12 Unexpected Things Men Can Expect From Testosterone

The moment you mention the term testosterone, the first thing that goes into the mind of people is the male sex hormone. This is how many people view it. However, testosterones represent much more than what the majority of us have been made to believe, or want to believe. It plays a significant role in the different parts of the body – and this includes the muscles, blood, bones, and brain. You must already know that some women produce it too, although in smaller quantities compared to that of men. This is a topic for another day though. Today, we look at twelve unexpected things that you can expect from your testosterone.

  1. Sports and testosterone – apparently, involvement in sports raises the levels of testosterone – when you are competing. The testosterone levels of the winners increase even more, and the same happens to the fanatics of the winners.
  2. Watch out your fat – Obese men tend to have a lower level of testosterone compared to thinner men. The presence of fat cells in the body results in widespread inflammation in the body.
  3. Do you suffer from sleep apnea? If yes, seek treatment as soon as possible because it can lead to declined levels of testosterones.
  4. Testosterone levels usually decrease with age, as such, this should not come as a surprise. Half of the men aged 80 years and above have testosterone levels that are significantly below that of the normal male adult range.
  5. Men with higher quantities of testosterones appear to be more aggressive than those with normal or low levels of the sex hormone. They are also said to have a competing, and a never-giving spirit.
  6. Are you considering a testosterone replacement therapy? It may interest you to know that you may grow breasts. It happens because testosterone is convertible to estrogen, something that leads to the diminishing of the effectiveness of testosterone.
  7. Excessive consumption of steroid hormones may cause testicles shrinkage or growth of breasts.
  8. Testosterone replacement therapy may hurt your heart. While the reasons are not clear, older men with poor health should tread carefully, when it comes to the consumption of testosterone.
  9. Besides obesity, sleep apnea, and old age, declining levels of testosterones may be linked to a myriad of health conditions. As such, before you jump to conclusions, consider engaging your doctor to have him conduct comprehensive tests.
  10. Besides keeping you healthy, testosterone is responsible for maintaining your man-like features such as deep voice, chest hair, and muscles among numerous others. According to experts, maintaining the right quantities of testosterone is a good way of delaying death.
  11. Raising your testosterones may help you steal the attention of the woman you have admired all your life – who unfortunately doesn’t seem to be interested in you, according to a research study conducted at Wayne State University. The researchers discovered that men with higher levels of testosterones are more assertive, and more in control than those with lower testosterones. Also, the research participants appeared to click better with women compared to their counterparts.
  12. A sufficiently high amount of testosterone makes you more honest. A group of researchers from the University of Bonn involved 91 male participants in their study. They gave half of the participants testosterone gel, with the remaining group serving as placebo. The latter group was more honest than the placebo group. The researchers attribute the outcome to the fact that high levels of testosterone have a direct relationship with a person’s sense of pride. Also, it boosts your self-image.

The Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are popular among men who are in search of various improvements in their sexual lives. Besides the fact that they usually improve the overall sexual performance of an individual, there are claims that they help in increasing the male member – especially when used alongside other PE techniques such as enlargement devices or exercises.

Irrespective of their tremendous benefits, male enhancement pills also have their drawbacks. We would be lying to ourselves if we believed that we could consume them and then experience no side effects. It is safer to take the bull by the horn, rather than get rude surprises somewhere along the way when you start using them. Let us consider some of the side effects associated with male enhancement pills.


Headaches are a fairly common side effect, even with the prescription drugs we buy from the pharmacy. It is no different in the world of male enhancement pills because they contain synthetic ingredients capable of causing mild to severe headaches. A good way of counteracting this side effect is drinking 6-8 glasses of water on a daily basis.  Headaches are more prevalent when you take poor quality brands of male enhancement pills for a long time, or in the case of an overdose – compared to when you stick to the right dosage of a high-quality brand of male enhancement pill.

Stomach ache

One may wonder what association the male enhancement pills have with stomach problems. However, you should know it can happen. This attributed to the interaction between the chemicals present in a male enhancer and the stomach acids. The problem is even worse among the individuals suffering from ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders. To keep the situation under control, never take the pills on an empty stomach. Instead, make a point of taking them when you have eaten to your fill. It goes a long way in minimizing episodes of stomachaches.

Heart palpitations

Yes, you read that right. A good number of male enhancement pills will attest to have experienced this side effect. Their occurrence is blamed on the fact that the ingredients present in the male enhancement pills usually work on not only the reproductive system but also the cardiovascular system. As such, when more blood is being directed towards the genital area, your heart may experience some side effects. Men who take bodybuilding supplements – or other drugs capable of increasing the speed of the blood flow – are more likely to suffer heart palpitations compared to those who do not.


A sexual health condition, priapism is said to occur when the manhood fails to go back to its flaccid state even after the man has ejaculated. You will know it is happening to you when the erection lasts for many hours, and it is also painful. A cold compress or a relaxant injection counters this side effect. It mostly happens when a person takes pills of low quality, or an overdose.

The above side effects can be effectively counteracted through the ways provided. Users should also avoid taking male enhancement pills in excess. Taking them in excess does not in any way guarantee faster results, in any case, you end up risking your health. You must use them responsibly.

Why Aren’t My Penis Pills Working?

The market is flooded with penis pills that perform varying functions. Penis pills promise various benefits ranging from increased production of sex hormones (testosterone), semen production, sexual stamina, sex drive and improved orgasms, among numerous others. The reason why these pills are popular among consumers is their ease of use and the privacy they offer effortless. You can be taking them anywhere, and no one will ever know what you are up to.

So, you went shopping for the right brand, spent your hard earned money, but you cannot seem to see any results. What could be wrong? This article responds to this question in the most straightforward way. Here are some of the reasons:

You bought a poor quality brand

Low-quality penis pills are dangerous, highly ineffective, or just slow in delivering what it promises. If your brand is just slow, you might eventually experience some results. However, if it is a fake product with no potential to help alleviate your sexual health problem, I can bet on my life that it will never help you – no matter how long it takes. The worst part is if your penis pill brand poses potential health risks to your reproductive health or your overall health. For this reason, you need to re-evaluate your penis pill.

Conduct further background checks, and vet the manufacturer and the seller as well. For how long has he been in the industry? What are the previous or existing users saying about the effectiveness of the pill? Are there things surrounding your penis pill that weren’t apparent to you at the time of the purchase? Do not be afraid of what you will find out. You would rather learn the bitter truth now than continue wasting your time on a pill that is anything else but effective.

You are not following instructions

A common mistake that men commit when using products of male enhancement is failing to follow the instructions. Have you been taking an overdose or underdose? Have you been taking them as regularly as instructed, or do you skip doses on some occasions? Are you eating a balanced diet? For some penis pills to work, users are usually advised to engage in proper eating habits inclusive of fresh vegetables and fruits. Others require that the consumer ditch bad lifestyle habits such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. An exercise routine is usually recommended particularly for individuals who are overweight. Consider all these factors.

An undiagnosed health condition

Did you have your doctor check you before you started taking the penis pills? You need to understand that some penis pills become ineffective or even dangerous if the user is suffering from a certain health condition – especially the chronic illnesses. If you did not, consult your doctor as soon as possible. It is also possible that your penis pill is interacting with the prescriptions drugs you are taking if any. Again, speak with your doctor to eliminate such suspicions. Besides, your doctor is in the best position to offer you advice on how to go about male enhancement using pills. Who knows; he or she might even recommend one of the most effective brands in the market.

Can Pills Increase The Volume I Ejaculate?

The majority of people usually have difficulties judging the volume of their ejaculate – more so when it partly soaked in a tissue or it is spread out. The standard person usually ejaculates approximately one teaspoonful of semen per ejaculation, equivalent to 5ml. If you have stayed for quite some time without releasing the discharge, you might ejaculate a little more than this. On the other hand, if you ejaculated just recently, you are likely to release less semen.

Surprisingly, while women may not pay attention to this element of the sexual escapades, men are interested in knowing exactly how much seminal fluid they release – just to feed their ego. For some men, more volumes of the ejaculation mean prolonged and intensified orgasm, and this explains why a good number of them are interested in increasing the amount of semen they release each time they have sex or masturbate. This leads us to our question; can pills increase the volume a man ejaculates? The answer is yes – as long as the pills contain active ingredients with the potential to stimulate the production of more semen.

Nowadays, many people are interested in all things natural. As such, we would expect that men would want to use penis pills that are made using natural ingredients. For this reason, let’s focus our attention on natural penis pills. Should you decide to shop for one today, consider a brand that has one or more of the following herbal ingredients.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that converts into nitric oxide when consumed. It works by relaxing the blood vessels. Although it has mostly been used in treating erectile disorders such as impotence, L-Arginine is also said to improve the sperm production in the testes.


It would be a mistake to leave Maca out of this list. A herb with a Peruvian origin, Maca enjoys a stellar reputation for boosting the volume of semen produced. Maca root also stimulates the production of healthy sperms, and in large quantities, making it good for couples that are struggling to conceive due to low sperm count. The most recommend type of maca is the black variety. It is said to be more powerful in stimulating the production of sperms compared to the red and yellow varieties.


You must be hearing about ginseng for a thousandth time today. This powerful ingredient has earned its reputation from its aphrodisiacs properties. However, it is also incredible for promoting the improved production of sperm, as well as the semen volume.

Tribulus Terrestris

Also referred as Gok shura, Tribulus Terrestris is a Chinese herb that is well known for its ability to boost production of healthier sperms and in huge quantities. Its powerful effect is attributed to the presence of saponin. Its ability to mimic luteinizing hormones makes it an amazing herbal ingredient for improving the volume, as well as the quality of semen.

Others include saw palmetto, horny goat weed, L-Carnitine and zinc among many others. Vitamin E, B12, and C are also good for boosting the volume of your ejaculate.

How Do Penis Pills Work?

Of all the methods/products of male enhancement, penis pills are perhaps the most popular among men. Amidst a busy life, human beings are prone to finding ways of achieving their set goals in the simplest ways possible. It, therefore, explains why most of them choose penis pills when they are looking to improve the various elements of their sexual health or sex life.

Depending on their active ingredients, penis pills help to solve a wide array of sexual health issues. For instance, individuals struggling with problems such as decreased sexual stamina, sex drive, problems obtaining an erection or getting orgasms and so on and so forth, can rely on the right penis pills to get rid of their problems. There is yet another category of men whose sexual performance is on point, yet have difficulties conceiving – perhaps due to low sperm count, or poor quality of sperms in terms of mobility and motility. Thankfully, such reproductive health problems can be resolved with the use of effective penis pills. You just have to make sure that you have bought them from a reputable seller or manufacturer. Be wary of the millions of scammers who pose as genuine sellers on the Internet.

Now that we have confirmed that penis pills usually work; how do they work? For starters, you should know that these pills are swallowed with water, and goes through the digestive system just like the foods you eat do. As such, the ingredients must come into contact with the stomach acids until they are released into the bloodstream. The blood is usually responsible for carrying the nutrients or the active ingredients present in the drugs we take, to the relevant areas.

Some pills deliver various benefits such as stimulating the production of higher levels of testosterones which in turn reflects on a person’s sex drive. However, male enhancement pills are designed to work on improving the amount of blood flowing to the genital area. A person’s sexual performance or response to sexual stimulations is largely dependent on the amount of blood flowing to the sexual organ. If the flow is not sufficient, you start to lose interest in sex. On the other hand, when more blood is flowing to the male organ, your sex drive improves, and so does your erection. Men who have been struggling with weak erections or erectile dysfunction can rely on these pills.

So, how is this possible?
For you to know how the penis pills work, we must seek to gain a good understanding of how the male anatomy. The penis has two primary chambers – corpora cavernosa (two) and the corpora spongiosum. The corpora cavernosa determines the size and strength of erections at any given time because it is responsible for accommodating the blood pumped to the penis. The more blood it can hold, the bigger the erection. It explains why, even with more blood being pumped, it can be held within the chambers for as long as the erection is needed.

We must not forget that penis pills also contain other nutrients that your reproductive system needs to perform optimally.

5 Ways To End Erectile Dysfunction Forever

Before anything else, we need to debunk one myth – that erectile dysfunction is only for the old men. A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed shocking statistics. Apparently, a survey of men seeking help for ED in an outpatient clinic revealed that one out of every four men were actually aged below 40 years. Further, 48.8 percent of the men under 40 had severe cases of the erectile dysfunction. Compare this figure with the 40 percent severe cases of the men aged above 40. Therefore, young men ought to swallow this hard reality, but also rest assured that ED is treatable.

Here are five treatment options for ending erectile dysfunction forever.

Vacuum constriction devices

It is an external pump featuring a band used by men suffering from ED to obtain an erection. The device also has an acrylic cylinder. When using the device, begin by placing the pump over the male member. The air inside the cylinder is then pumped out to create a vacuum which pulls blood to the penis causing it to erect. After obtaining an erection, use a lubricant to slide the band to the penis base, release the vacuum, and then remove the pump. You may engage in sexual intercourse with the band on, but do not wear it for more than 30 minutes.


Pills have been around for the longest time, and the world population is more conversant with it compared to other treatments. They come in a wide variety, and you just have to choose the one you feel you can trust most. Pills work by relaxing the muscles surrounding the penis, and in turn, allowing increased flow of blood. You must already know that the quality of your erections is dependent on the volume of blood flowing to the penis.

Penile prosthesis

Penile implants are perhaps the least talked about methods of treating erectile dysfunction. It entails surgical insertion of devices that help men achieve an erection. Penile implants offer a life-changing solution for men whose other treatments have failed. The fact that they are usually considered as a last resort explains why they are not so popular. Performed in an outpatient center, penile implant surgeries last about an hour. Healing takes about six weeks, after which you may resume sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction surgery

Also known as vascular reconstructive surgery, ED surgery is done to enhance the flow of blood to the penis area. It is normally performed to assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction to attain and retain an erection. Besides being technically difficult, ED surgery is expensive, and success is not guaranteed, which explains why doctors rarely recommend it to their patients.

Replacement therapy (testosterone)

Only on rare occasions does erectile dysfunction happen due to decline in the production of testosterone. However, whenever it happens, among the most appropriate treatment is the testosterone replacement therapy.

Other treatments include herbs, nutritional supplements, and acupuncture and talk therapy among numerous others. Your doctor will also advise you to quit cigarette smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs.

5 Essential Strategies For Ending Premature Ejaculation

Besides erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problem is the other common sexual problem that men have to deal with. The availability of Viagra and other penis pills, treating premature ejaculation has become quite easy, and as such, making it less frequent. On the other hand, premature ejaculation is a common place, and unfortunately, a huge source of embarrassment for men.

Thankfully, the situation is not at all hopeless as there are a couple of ways through which you bring the problem to an end. Let us consider five important strategies to help you resolve ejaculatory problem.

The stop and start technique

This method entails stimulating a man sexually until he is about to climax. When he reaches this point, halt the stimulation, count 30 seconds, or until the arousal feeling disappears, and then start all over again. Do this several times (around five to six times) until you feel it is the right time for him to ejaculate. You may personally perform this technique, or ask your partner to assist.

The squeeze method

It is almost similar to the stop and start technique. The only difference is that, when you are about to orgasm, gently squeeze the end of your penis (where the glans and the shaft meet), or ask your partner to do so – for a couple of seconds. Stop the stimulation for half a minute or so, and then resume. Repeat this procedure a couple of times, until the man is ready to ejaculate. On the last lap, stimulation should continue until climaxing.

Seek professional help

Premature ejaculation can be caused by psychological problems such as stress, depression, problems in a relationship, as well as anxiety associated with sexual performance. Anxiety may happen when a man is engaged in a new relationship, or if he has experienced performance problems in the market. Examine yourself to determine if your case is purely psychological, and if that is the case, consider seeking professional assistance. A psychiatrist, counselor, or sex therapist is best suited to assist you. Ask your general practitioner to recommend a good therapist who has helped people with similar problems.

Use a condom

Condoms offer a good way of preventing premature ejaculation. If your case is not severe, this is a short term solution to your problem. Creating a barrier between your manhood and your partner’s sexual organ can help prolong your performance in the bedroom. Shop around for the slightly thicker condoms for more effective results. Desensitizing condoms are the best as they contain a numbing agent like benzocaine. However, if you usually experience episodes of erectile problems, or you have a highly sensitive skin, this type of condom may not be the best option for you.

Speak to your doctor

Many men will easily bypass this tip, but it is something worth considering. Your doctor will help you establish the cause of your misery, and also provide a treatment option.   It could be something biological such as abnormal levels of hormones or brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). Apparently, infection and inflammation of the urethra or prostate may lead to ejaculatory problems. This explains why you need the help of a medical practitioner – at the very least, to eliminate or confirm these potential causes of premature ejaculation.

How To Overcome The Top 18 Things That Deflate Your Erections

Several things have been linked to weak erections. Let’s consider most of them here and also understand how to prevent them.

  1. You are lagging behind your exercise schedule. Lack of physical exercises inhibits the release of endorphins, which in turn prevents the production of sex hormones. Regular exercise is imperative to your sexual health.
  2. Stop smoking cigarettes as it contains elements that constrict the blood vessels, and consequently hindering the flow of blood to the penis area.
  3. Reduce alcohol intake, and if possible, quit altogether.
  4. You are no longer in good shape. Adding weight works against your performance in the bedroom. Fat build-up, especially around the belly and waistline, interferes with blood circulation which in turn impacts your erections. Hit the gym and get rid of that excessive weight.
  5. If your erections are suffering, it is also possible that you are not eating a balanced diet. Find out what foods are good for your penis and sexual health and include them in your diet.
  6. You are not sufficiently hydrated. Your body requires water to ensure optimal performance in all aspects – including sexual performance.
  7. Stress has the potential to affect your erections. Irrespective of the origin of stress, find a way to manage it effectively. Learn to take things a little bit easy, and know that, whatever it is; it is never that serious.
  8. Take supplements to make up for some nutrients that your body is not obtaining from the foods that you eat.
  9. Could it be that your deflated erections are as a result of the medications you are taking now? Try to find out, and if possible, ask your doctor to switch them.
  10. Eat sex enhancing foods such as watermelon, bananas, oysters, onions and garlic, and fresh vegetables such as spinach.
  11. Feeling inadequate with regards to your penis size can affect your confidence in the bedroom. Try and find a way to overcome this insecurity to improve your erections. You may even want to consider pursuing penis enlargement to change the situation – especially if it is affecting you.
  12. Ensure to get enough sleep because the lack of it is capable of wreaking havoc on your sex life.
  13. Do you ever have time to relax – sometimes alone to just unwind? It is okay to work hard, but health professionals also recommend adequate rest for obvious reasons. If you are always fatigued, you will have difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection.
  14. Strained relationships are usually to blame for erectile dysfunction problems. Find professional help especially if the situation is getting out of hand. Communication is an important element in ensuring healthy relationships.
  15. Explore the various sex styles and positions. Invest in sex toys and be willing to become adventurous. Do whatever you have to do to spice things up in the bedroom.
  16. Moderate masturbation is recommended as it helps to deal with anxiety related to performance issues.
  17. Acupuncture is a natural way of resolving low sex drive and appetite problems. You may want to try it out.
  18. Made of herbs and plants extracts, male enhancement supplements offer an incredible solution to low libido. Take advantage of the wide variety, affordable, and ease of availability of supplements to overcome your weak erections and other male sexual health problems.

Which Is More Important: Length Or Girth?

What comes to your mind when you hear or read the term “penis size”? Most probably, you think about the length of the penis, and it is pretty much okay because that is what many people imagine most of the time. For many men, their ideal penis size is sufficiently long. A good number of them even pursue penis enlargement to increase the length. They fail to notice one little, yet important detail – the fact that the majority of women do not care about penis size, and those that do, are only concerned with the girth.

Yes, penis girth!

If you are into male enhancement to please your woman, you better concentrate more on the girth, than the length. California’s SPAN Lab conducted research that revealed that women attach more importance on penis girth compared to length. This means that, if size matters at any given point, a woman will choose a man with a bigger girth and not a long thin penis.

According to SPAN Lab, women participants exhibited confidence when judging penis girth over length which suggested that they care more about penis circumference than the length. With the help of 3D erect cock models, women accurately identified the same model both at immediate and delayed recalls. In cases where the answers were erroneous, it is because there was a slight underestimation of the length of the penis model.

In a different study whose findings were published in Live Science, the actions of the women respondents indicated that they would prefer men with bigger girths than lengths when choosing a partner for a one-night stand. 41 women were shown 3d models of penises and asked to choose one they would prefer for purposes of long-term relationships and one-night stands. Apparently, for one night stands, they preferred men with slightly larger girths than they had selected for long term relationships. Surprisingly, when asked to choose penis lengths for both long term and one-night stand engagements, no differences were seen in their choices.

Why do women prefer penises with a larger girth over length?

For starters, we need to appreciate the fact that the visible part of the clitoris is only a tip of the iceberg. The clitoris is mostly internal and usually occupies almost the whole pelvic floor. This is sufficient explanation why women are fascinated with penis thickness. For multiple clitoral orgasms to occur, a woman requires a thick penis that stimulates the clitoris even as he penetrates deep to find the G-spot.

Further, the opening of the vagina is filled with nerve endings, and when the erectile tissue feels the pressure exerted by the penis thickness, the pleasure is intense. This is a primary source of sexual stimulation for a woman that all men need to be aware of. Many women associate long penises with cervical pain, and we all know that painful sex is always out of the question. When we think sex, we only picture utmost passion and pleasure.

Now you understand why you should not concentrate only on increasing your penis length. The good news is that the various penis enlargement techniques/products available on the market can help you attain a thicker penis.

Lucky 7 Sex Positions For A Small Penis

Having a small penis is not an automatic guarantee that you and your partner cannot enjoy pleasurable sex. Lovemaking is an art and must be approached with skillfulness. It all melts down to what sexual styles and positions you settle for. Encourage your partner to be more open minded and adventurous in matters bedroom. Show her the advantages that await you in this whole new world of sex. Let us examine the seven luckiest sex positions for a small penis.

Doggy style

You must have heard about this popular sex position a million times already. Nevertheless, it is worth the mention just to show you how incredible it is, and why it is worth trying. Doggy style requires not much introduction, and description as the name says it all. Besides allowing you deeper than usual penetrations, this position makes it possible for you to access her clitoris directly (hand massage or using sex toy), and also rub your penis against her G-spot.

Girl on top

If you want to make the most out of your sexual escapades, allow your woman to dominate for a couple of minutes. Her clitoris will receive the most pressure, and she will have the opportunity to control both the angle and depth of penetration. Being the one in control, she can guide your penis to the G-spot area.

Slippery Mermaid

From the missionary position, allow the woman to get on top with her legs pressed together between yours. As the woman supports her weight with her hands, slide in between her legs and enter her. Just like the girl on the top positions, slippery mermaid allows the male partner to stimulate the clitoris.

Slow Slider

Slow Slider requires sex partners who are in a missionary position to clamp their legs together in the tightest way possible. The woman should then rock her hips slowly to allow her a sliding movement up and down on the penis. Use this opportune moment optimally. Engage in those deep cases as your bodies move together. For the guy, he has that perfect opportunity to place his hand on that arse and rotate the woman’s pelvis which goes a long way in maximising chances of orgasm.

Mortar and pestle

Those strong and super hot thrusts are kind of difficult where a small penis is concerned. Indulge in a circular grinding motion to reap more pressure. The woman should lie on her back with a pillow tucked under her pillow and legs wide apart. The man then enters her, and they grind against each other. Mortar and pestle makes it possible for a woman to rub her clitoris against her partner’s pubic bone. Once you taste the sexual fulfillment facilitated by this position, you will never want to stop.

Rabbit ears

The names given to these positions are just funny, but it is done so suggestively to help you get a clue of what every position is all about. The rabbit ear style requires the woman to lie down on her back with her thighs spread and a pillow under her butt. She should then lift up her legs, bringing her knees close to the ears. The rabbit ears permit ease of penetration. After some time, she might have difficulties keeping her legs up in that position, try holding her knees in place using your hands.


Lastly, we have the spooning technique. It is loved for a couple of reasons. For starters, spooning facilitates full body access. A man also has the potential to control how deep he penetrates, the rhythm, as well as the amount of pressure he can exert. It is best described as the position that promotes both comfort, and utmost intimacy.

Apart from the above seven lucky positions, remember the importance of foreplay. It goes a long way in ensuring that the woman is sufficiently aroused before the actual penetration.