Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

Many women claim not to give a damn about the size of their partners’ penises. A certain research study reported that 85 percent of women do not care about how big or small their partners’ penises are. However, such claims are refutable – especially when we factor in the remaining 15 percent of women who seem to put into the size of man’s dick with whom they are romantically engaged. The irrefutable truth is; if given an opportunity to choose, any woman will prefer a big penis because it gives more physical pleasure compared to a small one.

Consider the following research findings:

  • Women participants were requested to touch, feel and also stroke 3D replicas of dicks. When asked to choose one for a one night of pleasure, they picked the thicker models.
  • Perhaps the most interesting part is the fact that the choice was unanimous as far as their length preferences were concerned whether it was for a long term intimate relationship or a one night stand.
  • Women have a tendency of being more attracted to taller as they believe that taller men have long and manly penises. On the other hand, they associate short men with average penis sizes.

Based on the above research revelations, it would be correct to conclude that size matters with regards to women’s preferences. When a man is adequately equipped, women expect or rather anticipate more physical pleasure during lovemaking.

It is imperative to understand that optimal physical pleasure is only realisable if a woman receives enough mental stimulation. As such, you should not downplay the power of mental arousal. For the majority of women, sexual enjoyment starts with mental stimulation. A woman is aroused by what she can visualise in her head. More often, the process entails envisioning a big cock as well as how it might feel at the time of penetration. It is the same feeling that men experience when they are visually stimulated by a woman with a big butt, large and firm breasts or long legs.

Even though it does not apply to all the women, a good number of them are usually visually excited by big cocks. In a certain research study almost all the women participants said that whenever they meet an attractive man, they begin to picture in their minds, what his penis is like – regarding length, thickness and so on. These answers tell us that women are unusually curious about large wieners. Further, when they visualise such dicks, they cannot help but feel a better sexual urge compared to when they imagine having sex with someone who has a small penis.

Now link the “mental stimulation” with the real action when a big schlong is involved. A big penis has the potential to provide more movements within the walls of the vaginal, and consequently touching the most sensitive parts. A bigger member also generates better friction along the parts of the vagina that act as receptors of pleasure. Lastly, women experience more pleasure when there is increased sensation on the area around the vaginal opening when it is filled and stretched in a sensual manner.

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