Is Penis Pills A Safe Penis Enlargement/Enhancement Method?

In this world we are all about safety. No matter which way you turn there is someone saying something about safety. They are looking for ways to make sure that you are not going to harm yourself or others no matter what. But, there are some things that you still need to be careful of.

Penis enlargement methods are one of them. In most cases penis enlargement methods are completely safe, but there are a few that just do not make the grade when it comes to those standards. That is why it is so important to make sure that you are not getting into something that will potentially cause you harm.

For this it is smart to do as much research as possible and make certain that you are not making a huge mistake. Being an informed consumer is always the best way to be sure that you are not going to be harmed in anyway.

Lets take a look at the methods for penis enlargement and how they rank as far as safety is concerned.

Penis Pills

On the sliding scale of safety you have many things and penis pills rank right near the top. While they are a newer product, in current form, they are still very safe and highly effective. The safety factor comes into play when you consider the fact that they are all natural. All of the ingredients are derived from naturally occurring substances and therefore they are not harmful to the body.

One must remember that penis pills are not what you refer to as a stand alone method. They are meant to be used with another safe penis enlargement method such as a traction device or exercise program. None the less, they are still rated very high when it comes to safety.


In the order of safety, penis weights are about the most dangerous method for penile enlargement that you can find. While this method has been used since the early days of the world to increase the length of the penis, there is no medical standard for safety that is attached.

Many people will experience impotence, a thin penis and even permanent muscle damage when the penis weights are used. It is very important that you stay away from this kind of penis enlargement method less you risk causing serious harm to you and your penis.

Traction Device

The traction device ranks right near the penis pills for safety. The traction method for penis enlargement has been used for many years. It is so popular that it is being used by the medical community to treat certain medical conditions such as penile curvature and so on.

The traction device is painless and very effective. That is why it is often used with the penis enlargement pills. The pills act as a speed up method for the entire program and help the person realize the goals that they have. As long as you use the device with the instructions you will cause yourself no harm and have the length and girth increase that you are looking for.

Harder and Faster isn't Always Better

If you think you can easily excite your partner by making love to her in a harder and faster way, then you might not be right. Such an act might not always be successful. Your partner will prefer variations. So try to amuse her by doing something new all the time. In a missionary position, you can amuse her without penetrating into her vagina. While making sex, you can just leave your penis to rest inside her vagina for a quite longer time. This gives you enough time to see her expressions. Such an act will help in increasing in intimacy between you two.

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