FDA Approved Penis Enhancement Pills: Are They Safe?

Nowadays, male enhancement is not anything new. Men from all corners of the world are finding it more and easier to change what they don’t like about their penis sizes and other related attributes such as sex drive, fertility, erection and ejaculation. Among the most common and perhaps preferred PE methods are male enhancement pills. Safety is usually a critical element when it comes to the selection of the most appropriate brand of penis pills.

In this post, we seek to respond to one commonly asked question – are the FDA approved penis enhancement pills safe?

First things first; we must realise that vendors or manufacturers of penis enhancement pills will utilise every enticing language to attract as many customers as possible. A good number of them even go ahead to claim that they have received FDA approved even if they haven’t. Many men have fallen in the hands of scams just because they bought into this idea without engaging due diligence. Utmost caution must be practised to avoid such instances.

In June 2003, authorities in Arizona seized the assets of a Scottsdale firm that sold pills worth more than $74 million – according to NBC. The con artist claimed that the pills had the potential to enlarge breasts and penises, besides making the user taller or hairier. Had the founders not decided to charge the credit cards of its consumers illegally, the company would still be taking advantage of gullible consumers. This is just one of the example of how people are conned their hard-earned cash on a daily basis by unscrupulous traders of male enhancement pills.

The other disadvantage of male enhancement pills that are sold without the approval of Food and Drug Administration is that they might have hidden content that could interfere with your health. For instance, some of the penis pills you see in the market contain sildenafil – the element present in Viagra – yet they don’t display it on the list of ingredients.

Woe unto you if you have underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol or diabetes and you are already consuming pharmaceutical nitrates. The chances of suffering from blood pressure drop rise significantly if you take sildenafil. Besides, combining nitrates and pharmaceutical Viagra is fatal. This further emphasises the importance of consulting your doctor before taking male enhancement pills.

An FDA approved brand of male enhancement pill is a lot safer than the ones that haven’t been approved. Men are therefore encouraged to look for the FDA approved ones first before resorting to the other ones. While finding the former is a bit difficult, it is not impossible. Conduct thorough background search on a product while paying attention to the labelling. Also, research warnings from the relevant authorities such as FDA and other accredited bodies as far as the ingredients of male enhancement pills are concerned.

Do not get me wrong though; I am not saying that male enhancement pills are completely safe. Just like the prescription drugs we take, there are side effects involved. No drug is completely free of risks.  Whatever you do, choose one whose benefits outweigh the risks.

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