8 Simple Dating Tips For Men To Romance The Women Of Their Dreams

Most of the men feel nervous and get tensed when they take the woman of their dreams on a date. Although courting a woman may seem a little tough, but it is not impossible, if you follow the simple rules.

Rule # 1

Women have their own tastes, as far as men are concerned. Most of them prefer to date men who are handsome and can become confident partners. Not only do they want their partners to be good conversationalists, they should also be good listeners. They would want their men to be themselves, and not fake their identity.

They also expect them to be humorous and share loads of laughter and fun. However, if you want to impress your woman on the first date, then dress up nicely. Try to understand what your partner likes about you, and try to include it in your personal style statement.

Rule # 2

Keep it simple is the best mantra. Don’t express your views about how serious or casual you are about dating. It is better to not discuss anything too personal, unless you know what the other person is thinking. It could hurt their feelings and be a complete turn off. If you are not ready for a relationship, it is better that you do not get to close to your date.

However, you can break the physical barrier by giving her a small hug at the beginning of the meeting. Pay attention to what she has to say, and try to understand her point of view on various aspects.

Rule # 3

Discussing your past relationships is highly not recommended your first date. It gives a wrong impression. What you really need to talk about is the things that you like and the common interests that you both share.

Rule # 4

Everyone loves surprises. This is why you should never go empty handed. Give her a bouquet of beautiful flowers or a box of chocolates. This will make her feel special. The idea here is not to impress her by giving expensive gifts, but expressing your happiness of meeting your date. Avoid meeting at crowded places. Instead, you could take her for dinner at a peaceful restaurant. This will give you an opportunity to know each other much better.

Rule # 5

Once you return home after the date, you could call or text her, showing that you are interested in her and would like to stay in touch. Usually, women do not make the first move. They expect their men to make them feel wanted. This will make her happy.

Rule # 6

Be elegant and try to show that you are caring towards her. You can be a gentle man by pulling the chair, opening the car door for her, etc. Although women are self sufficient these days, but when it comes to finding the right partner, they want someone caring.

Rule # 7

Compliment her. Women love compliments, but it is suggested that you don’t overdo it. You can compliment on her smile, her dressing, her presence of mind, etc.

Rule # 8

Pay for your date. Yes, women are independent, but you must not forget your etiquettes. She will obviously offer to pay half of the bill, but it is advised that you do not accept it. Instead, tell her that she could take you out next time.