How Penis Size Is Determine

The manner in which the final penis size for a full-grown man is determined attracts many questions. A person with a small penis, for instance, keeps wondering how that happened in the first place. No one has more disturbing questions than a man who has to deal with the struggles associated with a micropenis or an excessively large penis.

Let us consider some of the factors that go into the determination of penis size:

Hereditary factors

Children inherit a lot of physical traits from their parents, and penis size is possibly one of them. If you have been attributing your penis size to the genes you inherited from your parents, you could be right. Phenotypes, also known as genotype, which means the physical outcome of a person’s genes, just like with many other observable traits, can pose challenges when it comes to distinguishing their influence with that of environmental factors.

Irrespective of the complex nature of the relationship between what is present in the genes, and how the genes are expressed in the physical attributes of a person, the fact that there is a correlation, almost all the time, is irrefutable.


It is amazing how the foods we eat impact nearly every aspect of our lives. A child’s diet and that of a grown up too has a tremendous influence on his size of a penis and its growth potential. As such, male children should be given foods containing natural vasodilators to promote relaxation and widening of the muscles and arteries respectively. Such food items include carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and onion, celery and beetroot among several others.

Foods that are rich in fiber, selenium and Vitamin E such as avocado, egg yolks, sardine, mangoes, and peanuts are also highly recommended to counteract oxidative stress on the body. Additionally, these foods are good at promoting a healthy balance of the hormonal system which has a direct effect on a person’s penis size.


The testicular activity process sets in when a baby is between three and four months. It defines the most sensitive and defining moment because it is the time when the testes begin to grow. Estrogen production suppresses the secretion of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). 33 percent of the children in the United States are fed soy formula milk because of its high level of plant estrogen that is known to inhibit production of testosterone.

Parents ought to take the early neonatal stage seriously and consequently adopt an appropriate environmental lifestyle to ensure proper growth and functioning of the male testes and the penises of their children.

Studies have revealed that prenatal exposure to hormones affects the penis growth of an unborn child. These recent discoveries also indicate that the maximum penis enlargement potential of the male member is pre-determined by the action of the androgen when the baby is developing in the womb.

Also a hormone, androgen is known to control, and also promote the masculinity of an individual. Unfortunately, if things go wrong with respect to androgen action during fetal development, the negative effect may never be compensated in the later stages of development. The androgenic hormone is also needed for penile growth from the time the baby is born all the way until he becomes adults.

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