Big Penises Satisfy Women’s Instinctive Need To Reproduce

Every woman is wired with a biological urge – the desire to reproduce. The point at which the urge creeps in women’s life varies considerably. Some experience it early in their teenage years, others in their 20s, yet other feel it even beyond their 30s. The single most common factor is that every woman will desire to become a mother at some point in her life – even though some make a personal decision to remain childless for the rest of their lives – for varying reasons.

Several factors are said to have a triggering effect on a woman’s instinctive desire to reproduce. It could be she envies her friends who are already making babies. Another thing that could trigger her biological urge is if has reached the self-actualisation stage in her life. She is doing well in her career; she has accomplished academically, and her finances are in shape among many other things. The presence of a special man in her life also has the potential to bring alive her maternal instincts.

Unlike animals that mate with the closest bet they can get, women choose their partners carefully especially if they plan to have babies with them. In many instances, she will be on the lookout for a man with good genes. Note that “good genes” is relative and one woman’s meat could be someone else’s poison. As such, what a woman chooses, in the end, melts down to personal tastes and preferences.

That said, one thing remain almost permanent – the fact that big penises usually satisfy the instinctive desire of a woman to reproduce. How? One may wonder. This should not come as a surprise because women prefer big penises for their psychological and physical pleasure. Yet, there is more.

First and foremost, women perceive large penises as a sign of man’s fertility. Apparently, they believe that men with bigger penises are more fertile than the ones with small ones. They tend to think that a long and thick penis has more potential to deposit healthy sperms deep into the vagina, and consequently, raising the likelihood of conception occurring.

Women also believe that their offsprings have higher chances of survival if they are sired by “adequately” packaged men. Another thing that awakens a woman’s desire to get pregnant by a man with a big cock is to increase the chances of her son impregnating females in future since he will probably bear a big penis as well. She wants to guarantee the continuation of her generation even after she is gone. It is not just about ensuring that her children can bear children, but also, create a generation of people who have good genes – and big penises too.

She would not want her male children to suffer the humiliations and embarrassments that come with having a small penis. She knows only too well how she feels about small penises, and how much she prefers lengthier and thicker ones. Her maternal instincts push her to protect the interests of her male kids way before they are conceived. One of the ways she can accomplish this is to do things capable of guaranteeing that her sons will have large wieners – like having sex with a man who is well packaged.

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