, be it dressing, a dating place or a menu. Try to bring some change in yourself. Even though you like one particular place for dating, do not forget to discover new places. Ask the girl about her favourite place and take her to that place.

Try to please her with surprises and gifts. Ask her interesting questions. Show her your humorous side and stay away from the boring dad side of yours. A man taking her date to the same place for dinner again and again is often considered boring and mundane. Do not let this happen with you.

Don’t dig the past memories

The girl you are dating might feel uncomfortable with you talking about your ex-wife or your kids. So, do not go on talking about your ex-family. Show her that you are ready to accept a new change in your life with a new energy. However, if she asks about your marriage, be brief in explaining everything. Moreover, if you want to ask her the same, do not appear as an investigator. Be humble and intelligent in questioning.

Don’t do annoying things

Avoid doing irritating things on your date. Try to avoid the below mentioned things to make her feel you are the one for her.

  • Dressing absurdly- Your dress-up and looks is the mirror of your personality. Do not dress-up like chumps, instead feel fresh and dress nicely. Always remember, your looks go a long way in forming an impression.
  • Bad Table manners- Be a little bit attentive during dinner. Do not make noise while eating and behave like a gentleman. You may find it romantic taking food from your date’s plate, but it may be annoying for her.
  • Using mobile- Always remember, you are on a date with the girl and not your phone. Being a dad you are responsible, but try to keep the phone switched off or in a silent mode to avoid any disturbance. Only text or call in case of emergency.
  • Being self-obsessed- Do not just keep on talking about yourself, instead get to know her. Tell about yourself only if she asks. Show her that you are interested in her and not just yourself.

Don’t expect too much

Always remember, dating should be fun and not a burden. Do not expect a lot from her. No one is perfect and she is no exception. Give yourself time and then ask about the future expectations and plans.


Do not rush into sexual relationship too fast. First, get to know each other and then decide what you want in your life.

Simple Dating Rules For Men – Win Your Ladylove On The First Date

Getting nervous and losing confidence is nothing new while going on a date for many men. Courting a woman can seem a little tough to you but not impossible, if you follow a few simple rules.

Rule 1

Girls have their own tastes in men, and most of them want handsome and confident partners. Not only do they want their boyfriends or husbands to be good talkers, but patient listeners too. They would want their men to be themselves, and not be someone they are not.

They also expect them to be humorous and share loads of laughter and fun to be with. However, if you want to impress your girl on the first date, then dress up nicely. Try to understand what your girl likes about you, and include it in your personal style statement.

Rule 2

Keep it as simple as you can is the best mantra. Don’t express your views about how serious or casual you are about dating. It is better to not discuss anything too personal, unless you know what the other person is thinking.

It could hurt your partner’s feelings and be a complete turn off. If you are not ready for a relationship, it is better that you do not get to close to your date. However, you could break the physical barrier by giving her a small hug when you meet. Pay attention to what she has to say, and try to learn more about her

Rule 3

Discussing your past relationships with your date on the first meeting is highly not recommended. It mainly gives a wrong impression about you to the listener. What you really need to talk about is on the subject like things that you like and common interests, which you share.

Rule 4

Everyone loves surprises. This is why you should never go empty handed. Give her a bouquet of beautiful flowers or a box of chocolates. This will make her feel special. The idea here is not to impress her by giving expensive gifts, but expressing your happiness of meeting her.

It is suggested that you avoid crowded places like a movie hall, disc, etc. Instead, you could take her for dinner at a peaceful restaurant. This will give you an opportunity to know each other much better.

Rule 5

Once you are back home after the date, if you are interested, you could call or text her. This shows that you are interested and would like to stay in touch. Usually, women do not make the first move. They expect their men to make them feel wanted. This will make her happy.

Rule 6

Be classy and try to show that you are protective in nature. You can show your emotions by pulling the chair, opening the door for her, etc. Women are modern and self sufficient these days but in terms of finding a partner they will always want someone caring.

Rule 7

Compliment her. A girl always loves compliments but don’t overdo it. You can compliment your date on her smile or you can also express how much you love her presence.

Rule 8

Pay for your date. Yes, women are self-independent now, but you must not forget your etiquettes. She will obviously offer to pay but it is advised not to take it. This shows the true gentleman nature.

Managing Dates With Frugal People

Does your date always think about saving money? They will always choose places that are free or very economical. If you are stuck with such a person, then you are definitely dating a frugal otherwise known as a cheapskate. This can be quite frustrating at times and you might at some point even want to break off the relationship. If you truly love them then you might want to give the relationship a try and handles things a little differently.

Are You Dating Cheapskates or Money Smart Daters

As human beings we always tend to overreact to situations. This might even be true in relationships. You might be over reacting on your partner’s money saving habits. Maybe, there are really trying to spend less due to current economic crunches. Other reason could be there are under some financial obligations and are waiting to repay off their debts.

So, how can you tell whether your partner is a cheapskate or simply a money smart dater? Here you need to go in with your gut feeling. If you feel that your partner is controlling every aspect of the date when it comes to expenses, they are definitely cheapskates. Cheapskates are mostly rigid and will not like surprises thrown at them.

Look for non fiscal generosity in the relationship. If a person truly loves you, they will go out of their way to shower their love on you. If your partner is a money smart dater, they will try to work out a special date in a minimum budget. In case of cheapskates, they might ask you to cook a dinner at home in order to save on restaurant bills.

Handling Dating With Frugal People

In today’s modern world, men and women are considered equals. If you feel that your date is a frugal person, then it is high time you turn the tables on them. If you want to have a romantic evening with them in a good restaurant insist on sharing the bill with them.

Secondly ask them to gift you small mementos that are not too hard on their pockets. A box of candy from a local store, flowers wrapped with ribbons from your garden. It will put them at ease and they might feel that you too, know the value of money.

Talk it out with your partner on his money saving habits. They need to cut slack some money. Praise them when they relatively spend even a dollar more. Show them that you are relatively impressed by their generosity.

Sharing Love and Money in Relationships

Saving money is a good habit, as long as it does not come in way of your relationship. If your partner is making efforts to make the relationship work taking into consideration that you are frugal, then you too might want to make some changes in your money saving habits.

There is no harm in going to restaurants or movie once in a while. In fact your partner will adore you for such surprises and this will help in building the bond and trust in your relationship.

Make A Win – Win Situation Out Of A Date

It can be quite disappointing and frustrating to see your friends or relatives in serious relationships and you being left out. In such situations, you might actually question yourself on why you do not get dates or not in any sort of relationship. In this article we will discuss on how to improve your dating skills and win a potential date.

Reasons Why You Are Single

Staying single or in a relationship is all up to you. First and foremost you might have to let go of your past if you plan on dating. If you still cribbing or waiting for your ex to get back into your life, then you might not be mentally prepared to let go of your ex. For all you know they might already have moved on with their lives.

Secondly you need to be up to date with the technique of flirting and communication. Gone are the days where you might feel your ‘special one’ will bump into you or a busy street and then violins will start playing. Wake up. This is the 21st century. You need to create opportunities for yourself and sometimes make the first move.

If you are looking at a serious relationship, you need to set your priorities first. Begin by creating an online profile and stating the type of person you want to date. Make it a fun and interesting profile. When you begin a conversation with a person, add a little humour into it.

What Women Are Looking Out on Dates

If guys think that they can get any women by flaunting their cash or sports cars then think again. Not all women think alike. There might be women out there who actually prefer hardworking men. Men who are ambitious in nature and at the same time down to earth can score with women.

Secondly, you need to get rid of your baggage. No women will like it if you talk about your past relationship and the emotional trauma associated with it. In fact, they might just walk out on you and that will be the end of your date.

If you are a single parent with kids, then you might have to make time for your date in your busy schedule. If they are young, you can get your friends or family to baby sit for them. It might become a bit uncomfortable for both of you to get kids along with you on your first date.

Be Confident and Easy Going

While going on a date, you need to ooze confidence. No woman likes a man who keeps fumbling with words. Add a little humour to the conversation. Dress as per the occasion. Purchase some trendy casual wear.

Bear in mind do not to brag about yourself. Work on your listening skills. Give her a chance to speak about herself. Purchase a gift that is not too personal. Some women might take offense to such gifts and might get uncomfortable. A bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates might do the trick.

Knowing The Difference Between Kinky Sex And Rape

We all have sexual fantasies and would definitely like to try it out with our partners. Though some fantasies might be fun and thrilling, others might be a bit awkward and might not be enjoyed by our partners. It is up to you to know where to draw the lines when it comes to sexual fantasies. Not stopping when your partner refuses can be termed as ‘rape’.

How is Rape Different from Kinky Sex

Rape occurs when sexual intercourse takes place without the consent of any one of the partners or with any underage person. It can also take place under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or use of violence to force a person to have sex.

Rape can also take place during dates. This is commonly referred to as date rape. The only difference between rape and date rape is that the victim knows their attacker. Rape is a serious crime and this can cause physical and mental trauma to the victim.

In the case of kinky sex, partners indulge in the sexual fantasies with the consent of each other. Here you can make use of sex toys, bondage tools knowing that your partner is comfortable with this. You need to draw a line if you feel that your partner is getting obsessed with their sexual fantasies.

If you feel that there is too much bondage and violence involved in your sexual activity, ask your partner to stop and seek help for them. There are many good counsellors out there who might be able to give you the right advice on such issues.

Can Sexual Fantasies End in Abusive Relationships

Many people dream of indulging in a rape fantasy with their partner. There is some thrill and excitement for women to act submissive and defenceless against their partners. In the attempt to fulfil your sexual fantasy, things might get too rough and uncomfortable.

Your partner might get too carried away in your ‘rape fantasy’ that he might actually cause you body harm and might manipulate or pressure you to have sex with him. Here is where you need to set up some rules and guidelines when it comes to kinky sex.

Come up with a word or sign that portrays how you feel during sex. If you do not like a particular position or foreplay say the ‘magic work’ firmly and ask them to stop. The main ingredient in any relationship is respecting each other.

Know Your Limits When it Comes to Fantasies

You might have heard the saying better safe than sorry. The same rule applies to relationships. You need to know your boundaries when it comes to role play or enacting your sexual fantasies. If your partner is uncomfortable with the idea of bondage or blindfold sex, then forgo the idea and try out something else.

You can try out different sexual positions and add spice to your love life. If you really want to try out something kinky, make a list of what stuff you can try and consult with your partner if they are comfortable with them.

Keep Your Options Open While Dating

Many of us are sceptical when it comes to dating people. Different people might have different stances when it comes to dating. While some might feel that he or she is the right person for me just on their first date, other might await a little bit longer before committing to a relationship.

Guidelines to Dating

First and foremost you need to enjoy your dating experience. Stop looking for love or assume that he or she might be the one for me. This does not happen on first dates. The basic thing here is that you should enjoy each other’s company.

Learn about each other, their likes and dislikes, what they do for a living, common interest before you make a choice of committing to them. Meet up in a crowded are such as restaurants, parks when you can be comfortable with one another.

Humour is the best way to break the ice with your date. Stay away from intimate or personal talks about your past relationship. Assume that you are out on a lunch and dinner with a friend. Bear in mind that you are not out looking for a marriage potential, so it is ok if you act yourself.

Go Out on Dates with Multiple People

The best way to meet the right person is to go out on multiple dates. There are number of people out there looking at meeting a wonderful person like you. One of the major advantages of multiple dating is that it helps to build up on your confidence levels. You know exactly what to expect on your first date and how to create the right impression on them.

Secondly, you meet a lot of interesting people that it becomes easier for you to compare and contrast different potential people that you like. You might definitely have some qualities in mind that you might like in your Mr or Miss Right and this gives you a chance to exploit those opportunities to the fullest.

All dates do not have to be successful. You might come across many kinds of people. Some might grab your attention, while others might be boring or monotonous, but this does not mean you have to give up hope. You need to be patient and confident that you will be a person who is going to sweep you off your feet.

Tips to Online Dating

The advent of the internet has made lives easier for many of us. Online dating services or websites have made it easier to meet potential people sharing the same interests as you. All you need to do is create a profile and you are all set to date.

You might need to tread carefully when selecting a date. Not all profile out there is genuine and honest. You might need to do your homework and be prepared for the worst when it comes to online dating.

Bear in mind, not to give out too much about yourself. Limit yourself to few people at a time. Getting too many responses for your profile might get your excited, but you might need to play smart.

Getting Into A Relationship With People Who Have Married Multiple Times

You have finally met your match and you are ready to get into a serious relationship with them. You are all prepared to propose to your partner only for them to drop the bomb, that they have been married a couple of times. Now, what do you do? This is a very complex scenario where you can neither turn your back to the situation neither give a positive response.

Giving Your Partner a Chance at the Relationship

Now that you know that your partner has already been committed, you need to tread carefully with them. It does not mean that they are not the right person for you. Every relationship does not always have to be a bed of roses. Maybe they did not share the same relationship with their previous partners as they share with you.

Secondly, you need to understand that they too have been through a tough phase in their lives. What if the tables were turned and you were in the same situation? Would you not want your partner to love you and trust you? The same is expected from you.

No one is perfect. We all have had our shares of mistakes in relationships. You need to give them a chance at beginning a new chapter in their lives. You never know, this partner could actually be the ‘one’ for whom you have been waiting all your life.

Dealing with the Emotional Baggage

Everybody comes with an emotional baggage. While some of us are good with hiding emotions, others are not. When it comes to dating a person who is married a couple of times, you might even need to take into consideration their emotional baggage.

Many of them might not be able to open up with you. You need to be patient and acquire their trust. You need to understand why their previous marriages failed. Their version of the story might be very far from what you expected. In simple words, you need to be there for them when they need you the most.

Show them how much you love or care for them. Give them time to heal. When they see the love and respect that you have for them, they will slowly open up to you.

Benefits of Dating People Who Have Married Multiple Times

Dating people who have been married before is not such a bad thing. Think of it as an experience where you might get to learn new and better things about dating. Bear in mind that they are experienced and will know how to make the relationship work.

They might not accept too much from you since they have already made that mistake and lost out on a marriage. Secondly they will be wise and more matured. Thirdly imagine your sexual life with them. They might be able to teach you a trick or two when it comes to hot and steamy sex.

They will learn to appreciate the smallest things that you do for them since they have already learnt from their past mistakes.

Get Your Ball Rolling For Dating After A Long Time

Finally you have decided to move on and get your life back on track. You log on to a dating website and are surprised to see that the dating trends have changed. You have no idea whom to believe and how to go about meeting potential people. Here is where this article is going to be useful to you. In this article we will discuss on how to land you a potential date and make the most use of this opportunity.

Looking Out For the Tell Tale Signs

This might take some time as you need to learn from scratch the basics of dating. First and foremost not all potential people who approach you are genuinely interested in you. Some might just be looking at having some fun at your expense. Beware of such people. If you are only looking for physical satisfaction then this might work otherwise it might result in heartaches.

Bear in mind not to ignore the red flags when it comes to dating. Some people might just expect you to do as they say or plan without waiting for your consent. Sometimes, you might keep wondering whether you might get to date them a second time or not.

Stay away from people who have been in abusive relationships or are too dependent on you. No matter what you try to do for them, they might not let go of their emotional baggage and you might be left feeling suffocated and emotionally drained.

Know What Type of Relationship You Want

Set your priorities straight before you start dating. If you are planning on a serious relationship, you need to place safe. Bear in mind not to get your hopes high. If you have met an interesting person online, do not jump on the opportunity to meet them straightaway. For all you know he might just be stringing you along to satisfy his sexual needs.

Date multiple numbers of people you are comfortable with. Learn about their likes and dislikes and check out your compatibility levels with them. This will give you a clear idea on where you stand with each one of them. A person looking for a serious relationship will takes things slow and get to know you better before committing themselves.

If you find that your date is too possessive or suspicious of your every action, you might want to get away from them. You cannot trust such people and later on it can be very difficult to get out of such relationships.

Never Give Up on Finding the Right Person

Sometimes it might be frustrating when you are approached by the wrong kind of people. This does not mean that you have to give up. Patience is a virtue. This might take a toll on your confidence levels but as and when get yourself involved in the dating game, you might become confident again.

You need to make the first move and if you genuinely like a person ask them out. There is no harm in experimenting with your extrovert side. You might never know that this date might actually be the person you were waiting all your life for.

Take Care Of Simple Things While Planning Your Date

A good look is not all you need to have to impress a beautiful girl. Your charming personality, ability to grasp her attention and other interesting features matters a lot to her. You might have dated few women in the past, but there is something that didn’t work at all. If you want to positively impress her, then have a look at few effective dating tips, which might work in your case.

Women love men, who are confident in everything they do in front of them. If you are asking her for a date, then do it confidently. She wouldn’t say yes to you if her day is bad. You can tactfully ask about her day so far, and if all is fine, you might proceed ahead with the date invitation.

If she wants you to wait for few days or a week then don’t call her frequently. She might not like it and might decline your invitation in future. On the decided day, ensure to call her at the time, when you think she would be free to talk to you.

Prepare a date plan well in advance

If she says yes to your proposal then there are many things that need to be taken care of. Thus choose a date, which will give you enough time to take care of the arrangements. If you want to take to a special hotel or place, then you can do so. You can also think about various things that you would want to do on your date.

Everything about your date needs to be planned in the best possible manner. Like booking a reservation in a hotel or choosing the outfit that you want to wear on the special day. Don’t believe in the last minute preparation, as it might disappoint her. Also, don’t be late on the date as women basically don’t like to wait long for anyone.

Plan your budget:

You might want to do lots of things, but plan them as per your budget. Instead of spending more money on impressing her, work on things that will attract her towards you. Women love men, who respect them, have basic etiquettes, and talk things that will be of her interest. If you go on and on with your work or talk a lot about your business, then there are chances that she might never want to meet you again.

Take care of her preferences, while making arrangements for the date. She would surely appreciate your efforts. You can present her flowers or something that is inexpensive, but attractive.

Plan the day properly:

If you are planning to pick her up on the day of date, then let her know about the same. Ensure to reach the place as decided on time, and not early. If you are going to be late for some reasons, then call her and let her know so that she wouldn’t wait for you. Avoid the last minute rush, as it will be quite confusing.

Don’t rush in to tell her how desperate you were to meet her, as she would certainly not like it. These simple rules will surely help you to impress her on the first meeting.

Impressing A Girl Is A Tough Job – Do You Think So?

Usually men commit some common mistakes while impressing the girl whom they liked at the first instance. Remember, first impression is always the last one. Thus, what you speak and how you approach her, does matter a lot.

You might think about some good pick up lines, but the fact is that they wouldn’t work always. If you are no good with those lines, then of course you cannot try them at all. Many try to create their own style, but only few succeed. There is certainly something that you need in order to charm your girl.

Converse with confidence:

Few men, usually fumble when they try to initiate a conversation with a girl. You fall short of words, and you cannot think about a topic to talk. This might certainly create a bad impression about you in her mind. She might not consider you to be a better prospect and would never want to meet you ever.

You might have memorized many good pickup lines from the net, but strangely you forgot all of them. If you have faced such a situation earlier then don’t worry, as it is common. Instead of panicking, you can spend time learning those lines that you can excel quite easily. There are some lines that look quite genuine and are easy to recite.

Practice it:

Before you try them on anyone, it is better you practice it a lot. The best thing to do would be to stand in front of the mirror and try it in different ways. Look the way you speak and also check your body language, as it matters a lot. The most important thing is that it should look quite convincing and exclusive.

You will be surprised to know that your potential partner actually observes lots of things about your behavior. Thus, ensure to make the best approach, which will surely attract her towards you. Don’t try to put on extra efforts to impress her, as she is too smart to identify the same. In simple words, it should be quite genuine and natural.

Not always you might be able to impress her with your golden words. There are chances that you might forget a line or two. Don’t panic if that happens with you. Rather, be calm and think about different line, which will impress her.

In such a circumstance, you might take time to compliment her in a natural way. She will certainly like it and will appreciate your efforts. If you don’t have any words to speak then think calmly about what you can talk to make her happy. No matter whatever you say, ensure it has a positive impact on her.

Don’t overdo:

Some men have a habit of talking a lot about themselves or their business. It is one of the biggest mistakes that you commit. You can never expect her to understand your business talk, especially if she has no knowledge. Rather pick up a topic that will interest her, and keep her entertained.