Vaginal Satisfaction, Stimulation From Penis Length

In as much as many women claim that they do not care about the penis size of their partners, there is no denying that they prefer a slightly lengthier and wider cock for vagina satisfaction. However, a long or wide penis does not automatically sexual pleasure. Men ought to be careful with the manner in which they approach the entire sexual encounter to ensure that a woman does not hurt, but rather, enjoys as many orgasms as possible.

To begin with, every man must understand that, when a woman is not sexually aroused, her vaginal depth does not go beyond 3 inches. The vaginal walls usually collapse against leaving little space for the penis to penetrate. Men must, therefore, understand that a woman is not always ready for full penetration – prior preparations are necessary to avoid a painful sexual experience. Failure to prepare a woman adequately during lovemaking may result in bad experiences capable of making her dread the next time you will insert your manhood in her vagina.

As such, men need to come alive to an interesting finding made from a recent research study. If you are the type of man who associates the sexual satisfaction of your partner with a long penis, you may want to consider rethinking the whole perception. The research study conducted by a team of researchers from Kenya and the United States revealed that men boasting of larger penises might need to reconsider their thinking approach. Apparently, every additional inch of the length of the penis raises the chances of a wife’s infidelity by about one and half times. The women who participated in the study associated longer dick with a lot of discomforts as well as painful intercourse. According to the researchers, the new findings preclude the enjoyment and sexual fulfillment that a woman is supposed to experience during lovemaking.

The fact that a woman can resort to extramarital affairs suggest that, although she prefers a longer penis, it is only to a certain extent. It is, therefore, easy to understand why many women have a special preference for wider penises. Women participants in the research study whose partners have long penises said that they hurt so much during sex that they are forced by the circumstances to find another man. Contrary to the thinking or belief of many men, a longer penis could spell disaster to many women during sex.

Why do women experience painful sex when a long penis is involved? The vaginal extends from its opening all the way to the cervix (the opening leading to the uterus). Averagely, the vaginal canal measures between three and four inches for a woman who has already given birth. With a penis in mind, the length might appear short. However, when she is sexually stimulated, the cervix usually lift upwards. The fornix also extends upwards into her body significantly to receive the male member. Naturally, the vagina is designed in a manner that permits it to stretch.

While this may be the case, a longer than average penis may cause discomfort and pain during sex – especially when a man is incapable of determining when a woman is ready for full penetration. Unfortunately, very few women communicate the same to their partners. A woman will suffer in silence, and she may even begin to believe that her vagina has a problem.

On the other hand, longer penises can be incredibly fulfilling if used appropriately. This is mainly because a long penis;

  • It causes uterus stimulation
  • Allows deep stimulation of the vagina’s back
  • Permits any sex style and position
  • It does not slip out, more so during heavy thrusts
  • Causes much friction along the vaginal walls

A man with a longer penis only needs to do things right, and he will not have to worry about hurting his partner during sex.