Small Penis, Is Penis Enlargement The Answer?

The grass is always the greener on the other side of the fence. Isn’t that right? In as much as men are bothered by the size of their penises as far as bedroom performance is concerned, there is more than meets the eye – the locker room syndrome.

Australian researchers have since confirmed that men are usually more bothered about the size of their penises when in the locker room. Traditionally, men are said to worry more about the ability of their current sizes to perform in bed. “It isn’t actually what concerns them the most,” argues Annabel Chan – a clinical psychology doctoral graduate.

Research conducted by Victoria University involving 700 male participants aged between 18 and 76 concluded that the locker room syndrome is a man’s biggest problem, and not what we have been made to believe. Why so? It is mainly because, while in the locker room, they get an opportunity themselves with other men. On the other hand, when they are at home, they only use their partners to pass judgment.

Chan and numerous other researchers have found that, in as much as the penis size is critical to men, the perception or opinion of their partners about it isn’t exactly what is on the edge. Their preoccupation or obsession with penis size has nothing much to do with ensuring their partners are sexually satisfied. Also, it rarely entails coming out as a better lover, or sexual partner. Instead, the obsession with penis size is more inclined to the competition with fellow men. Men are most insecure about how long or wide their schlong are when in an environment that allows other men to catch a glimpse of their tools such as in the public urinals or gym locker rooms.

It is this realisation that takes us to this big question; when it comes to a small penis, is penis enlargement the answer?

To answer this question, you have to get honest with yourself. Ask yourself; why are you insecure about your size? Have you already measured your penis to know where you stand? Do you have a small penis? Or better still, how have you come up with the conclusion that you are inadequate?

For some men, the issue of penis size is a genuine concern. Could be they measure significantly less than the average penis size. To some extent, their concerns, or preoccupation with penis size might be justifiable. On the other hand, there are some who measure substantially above average, yet feel insecure. In such a case, do you believe penis enlargement would help bring the concerns to rest? In my opinion, I don’t think male enhancement would help.

So, what is the way forward? For starters, you need to measure your penis and determine whether you are small, average or big. Secondly, engage your conscious and establish if male enlargement will help your insecurities. Be real with yourself. Should you feel that penis enlargement is what you desperately need, go for it. On the other hand, I still believe they are things you need to deal with.

You may get a bigger penis, and still feel inadequate when you compare yourself with other men. As such, I advise you to pause and consider other ways or things that can make you feel more confident in the locker rooms and similar environments, of course apart from penis enlargement. Seek improvements in other areas of your life capable of boosting your self-esteem levels. It could mean going back to school, developing a side hustle to increase your income, hitting the gym to change your external appearance for the better and reading diverse topics among many others.

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