Plan Things For Your First Date – Let Sex Be The Last Thing On Your Mind

Sex on first date, at times is not a practical thing though you men might secretly want to have it. Nevertheless, it will be a wrong thing to meet someone with an intention of having sex. In fact, you can do lot many things that will make her happy and relaxed being with you. The whole idea to meet someone new is to know more about her and understand how you can take the relationship further.

Not all men have the same qualities, when it comes to winning the heart of their date. Some might be good to talk with, while others are good listeners. If you have some or none of the positives qualities, don’t worry as they can be always worked on. However, it is a wrong thing to follow others footsteps as it might reveal your identity.

Instead, spend time in analyzing the factors that makes you outstanding. Your friends might have revealed the secret, about what they did to win over the heart of the lovely lady, and things that can flatter her. All these are good to hear, but the practical approach is quite different from the fact.

Do the right things:

You certainly wouldn’t want to ruin your short term relationship with the girl, whom you have just met. You liked her and want to know more about her likings and preferences. If you merely think of having sex, then your body language will also reveal the same thing. There are chances that the girl might not like it at all, and will not meet you ever.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot have sex with her on the first date. However, it is important that she is comfortable with you and knows you better. This is possible only if you spend quality time with her, even before you let her know about her intentions. She will not mind if you make slow moves, as it will give her enough time to understand what is happening with her.

Make a move confidently:

In order to spend quality time with her, it is necessary to plan things for the first date properly. There is enough time, where you can meet and talk about each other. At no point in time she should feel that you are trying to hurry things and wind up the meeting, by revealing your desire to have sex.

You can ruin the game by rushing in?

If you think women love men who are fast, then you are absolutely wrong. No matter how open-minded your dating partner might appear to be, she wants things to move slow and steadily. Even before you make a proposal it is recommended to know what she feels about you and if she is interested in having sex with you.

She is beautiful and it might be too hard for you to control your desires to be with her in bed. If you are smart then you will never ever commit this mistake, as you will lose her forever.