How To Overcome The Top 18 Things That Deflate Your Erections

Several things have been linked to weak erections. Let’s consider most of them here and also understand how to prevent them.

  1. You are lagging behind your exercise schedule. Lack of physical exercises inhibits the release of endorphins, which in turn prevents the production of sex hormones. Regular exercise is imperative to your sexual health.
  2. Stop smoking cigarettes as it contains elements that constrict the blood vessels, and consequently hindering the flow of blood to the penis area.
  3. Reduce alcohol intake, and if possible, quit altogether.
  4. You are no longer in good shape. Adding weight works against your performance in the bedroom. Fat build-up, especially around the belly and waistline, interferes with blood circulation which in turn impacts your erections. Hit the gym and get rid of that excessive weight.
  5. If your erections are suffering, it is also possible that you are not eating a balanced diet. Find out what foods are good for your penis and sexual health and include them in your diet.
  6. You are not sufficiently hydrated. Your body requires water to ensure optimal performance in all aspects – including sexual performance.
  7. Stress has the potential to affect your erections. Irrespective of the origin of stress, find a way to manage it effectively. Learn to take things a little bit easy, and know that, whatever it is; it is never that serious.
  8. Take supplements to make up for some nutrients that your body is not obtaining from the foods that you eat.
  9. Could it be that your deflated erections are as a result of the medications you are taking now? Try to find out, and if possible, ask your doctor to switch them.
  10. Eat sex enhancing foods such as watermelon, bananas, oysters, onions and garlic, and fresh vegetables such as spinach.
  11. Feeling inadequate with regards to your penis size can affect your confidence in the bedroom. Try and find a way to overcome this insecurity to improve your erections. You may even want to consider pursuing penis enlargement to change the situation – especially if it is affecting you.
  12. Ensure to get enough sleep because the lack of it is capable of wreaking havoc on your sex life.
  13. Do you ever have time to relax – sometimes alone to just unwind? It is okay to work hard, but health professionals also recommend adequate rest for obvious reasons. If you are always fatigued, you will have difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection.
  14. Strained relationships are usually to blame for erectile dysfunction problems. Find professional help especially if the situation is getting out of hand. Communication is an important element in ensuring healthy relationships.
  15. Explore the various sex styles and positions. Invest in sex toys and be willing to become adventurous. Do whatever you have to do to spice things up in the bedroom.
  16. Moderate masturbation is recommended as it helps to deal with anxiety related to performance issues.
  17. Acupuncture is a natural way of resolving low sex drive and appetite problems. You may want to try it out.
  18. Made of herbs and plants extracts, male enhancement supplements offer an incredible solution to low libido. Take advantage of the wide variety, affordable, and ease of availability of supplements to overcome your weak erections and other male sexual health problems.

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