Aphrodisiacs – Can They Work To Increase Libido?

An aphrodisiac is a substance that is known to increase libido upon consumption. They should be distinguished from substances that are aimed at addressing fertility problems such as impotence or erectile dysfunction. Since the ancient times, selected therapies, foods, as well as drinks, have been said to improve the sexual performance of individuals who use them. Both historical and scientific analyses have questioned the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs in raising libido. They argue that this option might have worked because the users believe in them - the placebo effect.

Findings from such studies have also put doubts and questions in the mind of both existing and prospective users of the different aphrodisiacs. This article will help in determining if they do work and if yes, how.

Since time immemorial, food items such as turnips, onions, leeks, asparagus, watercress and squash were believed to increase sexual desire, besides increasing the sperm count. During that time, foods that resemble the sex organ were labelled as aphrodisiacs. These are fruits such as apple and pears. On the other hand, fruits with many seeds such as figs were seen as incredibly good for improving fertility. The oysters too have consistently been praised for its apparent aphrodisiac powers. To the Americans, chocolate is just a comfort food, but it is an aphrodisiac to the traditional Aztecs.

A research study conducted by Elizabeth West MD, and Michael Krychman MD (published in the journal of the international society for sexual medicine) provides an analysis of the effectiveness of the most popular aphrodisiacs. Men and women with one or more problems associated with sexual dysfunction will find the research findings extremely useful.

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Let us consider just a few of them whose effectiveness was confirmed by the two researchers.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is a popular ingredient of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, particularly the ones designed for the treatment of conditions such as sexual dysfunction and depression. The researchers found out that, Ginkgo Biloba helped to improve the sexual functioning of men and women, where the dysfunction was as a result of taking a type of anti-depressant. Nevertheless, it should be used in moderation as excessive usage can cause bleeding.


This root vegetable has its origin traced back to Andes, Peru. Throughout history, Maca has been used in the treatment of sexual drive, fertility, and hot flashes. The two medical doctors ( the researchers) discovered a couple of promising studies involving men and women, that generated positive results. However, the right dosage for maca is yet to be established with accuracy.


Based on the research studies they reviewed, the two researchers concluded that there is enough evidence as to warrant a conclusion that ginseng aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They analysed seven studies which helped them to conclude that Ginseng is pretty much effective.

According to the researchers, you may want to consider passing on other food items such as chaste berries, wild yams, honey and chocolates among many others . Apparently, either no scientific studies have been done to analyse their effectiveness, or the ones already existing did not confirm the claimed aphrodisiac powers.

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