Which Is More Important: Length Or Girth?

What comes to your mind when you hear or read the term “penis size”? Most probably, you think about the length of the penis, and it is pretty much okay because that is what many people imagine most of the time. For many men, their ideal penis size is sufficiently long. A good number of them even pursue penis enlargement to increase the length. They fail to notice one little, yet important detail – the fact that the majority of women do not care about penis size, and those that do, are only concerned with the girth.

Yes, penis girth!

If you are into male enhancement to please your woman, you better concentrate more on the girth, than the length. California’s SPAN Lab conducted research that revealed that women attach more importance on penis girth compared to length. This means that, if size matters at any given point, a woman will choose a man with a bigger girth and not a long thin penis.

According to SPAN Lab, women participants exhibited confidence when judging penis girth over length which suggested that they care more about penis circumference than the length. With the help of 3D erect cock models, women accurately identified the same model both at immediate and delayed recalls. In cases where the answers were erroneous, it is because there was a slight underestimation of the length of the penis model.

In a different study whose findings were published in Live Science, the actions of the women respondents indicated that they would prefer men with bigger girths than lengths when choosing a partner for a one-night stand. 41 women were shown 3d models of penises and asked to choose one they would prefer for purposes of long-term relationships and one-night stands. Apparently, for one night stands, they preferred men with slightly larger girths than they had selected for long term relationships. Surprisingly, when asked to choose penis lengths for both long term and one-night stand engagements, no differences were seen in their choices.

Why do women prefer penises with a larger girth over length?

For starters, we need to appreciate the fact that the visible part of the clitoris is only a tip of the iceberg. The clitoris is mostly internal and usually occupies almost the whole pelvic floor. This is sufficient explanation why women are fascinated with penis thickness. For multiple clitoral orgasms to occur, a woman requires a thick penis that stimulates the clitoris even as he penetrates deep to find the G-spot.

Further, the opening of the vagina is filled with nerve endings, and when the erectile tissue feels the pressure exerted by the penis thickness, the pleasure is intense. This is a primary source of sexual stimulation for a woman that all men need to be aware of. Many women associate long penises with cervical pain, and we all know that painful sex is always out of the question. When we think sex, we only picture utmost passion and pleasure.

Now you understand why you should not concentrate only on increasing your penis length. The good news is that the various penis enlargement techniques/products available on the market can help you attain a thicker penis.

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