Maximising Blood Flow For Penis Enlargement

Men must realise that obtaining an erection is a cardiovascular event. It has a lot to do with the amount of blood that your heart pumps to the genitalia. A higher blood volume to the penis translates to firmer and bigger erections, and the opposite is also true. For this reason, men who desire to improve their erections or gain a couple more penis inches ought to pursue ways of maximising blood flow to the penis.

Below are some of the ways through which this can be made possible:

Regular exercise

Even if you are trying to shed some pounds, engage in exercises that target the health of your heart. Exercises such as running and swimming are commendable for your cardiovascular health. This will go a long way in increasing your bedroom performance as well as your libido. Further, since there is increased circulation, it will help boost your penis enlargement efforts. Regular exercises offers benefits that go beyond penis enlargement. For instance, you will be happy with a better looking and toned body. Regular exercise gives you an opportunity to shed off that excess weight or belly fat.

Watch what you eat

Routinely held exercises, combined with the right diet would significantly maximise the flow of blood during penis enlargement and beyond. Your diet usually has a substantial impact on the state of your sexual health. Below is a list of some of the best foods for promoting sexual health and penis enlargement with respect to blood circulation:

  • Onions and garlic
  • Potassium-rich foods such as bananas are good for lowering blood pressure
  • Anti-hypertension and anti-inflammation foods like chillies and peppers help to improve blood flow
  • Tuna fish and other foods rich in omega-3 acids are also highly recommended
  • Vitamin B1 promotes faster delivery of signals from the brain to the heart or penis. Eat peanuts, pork and so on
  • Hormonal imbalance can interfere with blood flow. Eat foods that help to reduce stress such as eggs to balance your hormones.

Quit alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs

Drug abuse has never done anyone any good. This bad habit only manages to destabilise your body system which works against your efforts of obtaining a bigger penis. Cigarette smoking, for instance, is known to reduce the efficiency of blood circulation because it constricts the blood vessels. It is no wonder many smokers complain of erection problems or struggle with issues of penis shrinkage.

Tobacco has the potential to delay your penis enlargement progress. Alcohol and recreational drugs are not any good either. If possible, consider quitting as soon as possible. Prescribed medicine can also interfere with your sexual health. If it is short term, then you needn’t worry. On the other hand, if you are supposed to take any prescribed drugs for a long time to come, and they are adversely influencing your blood flow to the penis, speak with your doctor, and possibly find an alternative.

Herbal remedies such as ginseng, saw palmetto, L-Arginine, yohimbe and ginkgo are equally good for maximising blood flow for male enhancement. However, consult with your physican before using them – especially if you are currently taking prescription medicine.

Five Myths About Having A Small Penis

Many things have been said about the penis size. Over time, individuals have been made to believe even lies as far as the size of a person’s manhood is concerned. Unfortunately, the society has for the longest time made use of the shape and size of a man’s tool to judge him. As you can already imagine, the opinions formed can either ruin or make a man, especially if he ever finds out.

Among the people who have suffered most in the society is the group of men with small penises – and those who have been made to believe that they are small, yet they are average sized. They go through hell trying to prove their worth to the rest of humanity. One of the things that the world population may be forced to understand is that no one chooses his penis size at the time of birth. In the same way, women have no control over the size of their breasts – unless they choose a lifestyle adjustment path – the penis size is heaven given. Nature dictates it. Thankfully, something can be done to turn around the situation through the various penis enlargement options. Before we get to that, let’s debunk five common myths about having a small penis.

  1. A small penis cannot satisfy a woman sexually. Whoever came up with this claim must have been under the influence of something. A good number of men with small penises are exemplary lovers. They perform extraordinarily well in the bedroom. One just needs to know his thing, exude confidence, and most importantly, encourage open communication with his partner.
  2. Nothing can be done about it. This is a lie. Thanks to technological advancements, many men are reaping important benefits from the wide variety of affordable, effective, and readily available methods/products of penis enlargement. By following the guidelines provided by manufacturers strictly, you will soon enjoy a bigger dick.
  3. Men with smaller penises are less fertile compared to men with bigger penises. Many women tend to hold this belief so firmly that it has become almost impossible to convince them otherwise. The thing is, they believe that a long and thick penis has the potential to deposit semen deep into the vagina, and consequently, increasing the chances of a woman conceiving. They fail to understand that even less-packaged men can shoot the semen to the same depth – especially when a couple utilises appropriate sex styles and positions.
  4. Having a small penis makes you less of a man. No, it does not. The penis size does not in any way dictate the masculinity of a person. As a matter of fact, other things do, such as the ability to fulfill your roles and responsibilities to the society, as well as your character. The penis size does not define who you are.
  5. A man with a small penis cannot live a normal life. This is the fattest lie I have ever heard of. There are many men with small penises that are doing extremely well in all the aspects of their lives. They have a fulfilling career, a stable family or intimate relationships, and are happy. A small penis should not make anyone feel inadequate or a looser. It all boils down to your perception of life.

Is A Bigger Penis Really Possible?

Obtaining a bigger penis is easier today, compared to the past decades. Advancement in technology has played a significant role as far as the creation of new and innovative PE techniques is concerned. Apart from the ease of availability of these products, they are more effective and safer compared to the ones in use during the ancient times. A man only needs to make the decision to pursue penis enlargement, and then choose the right PE method. Here, we look at the various PE options available to men.

Vacuum pumps

Penis enlargement pumps are designed to allow increased flow of blood to the penis, and consequently causing it to swell. This explains why it is also usually used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A vacuum penis pump makes the penis look big temporarily. However, over time, if used correctly, this PE device can successfully lead to permanent penis gains. When it comes to long-term use, it should not be used excessively. Ensure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, to the latter to prevent penis injury. Improper use of vacuum pumps may damage the elastic tissue of the male member which leads to weaker erections.

Penis extenders

Penis stretching is a popular method of enlarging the dick. It entails the attachment of an extender device to the cock to exert traction. A few studies involving a small number of participants have revealed positive results particularly with regards to penis length gains. Men claim to have obtained about a half to one inch.

Pills, lotions, and patches

These penis enlargement products usually contain different types of ingredients. They range from vitamins, hormones, minerals and herbs. The active ingredients present in various brands may differ, although not considerably. Some are all-natural products, while others are artificially manufactured in the laboratory. The ones made from plants and herb extracts are recommended most of the time as they are associated with fewer side effects. Engage due diligence when choosing a penis pill, lotion or patches to guarantee both safety and effectiveness.

Penis enlargement exercises

Penis exercises have been in use since time immemorial, and it appears to have originated from the ancient Arabs. Also known as jelqing, participants are expected to apply a hand over hand motion to facilitate the flow of blood from the penis base to the head. Be careful to avoid penis injury that could lead to pain, the formation of scars and disfigurement.

Penis enlargement surgery

This is yet another PE option available to men who wish to have bigger members. Although it is considered as the riskiest PE technique, a good number of men still prefer to go under the knife, nurse the wound, and get on with their lives. Finding a reputable and highly experienced surgeon is imperative to minimise potential risks significantly.

The most important thing is to choose the right product for you. Examine the pros and cons of each, and then make the final decision. Besides conducting a thorough background check on the specific brands, be mindful of the vendors too. Purchase from a renowned supplier.

Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

Many women claim not to give a damn about the size of their partners’ penises. A certain research study reported that 85 percent of women do not care about how big or small their partners’ penises are. However, such claims are refutable – especially when we factor in the remaining 15 percent of women who seem to put into the size of man’s dick with whom they are romantically engaged. The irrefutable truth is; if given an opportunity to choose, any woman will prefer a big penis because it gives more physical pleasure compared to a small one.

Consider the following research findings:

  • Women participants were requested to touch, feel and also stroke 3D replicas of dicks. When asked to choose one for a one night of pleasure, they picked the thicker models.
  • Perhaps the most interesting part is the fact that the choice was unanimous as far as their length preferences were concerned whether it was for a long term intimate relationship or a one night stand.
  • Women have a tendency of being more attracted to taller as they believe that taller men have long and manly penises. On the other hand, they associate short men with average penis sizes.

Based on the above research revelations, it would be correct to conclude that size matters with regards to women’s preferences. When a man is adequately equipped, women expect or rather anticipate more physical pleasure during lovemaking.

It is imperative to understand that optimal physical pleasure is only realisable if a woman receives enough mental stimulation. As such, you should not downplay the power of mental arousal. For the majority of women, sexual enjoyment starts with mental stimulation. A woman is aroused by what she can visualise in her head. More often, the process entails envisioning a big cock as well as how it might feel at the time of penetration. It is the same feeling that men experience when they are visually stimulated by a woman with a big butt, large and firm breasts or long legs.

Even though it does not apply to all the women, a good number of them are usually visually excited by big cocks. In a certain research study almost all the women participants said that whenever they meet an attractive man, they begin to picture in their minds, what his penis is like – regarding length, thickness and so on. These answers tell us that women are unusually curious about large wieners. Further, when they visualise such dicks, they cannot help but feel a better sexual urge compared to when they imagine having sex with someone who has a small penis.

Now link the “mental stimulation” with the real action when a big schlong is involved. A big penis has the potential to provide more movements within the walls of the vaginal, and consequently touching the most sensitive parts. A bigger member also generates better friction along the parts of the vagina that act as receptors of pleasure. Lastly, women experience more pleasure when there is increased sensation on the area around the vaginal opening when it is filled and stretched in a sensual manner.

Big Penises Satisfy Women’s Instinctive Need To Reproduce

Every woman is wired with a biological urge – the desire to reproduce. The point at which the urge creeps in women’s life varies considerably. Some experience it early in their teenage years, others in their 20s, yet other feel it even beyond their 30s. The single most common factor is that every woman will desire to become a mother at some point in her life – even though some make a personal decision to remain childless for the rest of their lives – for varying reasons.

Several factors are said to have a triggering effect on a woman’s instinctive desire to reproduce. It could be she envies her friends who are already making babies. Another thing that could trigger her biological urge is if has reached the self-actualisation stage in her life. She is doing well in her career; she has accomplished academically, and her finances are in shape among many other things. The presence of a special man in her life also has the potential to bring alive her maternal instincts.

Unlike animals that mate with the closest bet they can get, women choose their partners carefully especially if they plan to have babies with them. In many instances, she will be on the lookout for a man with good genes. Note that “good genes” is relative and one woman’s meat could be someone else’s poison. As such, what a woman chooses, in the end, melts down to personal tastes and preferences.

That said, one thing remain almost permanent – the fact that big penises usually satisfy the instinctive desire of a woman to reproduce. How? One may wonder. This should not come as a surprise because women prefer big penises for their psychological and physical pleasure. Yet, there is more.

First and foremost, women perceive large penises as a sign of man’s fertility. Apparently, they believe that men with bigger penises are more fertile than the ones with small ones. They tend to think that a long and thick penis has more potential to deposit healthy sperms deep into the vagina, and consequently, raising the likelihood of conception occurring.

Women also believe that their offsprings have higher chances of survival if they are sired by “adequately” packaged men. Another thing that awakens a woman’s desire to get pregnant by a man with a big cock is to increase the chances of her son impregnating females in future since he will probably bear a big penis as well. She wants to guarantee the continuation of her generation even after she is gone. It is not just about ensuring that her children can bear children, but also, create a generation of people who have good genes – and big penises too.

She would not want her male children to suffer the humiliations and embarrassments that come with having a small penis. She knows only too well how she feels about small penises, and how much she prefers lengthier and thicker ones. Her maternal instincts push her to protect the interests of her male kids way before they are conceived. One of the ways she can accomplish this is to do things capable of guaranteeing that her sons will have large wieners – like having sex with a man who is well packaged.

Don’t Count On the Sex Experts Either To Answer Your Penis Size Questions

We have been made to believe that we can rely on the experts to respond to all our questions and doubts adequately on a given topic. Forgive me for bursting your bubble – things are quite different, and more so when it comes to sex experts. Don’t you think, even for a minute that you can rely on them to answer your questions about your penis size. They are not cut out for such queries. Their roles are completely different from those of urologists and other penis enlargement experts.

Your sex expert could be psychiatrists, psychologists, a family or marriage counsellor, and so on and so forth. By now, you know what this means, but I will explain further, just in case you haven’t figured it out already. First and foremost, the majority of sex experts are as blank as you are when it comes to penis size issues. Perhaps you understand more than they do about this whole penis size issue. Why then would you ask for their opinion if they cannot offer you valid responses?

Is my penis size normal? It is among the most common questions that are posed by the majority of men. Are you also wondering whether your penis size is normal? If you want an accurate and detailed response, forget about sex experts. According to them, a normal penis size is a range within which a huge percentage of the male population belongs. If for instance many men have a penis measuring 5 inches long and 2 inches wide, and you fall within this range, they will automatically make you believe that your penis size is normal.

Unfortunately, sex experts, especially if they are in the field of counselling and psychology, will tell you what you wish to hear. In as much as some of them may be genuine with their answers, most of them are trained to play with your psychology, and as such, afraid to tell you exactly what should be said.

In matters penis size and enlargement, it is imperative that you understand where you stand – especially if you are always bothered by issues of inadequacy. Knowing how you measure goes a long way in easing doubts, fears, and concerns associated with penis size. It gives one the courage to strategise or rather make critical decisions regarding his penis. If for instance, a person knows that his penis is below the average size, one or two decisions can be made.

For starters, he may opt for an appropriate penis enlargement program to improve his size. Secondly, he may choose to indulge in other health lifestyle changes such as weight loss through exercises, quit cigarette smoking and alcoholism (to prevent further shrinkage – if any) or even explore new sex styles and positions to ensure his sexual satisfaction and that of his partner.

Where can I find useful information about penis size? The Internet is flooded with topics surrounding penis sizes, and enlargement techniques and products. Engage due diligence and only depend on credible sites for useful information. Learn how to measure your penis (both length and width), establish the various categories of penis sizes, and then determine where you lie. From there, you may decide the way forward. It is a good starting point.

Questions, Doubts, And Worries About The Importance Of Penis Size

The sources of a man’s insecurities are many. They range from finances, hair, general body outlook, sexual ability, but most importantly they worry about their penis size and shape. It has been said to be the number one source of every man’s fears and insecurities. Whether circumcised or natural, showers or growers, straight or curved, every person has experienced some degree of anxiety as he wonders how he compares to the fellow men. On several occasions, you must have wondered whether you are unusual, or if something could be wrong with your manhood.

Apparently, penis size is usually associated with sexual desirability, as well as virility. Unfortunately, the society perceives a man with a small penis as less manly compared to someone carrying a ten-inch wiener. So unfortunate I must say. That’s just how things are. If a person’s penis isn’t “sufficiently” long and thick, steel hard, ramrod straight and so on, it makes you feel less confident. You constantly wonder whether you are doomed to a whole life of finger pointing and cynical laughter from the bunch of women you think you will never be in a position to satisfy sexually. I don’t have to ask you guys to back me up. I know I am right!

This isn’t as far as it goes. The locker room syndrome is yet another thing that never gives us peace. The last thing that any man wants is for another man to look at his penis. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You look at the front bulge of fellow men, and you can’t help but feel inferior. You give fellow men a secret stare in the locker rooms just to see how you measure up. If you are smaller than other men, it adversely impacts your manhood, and vice versa is also true. HAVENT you ever stolen a glance of another man’s penis even on the street? It happens all the time – even if it is unconscious. Men just can’t help but perform penis size comparisons.

As if that isn’t enough, there is the porn industry. The sight of Ron Jeremy’s third leg is enough to give you a whole night of sleeplessness. Allow no one to lie to you. There is always more than meets the eye. Those porn movies or photos don’t give an actual state of how things are. A lot of camera tricks go into making those porn films as perfect as you see them. They have to make you believe that those dicks are that big. If you ask me, the level of exaggeration involved is unbelievable.

So, does that mean I needn’t worry about my penis size? Truth be told; you will never be fully satisfied with the size and shape of your member. Even if you decided to pursue penis enlargement – although I am not discouraging you from doing it – you will still feel inadequate when you compare yourself with other men. It is as simple as that.

That said, men need to deal with their perspectives when it comes to the penis size. Some of these things are just psychological. In as much as penis enlargement is a good consideration, changing perceptions, and engaging in other self-improvement programs could go a long way in minimising your worries and doubts related to penis size and shape.

Small Penis, Is Penis Enlargement The Answer?

The grass is always the greener on the other side of the fence. Isn’t that right? In as much as men are bothered by the size of their penises as far as bedroom performance is concerned, there is more than meets the eye – the locker room syndrome.

Australian researchers have since confirmed that men are usually more bothered about the size of their penises when in the locker room. Traditionally, men are said to worry more about the ability of their current sizes to perform in bed. “It isn’t actually what concerns them the most,” argues Annabel Chan – a clinical psychology doctoral graduate.

Research conducted by Victoria University involving 700 male participants aged between 18 and 76 concluded that the locker room syndrome is a man’s biggest problem, and not what we have been made to believe. Why so? It is mainly because, while in the locker room, they get an opportunity themselves with other men. On the other hand, when they are at home, they only use their partners to pass judgment.

Chan and numerous other researchers have found that, in as much as the penis size is critical to men, the perception or opinion of their partners about it isn’t exactly what is on the edge. Their preoccupation or obsession with penis size has nothing much to do with ensuring their partners are sexually satisfied. Also, it rarely entails coming out as a better lover, or sexual partner. Instead, the obsession with penis size is more inclined to the competition with fellow men. Men are most insecure about how long or wide their schlong are when in an environment that allows other men to catch a glimpse of their tools such as in the public urinals or gym locker rooms.

It is this realisation that takes us to this big question; when it comes to a small penis, is penis enlargement the answer?

To answer this question, you have to get honest with yourself. Ask yourself; why are you insecure about your size? Have you already measured your penis to know where you stand? Do you have a small penis? Or better still, how have you come up with the conclusion that you are inadequate?

For some men, the issue of penis size is a genuine concern. Could be they measure significantly less than the average penis size. To some extent, their concerns, or preoccupation with penis size might be justifiable. On the other hand, there are some who measure substantially above average, yet feel insecure. In such a case, do you believe penis enlargement would help bring the concerns to rest? In my opinion, I don’t think male enhancement would help.

So, what is the way forward? For starters, you need to measure your penis and determine whether you are small, average or big. Secondly, engage your conscious and establish if male enlargement will help your insecurities. Be real with yourself. Should you feel that penis enlargement is what you desperately need, go for it. On the other hand, I still believe they are things you need to deal with.

You may get a bigger penis, and still feel inadequate when you compare yourself with other men. As such, I advise you to pause and consider other ways or things that can make you feel more confident in the locker rooms and similar environments, of course apart from penis enlargement. Seek improvements in other areas of your life capable of boosting your self-esteem levels. It could mean going back to school, developing a side hustle to increase your income, hitting the gym to change your external appearance for the better and reading diverse topics among many others.

Five Myths About Having A Small Penis

Many things have been said about penis shapes and sizes. Since the introduction of the internet, and hence the increased availability of information, myths, and misconceptions have witnessed a substantial rise. This is especially true in the world of manhood – penis enlargement to be precise. For instance, several myths have been circulated regarding having a small penis. This article seeks to bust these myths and set the record straight. Keep reading.

Men with small penises are poor lovers

This isn’t exactly true – especially for a man who knows how to make up for his apparent inadequacies. Having a small penis can be a blessing in disguise particularly when it comes to matters sex. Small packaged men tend to be naturally adventurous. They explore various sex styles and positions to satisfy their partners in bed sexually. As such, it would be incorrect to claim that having a small penis automatically gives you a ticket to the list of poor lovers.

Every man with a big ego most probably has a small penis

In some cultures, a man who is so domineering outside his home is said to be henpecked by his wife or partner at home. Of course, this is just a fallacy that hasn’t been confirmed yet. This myth can be associated with the small man syndrome, where men who have small penises are said to have a big ego. As at today, no research studies have been able to correlate penis size with a man’s ego conclusively.

Discussions surrounding sex make small packaged people uncomfortable

As far as bedroom performance is concerned, a good lover knows that it takes more than penetration. Thankfully, this fact is well known to a lot of men in modern society. Great sex entails foreplay and exploration of different styles and positions. As such, I don’t see any reason for men with small penises to feel uncomfortable or less enthusiastic when the subject of sex crops up.

Men with small penises are less fertile

The society measures the masculinity of a person by the penis size. Apparently, the larger the member, the more masculine a person is perceived. However, the same doesn’t apply in the medical world. There is no correlation between penis size and manliness. In the same way that no two people with similar fingerprints, no two men can ever have the same penis. This doesn’t mean that one is more fertile than the other. A man’s penis size doesn’t affect his fertility. In fact, small to average sized men can be more fertile compared to those with bigger penises.

Speaking of fertility, I wish to bring in the issue of anogenital distance – the distance between the point where the scrotum and the body connects, and the anus. The average AGD is two inches. As you would expect, there are variations in measurements from one man to another. This distance can be used to determine fertility. Men with shorter anogenital distance are said to be less fertile. It is, however, worth noting that the anogenital distance has nothing to do with the penis size.

Men with small penises just have to live with it

This is not true. The wide variety of penis enlargement products gives men the opportunity to change what they don’t like about their penises. One just has to do a thorough background research on available products before deciding the best way forward. If you feel a strong urge to enlarge your member the opportunities are endless. PE techniques range from penis enlargement devices, pills, creams, patches, exercises, and surgery and so on and so forth.