Top Three Reasons Why Men Look For Penis Enlargement

Men are obsessed with their penis size. Some of them will even ask a woman to rate their performance in the bedroom. Of course, a woman who loves you will be modest and perhaps tell a lie because she would not want to hurt your feelings. However, irrespective of how convincing a woman’s response might be, men hardly buy it. They still go ahead and seek male enlargement.

Where does this strong urge to have a bigger penis come from? Here, we analyze three top reasons why men undergo penis enlargement.

They include:

For their ego

You hurt a man’s ego, and he hates you forever for crashing his very reason for living. Men thrive on ego and as such, give no one or nothing room to kill it. They do the impossible to make sure that their masculinity remains at a level they are comfortable with or even better. For this reason, when the penis size appears to get in their way of maintaining the status quo, they do not think twice about looking for penis enlargement.

Combine this with the society’s perception about manhood. As orthodox as it might sound, the penis size is used as a measure of someone’s masculinity. No one wants to feel belittled because of his penis size, and this is enough reason for a man to go through even the most painful procedures to have a longer or thicker dick.

For show off

Yes, even men use their body parts to show off. Forget about that guy who likes to expose his six pack and muscular arms. Men who are well-packaged between their legs also love to brag. A man will flaunt his big dick at every opportunity he gets. Some wear tight or well-fitting pants capable of revealing the front bulge.

Others walk naked in the gym locker rooms for the onlookers to see it and accord him “deserved” respect. These things happen all the time even in public urinals. It is so natural for a man to want to make other people believe that he has a big cock. If it is not as big as he portrays, he pursues ways of making it bigger.

He has a small penis

In as much as most men are just paranoid when it comes to their penis size, others have small penises, and some of them are even struggling with the challenges associated with a micro-penis. This is a man whose penis is below the average penis size. A penis measuring below three inches is a micro-penis, and unfortunately, nothing much can be done to change the situation.

However, they can use other helpful sex tips to satisfy their partners in the bedroom. On the other hand, a small penis is about three to four inches in length. Thankfully, one may use one of the various methods of penis enlargement, or the combination approach to lengthening or widening his dick, and ultimately improve his sexual performance.

These are the top three reasons why men are so desperate to obtain bigger packages. Just make sure to choose the most appropriate PE technique.

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