The Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are popular among men who are in search of various improvements in their sexual lives. Besides the fact that they usually improve the overall sexual performance of an individual, there are claims that they help in increasing the male member – especially when used alongside other PE techniques such as enlargement devices or exercises.

Irrespective of their tremendous benefits, male enhancement pills also have their drawbacks. We would be lying to ourselves if we believed that we could consume them and then experience no side effects. It is safer to take the bull by the horn, rather than get rude surprises somewhere along the way when you start using them. Let us consider some of the side effects associated with male enhancement pills.


Headaches are a fairly common side effect, even with the prescription drugs we buy from the pharmacy. It is no different in the world of male enhancement pills because they contain synthetic ingredients capable of causing mild to severe headaches. A good way of counteracting this side effect is drinking 6-8 glasses of water on a daily basis.  Headaches are more prevalent when you take poor quality brands of male enhancement pills for a long time, or in the case of an overdose – compared to when you stick to the right dosage of a high-quality brand of male enhancement pill.

Stomach ache

One may wonder what association the male enhancement pills have with stomach problems. However, you should know it can happen. This attributed to the interaction between the chemicals present in a male enhancer and the stomach acids. The problem is even worse among the individuals suffering from ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders. To keep the situation under control, never take the pills on an empty stomach. Instead, make a point of taking them when you have eaten to your fill. It goes a long way in minimizing episodes of stomachaches.

Heart palpitations

Yes, you read that right. A good number of male enhancement pills will attest to have experienced this side effect. Their occurrence is blamed on the fact that the ingredients present in the male enhancement pills usually work on not only the reproductive system but also the cardiovascular system. As such, when more blood is being directed towards the genital area, your heart may experience some side effects. Men who take bodybuilding supplements – or other drugs capable of increasing the speed of the blood flow – are more likely to suffer heart palpitations compared to those who do not.


A sexual health condition, priapism is said to occur when the manhood fails to go back to its flaccid state even after the man has ejaculated. You will know it is happening to you when the erection lasts for many hours, and it is also painful. A cold compress or a relaxant injection counters this side effect. It mostly happens when a person takes pills of low quality, or an overdose.

The above side effects can be effectively counteracted through the ways provided. Users should also avoid taking male enhancement pills in excess. Taking them in excess does not in any way guarantee faster results, in any case, you end up risking your health. You must use them responsibly.

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