Five Myths About Having A Small Penis

Many things have been said about penis shapes and sizes. Since the introduction of the internet, and hence the increased availability of information, myths, and misconceptions have witnessed a substantial rise. This is especially true in the world of manhood – penis enlargement to be precise. For instance, several myths have been circulated regarding having a small penis. This article seeks to bust these myths and set the record straight. Keep reading.

Men with small penises are poor lovers

This isn’t exactly true – especially for a man who knows how to make up for his apparent inadequacies. Having a small penis can be a blessing in disguise particularly when it comes to matters sex. Small packaged men tend to be naturally adventurous. They explore various sex styles and positions to satisfy their partners in bed sexually. As such, it would be incorrect to claim that having a small penis automatically gives you a ticket to the list of poor lovers.

Every man with a big ego most probably has a small penis

In some cultures, a man who is so domineering outside his home is said to be henpecked by his wife or partner at home. Of course, this is just a fallacy that hasn’t been confirmed yet. This myth can be associated with the small man syndrome, where men who have small penises are said to have a big ego. As at today, no research studies have been able to correlate penis size with a man’s ego conclusively.

Discussions surrounding sex make small packaged people uncomfortable

As far as bedroom performance is concerned, a good lover knows that it takes more than penetration. Thankfully, this fact is well known to a lot of men in modern society. Great sex entails foreplay and exploration of different styles and positions. As such, I don’t see any reason for men with small penises to feel uncomfortable or less enthusiastic when the subject of sex crops up.

Men with small penises are less fertile

The society measures the masculinity of a person by the penis size. Apparently, the larger the member, the more masculine a person is perceived. However, the same doesn’t apply in the medical world. There is no correlation between penis size and manliness. In the same way that no two people with similar fingerprints, no two men can ever have the same penis. This doesn’t mean that one is more fertile than the other. A man’s penis size doesn’t affect his fertility. In fact, small to average sized men can be more fertile compared to those with bigger penises.

Speaking of fertility, I wish to bring in the issue of anogenital distance – the distance between the point where the scrotum and the body connects, and the anus. The average AGD is two inches. As you would expect, there are variations in measurements from one man to another. This distance can be used to determine fertility. Men with shorter anogenital distance are said to be less fertile. It is, however, worth noting that the anogenital distance has nothing to do with the penis size.

Men with small penises just have to live with it

This is not true. The wide variety of penis enlargement products gives men the opportunity to change what they don’t like about their penises. One just has to do a thorough background research on available products before deciding the best way forward. If you feel a strong urge to enlarge your member the opportunities are endless. PE techniques range from penis enlargement devices, pills, creams, patches, exercises, and surgery and so on and so forth.

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