12 Unexpected Things Men Can Expect From Testosterone

The moment you mention the term testosterone, the first thing that goes into the mind of people is the male sex hormone. This is how many people view it. However, testosterones represent much more than what the majority of us have been made to believe, or want to believe. It plays a significant role in the different parts of the body – and this includes the muscles, blood, bones, and brain. You must already know that some women produce it too, although in smaller quantities compared to that of men. This is a topic for another day though. Today, we look at twelve unexpected things that you can expect from your testosterone.

  1. Sports and testosterone – apparently, involvement in sports raises the levels of testosterone – when you are competing. The testosterone levels of the winners increase even more, and the same happens to the fanatics of the winners.
  2. Watch out your fat – Obese men tend to have a lower level of testosterone compared to thinner men. The presence of fat cells in the body results in widespread inflammation in the body.
  3. Do you suffer from sleep apnea? If yes, seek treatment as soon as possible because it can lead to declined levels of testosterones.
  4. Testosterone levels usually decrease with age, as such, this should not come as a surprise. Half of the men aged 80 years and above have testosterone levels that are significantly below that of the normal male adult range.
  5. Men with higher quantities of testosterones appear to be more aggressive than those with normal or low levels of the sex hormone. They are also said to have a competing, and a never-giving spirit.
  6. Are you considering a testosterone replacement therapy? It may interest you to know that you may grow breasts. It happens because testosterone is convertible to estrogen, something that leads to the diminishing of the effectiveness of testosterone.
  7. Excessive consumption of steroid hormones may cause testicles shrinkage or growth of breasts.
  8. Testosterone replacement therapy may hurt your heart. While the reasons are not clear, older men with poor health should tread carefully, when it comes to the consumption of testosterone.
  9. Besides obesity, sleep apnea, and old age, declining levels of testosterones may be linked to a myriad of health conditions. As such, before you jump to conclusions, consider engaging your doctor to have him conduct comprehensive tests.
  10. Besides keeping you healthy, testosterone is responsible for maintaining your man-like features such as deep voice, chest hair, and muscles among numerous others. According to experts, maintaining the right quantities of testosterone is a good way of delaying death.
  11. Raising your testosterones may help you steal the attention of the woman you have admired all your life – who unfortunately doesn’t seem to be interested in you, according to a research study conducted at Wayne State University. The researchers discovered that men with higher levels of testosterones are more assertive, and more in control than those with lower testosterones. Also, the research participants appeared to click better with women compared to their counterparts.
  12. A sufficiently high amount of testosterone makes you more honest. A group of researchers from the University of Bonn involved 91 male participants in their study. They gave half of the participants testosterone gel, with the remaining group serving as placebo. The latter group was more honest than the placebo group. The researchers attribute the outcome to the fact that high levels of testosterone have a direct relationship with a person’s sense of pride. Also, it boosts your self-image.

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