Questions, Doubts, And Worries About The Importance Of Penis Size

The sources of a man’s insecurities are many. They range from finances, hair, general body outlook, sexual ability, but most importantly they worry about their penis size and shape. It has been said to be the number one source of every man’s fears and insecurities. Whether circumcised or natural, showers or growers, straight or curved, every person has experienced some degree of anxiety as he wonders how he compares to the fellow men. On several occasions, you must have wondered whether you are unusual, or if something could be wrong with your manhood.

Apparently, penis size is usually associated with sexual desirability, as well as virility. Unfortunately, the society perceives a man with a small penis as less manly compared to someone carrying a ten-inch wiener. So unfortunate I must say. That’s just how things are. If a person’s penis isn’t “sufficiently” long and thick, steel hard, ramrod straight and so on, it makes you feel less confident. You constantly wonder whether you are doomed to a whole life of finger pointing and cynical laughter from the bunch of women you think you will never be in a position to satisfy sexually. I don’t have to ask you guys to back me up. I know I am right!

This isn’t as far as it goes. The locker room syndrome is yet another thing that never gives us peace. The last thing that any man wants is for another man to look at his penis. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You look at the front bulge of fellow men, and you can’t help but feel inferior. You give fellow men a secret stare in the locker rooms just to see how you measure up. If you are smaller than other men, it adversely impacts your manhood, and vice versa is also true. HAVENT you ever stolen a glance of another man’s penis even on the street? It happens all the time – even if it is unconscious. Men just can’t help but perform penis size comparisons.

As if that isn’t enough, there is the porn industry. The sight of Ron Jeremy’s third leg is enough to give you a whole night of sleeplessness. Allow no one to lie to you. There is always more than meets the eye. Those porn movies or photos don’t give an actual state of how things are. A lot of camera tricks go into making those porn films as perfect as you see them. They have to make you believe that those dicks are that big. If you ask me, the level of exaggeration involved is unbelievable.

So, does that mean I needn’t worry about my penis size? Truth be told; you will never be fully satisfied with the size and shape of your member. Even if you decided to pursue penis enlargement – although I am not discouraging you from doing it – you will still feel inadequate when you compare yourself with other men. It is as simple as that.

That said, men need to deal with their perspectives when it comes to the penis size. Some of these things are just psychological. In as much as penis enlargement is a good consideration, changing perceptions, and engaging in other self-improvement programs could go a long way in minimising your worries and doubts related to penis size and shape.

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