Why Aren’t My Penis Pills Working?

The market is flooded with penis pills that perform varying functions. Penis pills promise various benefits ranging from increased production of sex hormones (testosterone), semen production, sexual stamina, sex drive and improved orgasms, among numerous others. The reason why these pills are popular among consumers is their ease of use and the privacy they offer effortless. You can be taking them anywhere, and no one will ever know what you are up to.

So, you went shopping for the right brand, spent your hard earned money, but you cannot seem to see any results. What could be wrong? This article responds to this question in the most straightforward way. Here are some of the reasons:

You bought a poor quality brand

Low-quality penis pills are dangerous, highly ineffective, or just slow in delivering what it promises. If your brand is just slow, you might eventually experience some results. However, if it is a fake product with no potential to help alleviate your sexual health problem, I can bet on my life that it will never help you – no matter how long it takes. The worst part is if your penis pill brand poses potential health risks to your reproductive health or your overall health. For this reason, you need to re-evaluate your penis pill.

Conduct further background checks, and vet the manufacturer and the seller as well. For how long has he been in the industry? What are the previous or existing users saying about the effectiveness of the pill? Are there things surrounding your penis pill that weren’t apparent to you at the time of the purchase? Do not be afraid of what you will find out. You would rather learn the bitter truth now than continue wasting your time on a pill that is anything else but effective.

You are not following instructions

A common mistake that men commit when using products of male enhancement is failing to follow the instructions. Have you been taking an overdose or underdose? Have you been taking them as regularly as instructed, or do you skip doses on some occasions? Are you eating a balanced diet? For some penis pills to work, users are usually advised to engage in proper eating habits inclusive of fresh vegetables and fruits. Others require that the consumer ditch bad lifestyle habits such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. An exercise routine is usually recommended particularly for individuals who are overweight. Consider all these factors.

An undiagnosed health condition

Did you have your doctor check you before you started taking the penis pills? You need to understand that some penis pills become ineffective or even dangerous if the user is suffering from a certain health condition – especially the chronic illnesses. If you did not, consult your doctor as soon as possible. It is also possible that your penis pill is interacting with the prescriptions drugs you are taking if any. Again, speak with your doctor to eliminate such suspicions. Besides, your doctor is in the best position to offer you advice on how to go about male enhancement using pills. Who knows; he or she might even recommend one of the most effective brands in the market.

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